Test drive on the BMW 5 series. Sporty sedan regained "joy of running through".

BMW 530i

One day, a phone call from a BMW dealer

The other day a phone call came from my BMW dealer to my husband. anything"Please leave the dealer by leaving your predecessor in charge and serving as a greeting and a test drive for new staff."It was that.

I mean, I have not bought any cars from the previous staff, but ... w

I was invited to ask "Would you like to come with me?" From her husband, but unfortunately my second daughter had a fever on that day, so I am an answering machine.

However, the first voice when my husband first tried "New X 3" and returned home"That is Akanwa ~ It's a pleasure to run through!"It was, so I thought that it was such a comment this time as well. However, the husband who came home that day"It was a lot better than I thought!"Because I was saying, I asked a few questions about test drive.(Because it was a test drive of about several tens of minutes, only the first impression to the last)

BMW 530i test drive

The test drive this time is the current type BMW 530i (2 liter 4 cylinder turbo engine).

① Interior / Sheet

The 530i test car of this time was a luxury specification,The texture of the interior was also high, and elements like plain plastic like old BMW were considerably diminishedThat's it.

Also, the seat of BMW"The balance between holdability and firmness, comfortable feeling is very good"So, of course, depending on your physique, your husband"As for the seat, BMW might be the manufacturer I like the most"He said.

② Driving performance

Quietness was quite high, it seems to have received a smooth impression from the beginning of running. At first I was running in Comfort mode,"It was a better impression than the previous 5 series (F10) that it was lighter and the ground feeling was increasing clearly."He said.
Old-fashioned person owned BMW 318is(This ↓)

From that time on"I wonder if BMW now forgets" Joy running through "It seems that there were many things that I felt, but this time the 5 series seemed to be made with awareness of "pleasure to run through" properly, and it was said that the current seven series had very similar ride taste.

I feel a torque feeling enough, I feel troublesome and frustrating in town. Also,Is there anyone who does not realize it is turbo if there is no prior information at all? It seems that the absence of turbo feeling was good as well.By the way, regarding the brakes, "I do not know much about it, so I do not know the details, but it is easy to control, I never felt uneasy."

③ ride comfort

Running on a flat road surface was very comfortable and I felt almost feeling resistance on the road surface. Also when it bent a little briskly at the intersection, there was neither a roll nor a smooth bend.(The 5 series hybrid of the previous test ride was pretty much rolling like getting caught when it bent vigorously)However, when passing through the place where the road surface is rough, it seems that I felt the solidness and weight unique to the run-flat tire made of goron and gotong.

"When you get where the road is rough, you do not feel any vibration in any car?"And,

"Sure, it seems like a bit of vibration, like a gotong, seems to be a bit longer than normal tires, but I usually do not have a run-flat tire, so it's extra It may be that I felt that way,The 5 series is riding comfortable on a flat road surface, and it is regretful just because the car has a good suspensionthought.

He said.

H 4 Sports mode

When I change to sports mode, it seems that Aksar's ruggedness is clearly improved. Also, the recent BMW Torchon AT was said to be really wonderful."What is good?"I heard that

"Especially in the sports mode and the lack of feeling of idle running are improved well.When I step in deeply on the accelerator, I can hear the engine sound clearly, but since there is no sports exhaust,Not to make the volume louder by the exhaust sound to make it listen loudly, but the place that makes the listen to sound firmly with mechanical noise seemed to be BMW. "

He said. "As expected, there is only a thing to call Bayern's engine shop." Only at this time, I remembered 318is (E36) I was aboard, and it seems that it got drowsy like "kore, kore!"(It is a real otaku to stop while riding a car.

Difference from Porsche

"I understood that the BMW 5 series was so good but what was the difference with Porsche?"My husband said this way.

"Saya ... Because the nature of running is different, this is a matter of preference, but when compared with Panamera turbo,Many people feel that BMW's 5 Series is more comfortable if it is only good ride comfortI think. "

When. Panamera also has a sense of grounding, grabbing the road surface and running as if the irregularities of the road surface are kneeling down, but the 5 series seems to flow smoothly. continue,

"Porsche is not a sporty car but a pure sports carI was made to feel it again. However, compared with Porsche, it is not to compare it with the same ring because it should be compared with per M5 instead of the regular series of 5 series. "

He said.

BMW, you buy?

The 530i this time seems to be 800 to 9 million yen for the new car. Well price good!(I guess it is such a thing)

Honest talk, I asked my husband whether I want it or not, I was saying like this.

