I examined a number of successive records that Porsche has painted - time records, Guinness records, etc.

918 Spider
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Holy land of time attack

Nurburgring link, world famous super difficult challenge. It is known as a sacred place for time attacks by global car manufacturers. Actually, my husband,Gran Turismo of PleisteI ran on the Nürburgring at the afternoon and repeatedly practiced to give a fast time even in one second(Where is my husband going?)I think that he probably runs over 100 laps, but he seems to remember the long course over 20 km perfectly, and when I ran the 911 RSR the other day, the record time seemed to be 7 minutes and 7 seconds.(It is totally at the world level, but at the amateur level it is a fast one)

My husband is constantly saying "I will actually go running to the Nürburgring in Germany absolutely!" He said that he will practice further by that time. By the way, the new Panamera Turbo actuallyI am running the Nürburgring in 7 minutes and 38 seconds.

Nurburgring time record

Sports car maker Porsche has been painting record times many times in the sacred place of this time attack, Nürburgring.

In 1983, a driver named Stefan Bellov traveled on the Nurburgring / North course with "Porsche 956"Record fastest time 6 minutes 11 seconds 13did. The record was said to be too fast, at that time "It will never be broken again" was said.

The era is in current 2013, although not a race car, "918 Spider" broke the seven-minute wall that was considered impossible in commercial vehicles and recorded a time of 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

* Article Source: The great record that Porsche left! Looking back on Porsche's history of motor sports

After that, 2017 "911 GT 2 RS" marked the lap time of 6 minutes 47 seconds 3 at the Nürburgring North course, established a new record as a sports car that can run on public roads.

* Porsche 911 GT 2 RS achieves new record of Nurburgring North course 【News】

In addition, in April 2018, the new 911 GT 3 RS updated the record of 918 Spider slightly and recorded the lap time of 6 minutes 56 seconds 4. This is not the fastest record of the Nürburgring,I succeeded in shortening the lap time of the predecessor GT 3 RS by 24 seconds.

* Fastest naturally aspirated Porsche 911 GT 3 RS updated record

919 Hybrid Evo's feat

Then in June, 2018, a ridiculous record was born. Porsche seriously remodeled racing machine"919 Hybrid Evo"He recorded a course record of 5 minutes 19 seconds 55. In other words,In 1983 "Porsche 956" beat the record of 6 minutes 11 seconds 13 after 35 years later with his own hands.Moreover, I reduced the time by nearly 1 minute.

* Porsche 'serious' race car, behind the Nürburgring record update for 35 years

Porsche says she can also go shopping after running at the circuit"Sports performance" and "practicality"Although it is a sports car maker with both, I thought once again that after decades the product has been developed and succeeded to its mind firmly.

Any other records?

In addition to the course records at the Nürburgring, Porsche has also made a variety of records.

① Update Le Mans's most wins record

In 2015 Porsche controlled the Le Mans 24 Hour race for the first time in 17 years since 1998 and extended Le Mans' wonest victory record to 17 wins.

* Image posts Source: Le Mans 24 hours, Porsche successive record with victory in 17 years since 1998

② "Cayenne" towing large-scale passenger aircraft weighing 285 tons and establish Guinness world record

In 2017, at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, two "Cayenne S diesel" and "Cayenne turbo S" in turn towed a massive passenger plane A 380 with a weight of 285 tons.Certified as the Guinness world record, Cayenne became the most popular aircraft driven commercial vehicle.

The two Cayenne seems to have returned without trouble from Paris to London after finishing the Guinness record challenge.

* Image Article Source: 【Video】 Porsche "Cayenne" towing a large passenger aircraft weighing 285 tons and establish Guinness world record!

③ On September 18, 2018, the new "Cayenne-Turbo" achieves Europe's fastest record of bicycles

The new Cayenne and Turbo are located at the airport runway in the UK(About 3.2 km in length)Then, tow a bicycle. It exceeded the record of about 40 years ago 217 km / h and achieved the highest speed record of bicycle of 240 km / h in Europe.

When the speed reached 177 km / h, the tow rope was removed, the bicycle rider fitted behind the new Cayenne turbo, it seems that it accelerated while taking advantage of the slip stream.

* Image article source: 240 km / h by bicycle! Europe's fastest record achieved ... Porsche's slipstream

The latest is the best

Besides, Porsche has made various records. It is probably why it is said that "the latest Porsche is the best Porsche" without failing to satisfy the current situation and constantly challenging. Even so, as a Porsche fan, I would like to experience Nürburgring once again.(W for passenger's seat)

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