"I thought that it is a good car because it's a fine quality sporty sedan that you could use well in a business scene or a private one, because the size is easy to handle and sporty as well ...But when asked if I want to bring Rokko or Ashigami to the circuit early in the morning on a holiday, I do not think so. The neighborhood is different from Porsche.As far as the lineup of our cars there is no room to enter. "

When. I heard that I was relieved somewhere when I heard that (laugh)

I have never got on BMW only at test drive and car level. According to the premise that ... When I got on the BMW I thought "BMW is a nice car ~!" Then, when I get on Porsche"Ah ... after all Porsche is different, Porsche is good."And there is a memory that was in the form to recognize the goodness of Porsche every time.

Also, since I see a lot of BMW in town, the Porsche that I do not see much even at such a point is attractive to me.

... I have not tried it properly so please say goodbye.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...



I am Mina's husband. Cars do not ride with fashion or status symbols. It is fun to drive, superior as an industrial product, and prefers a car that the intention of the maker is felt ...


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  1. cara

    Your husband's story is really easy to understand, so it will not be necessary to go test ride, so it will be saved. m (_ _) m
    BMW is a car that felt pleasure when riding like Porsche.
    It is a lonely place that the personality gradually disappears due to the sales competition with Mercedes and it is getting lost.
    However, BMW also established tags with Japanese manufacturers as a long-established sports saloon
    I think that it will bring out interesting things.
    I think that for a while the M series seems to have been interesting for a while ...
    There are various kinds of cars and individual preference is also interesting, is not it?

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you very much!
      > BMW is a car that felt pleasure when riding like Porsche. It is a lonely place that the personality gradually disappears due to the sales competition with Mercedes and it is getting lost.
      I hear this from the surroundings really well. "BMW of old was good,"

      My husband also said, "I expect to see the next Z4 from a joint development with SUPRA, and it's a wonderful thing, not a car that is conscious of Mercedes."

      No, really, the car is deep inside!

  2. A crime

    Current 5 is still decent.
    But, well, it used to be good. I agree with the opinion w
    I often say BMW has gone. Around us.
    It used to be sports properly in the past. Now it is a sport.
    Soft front suspension, hardened the rear, seem to season the sporty seasoning with the initial input of the steering wheel
    Mako 5 got back from there, the body rigidity was also high and it got revived a bit and it was decent, but it is already late already.
    Well, in the old days Mercedes was a synonym for Comfort BMW was a suits, but Mercedes, which is still a good step forward in Formula 1, has become decent as a sport recently.
    Quality is impeccable and looks are cool too. I can not win BMW for Mercedes anymore.
    Results In recent years, BMW's core fans are moving away. However, BMW also makes the best profit every year worldwide w
    So, when listening to the opinion of the street, we do not have a car details in addition, and I'd like to ride a warm-hearted car - recently everyone says people at the level. I want to get on BMW. I do not want to be sporty w
    The brand image is amazing. So, although it seems to be successful in branding, I am worried about the future of BMW where core fans will be away in the very long term.

    The law I think without permission is that the manufacturer in F1 is a manufac- turer who is still in trouble.
    Mercedes of good advancement is now decent from the comfort maker of the former year, and AMGGTR is also decent. Project One hangs around. It can not be thought of in Mercedes of the past.
    Toyota will release LFA when entering F1, Honda will also resurrect NSX, and will be restored to S2000 etc. in the future.
    In the first half of 2000 BMW was competing with Ferrari and McLaren engine development competition. By the way, it was BMW of 19000 turning table that recorded the maximum engine speed. At that time I was in the M10 sedan when I was 10 years old.
    From that era, it is really BMW Has Gone.

    I am sorry for a long time. Since my father always had three BMWs for 40 years since I took my license, I also loved BMW.
    Both my father and two years ago, BMW changed to 0 M wed Mercedes and Porsche w myself that I liked BMW.

    next year? The year after next? Since Porsche will compete in F1, we are looking forward to the future of Porsche.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Buch
      Thank you for your comment!
      Just reading comments, I learned a lot.

      > BMW has gone.

      Sad but it is a phrase expressed well ...

      My husband has been a fan of BMW before, so well,
      "BMW has recently gotten a little reformed, but I want you to return to the era of E36 and E46, the pleasure that runs in the last few years is nothing thin"
      Sorry to say so.

      Nonetheless, as Mr. Bachi says, there is still an image that "BMW is sporty"
      I will have the impression that the person riding the BMW is a person who likes to run more than Mercedes ^ ^;

      Porsche's F1 race, and how hybrids and state-of-the-art technology will be applied to commercial vehicles,
      I am very much looking forward to it!
      Continue to thank you.