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Thank you, everyone

Everyone who is reading blogs all the time, Thank you for finding a blog spoken by such a maniac couple from a number of car blogs. And, everyone who writes comments on the blog, getting a comment will be great encouragement and motivation in running the blog. Thank you so much.

Suddenly, I read all the comments that I had on my blog so far without any mind. And, I noticed.

The reader's comment is exactly a live voice, a mountain of treasure.

In the comment,The Porsche owner, the person who is considering buying a Porsche, the voice of the car lovers are written, and those information is valuable thing which is not on any motor magazineIt is. Nonetheless, I think that readers will not normally see the comments, so I would like to introduce some of the comments I received today.(Some comments are edited so that the context can be understood)

Numbers of comments received

〘Panamera 4E-Hybrid waiting for delivery
I also ordered Panamera 4E-Hybrid last month and I am looking forward to delivering cars, which is scheduled to be delivered in November. Panamera 4E - Hybrid, the engine does not start when the charge runs out ... What? What? I thought, but that has been fixed. Was good. The reason for choosing Panamera 4E-Hybrid is because I thought that "future Porsche Sports is Hybrid"(It is influence of Le Mans)
Today 's news "Porsche, withdrawing from diesel, by the year 2025 half had to go to EV / HV" was out. Will EV / HV come out in 911 in the near future?
Panamera 4E-Hybrid, acceleration, torque is better than 4S? Actually, I did not drive a Porsche itself because I signed up without testing. With various reviews, I am convinced that this is no doubt so expectation will increase. (SN)

〘718 Comparison of purchase price of Boxster (MT / PDK)〙
When surrendering 718 Boxter MT before, the purchase price was surprised to be said that PDK is higher than MT. In terms of scarcity, I thought MT would be highly appreciated, but it was explained that it is because the option price is set for PDK than MT at the time of purchasing a new car. Maybe because it is 718 MT which is still available for purchase with a new car, it may be a different evaluation on MT before 981 or before 991.1 which can not be purchased already, but depending on the type of car MT is not always good resale it seems like. Still I am going to choose MT for now. (Ms. B)

〘Air cooling 911 and water cooling 911〙
Our 911 is the 2000 year formula 996 carrera. Distribution price is the cheapest type among successive 911. I have owned 964 Carrera 2 before, but 996 is more quiet and easy to drive, I like it very much. Mina's Panamera and 718 are also very nice cars. I am also very much looking forward to the matter that Mr. Danna is beginning to be interested in air cooling. (Shimoyannjp)

保証 Guarantee · Insurance is important when thinking by any chance
I am on the Boxster 718. Just two years ago, there was a coolant leak, there was a risk of overheating and it got out for repair. Moreover, it was re-hospitalized with the same trouble soon after repairing. I was hospitalized for about a month. I thought that it was good to have insurance at this time. Even if it is new, it breaks when it breaks. (TAKAP)

Interested in the new Cayenne〙
Since SUV does not like rolling feeling, I was not interested in Cayenne at all, but I thought that I would like to try out the test by reading the review. The dealer said that "this cayenne will not roll", but it seems that it was not a sales talk.
I am happy that you are happy with your wallet that you can be satisfied with the base grade. Tiptro thought like a compromise version of PDK, but Tiptoro seems to have a better part depending on the application, is not it? (Mr. Ishi B)

巻 involvement of wind of Targa〙
I like Porsche riding 970 type Panamera S Hybrid in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka prefecture. I previously owned the 911 Targa of the 85 'wire clutch, but I can not imagine the amazingness of involvement. The figure that the roof is removed and stopped is good, but the hair snaps in the direction of the windshield, it is impossible to drive a woman sideways. I remembered and written such a thing ^ ^ (igu19)

す Promotion of Long Touring〙
Although it is not a "wrecking touring" to the extent that it thinks it is crazy, I am also riding a 981 type Boxster by manual transmission. It is not fast like GTS, it is a 2.7 liter base model, but still my sympathy for my husband 's thoughts on Boxster was greatly appreciated.
From the perspective of me living in the Kanto region, Hyogo prefecture and Kyoto prefecture inland areas and the Sea of ​​Japan side seem to be full of rocky roads. I am thinking that I want to go to this area again to this area, including Fukui, Tottori and Okayama adjacent (laugh) (wata)

〘From air-cooled to 981 Boxster
I always see you happily. I entered Porsche from air cooling, so I came in the opposite pattern to the usual route of going backwards and backwards. I can not run like wata, but I wanted to ride a distance a little more than air-cooled and it reached 981. Hobby Because the world of the car has both width and depth, how about putting it in one garage without overlooking the cost effectiveness?
In the blog here, it is the most interesting thing to see how it is written (laugh). Also, thank you ^ ^ / (Air Cooling Glue (MOCO))

〘Panamera Sports Turismo
The nice thing about Panamera Sports Tourism is to stand at the center of the rear seat when a child gets on a child seat. When it is the previous model, do not stand there! And then, since the rear gate opens from the bumper level, it is easy to put a heavy big suit case on it. By the way, I saw it here,Drag non slip seatI was made to imitate it. The disappointing thing is that you can not see where the rear spoiler protrudes from the room. (Neriten)

求 Porsche owner's voices demanded 求
That's exactly it. I really want the opinion from people who actually ride Porsche's real information is difficult to understand. Especially because there are too many options, I do not know if I really need it, the delivery date is too long ... It is not quite one step. Until now, I am transferring with BMW, Audi and Mercedes, but Porsche is somewhat heavy sill. However, the other day, I planned to go watch Makan and test drive to Panamera and I am in a state of not leaving my head! It was easy to drive with a large extent. As it used to ride on the Audi A7, it may be fine in terms of size. From now on I will send out more and more. (Kuni)

〘The last 6 cylinders 981 Boxster (MT) charm〙
I also like the MT of 981 (right though it is). I want to change to MT from 981 PDK by all means 718 MT, then this time I miss 6 go NA and I am stupid to go back to 981 MT. The 718 MT needed to worry about the engine stall in the low speed range, but since the MT of 981 is easy to ride, I think that you can master quickly if there is a motivation. The 718 car body was improved very much and the handling was further evolved, but it is lonely that 6 generations will not be onboard in Boxster in the future. I want to ride 981 for a long time. (Mr. Ishi B)

〘Rear axle steering and American car purchase circumstances〙
Hello Mina, I am looking forward to reading it. I think the rear wheel steering is a necessary function. Although it was regrettable that Lexus which was riding in the past also had this function and it was regrettable that the effect was hard to understand (it is a certain meaning problem (^ _ ^;)), the small turn is effective and the "turning" becomes stable right. I went to the Porsche dealer in the US recently, but when I took the estimate of the same specification of Panamera Turbo I wanted, I can buy cheaply about 10 million yen (30 million vs 20 million yen) It got a little shocked I am here. Changing to the Japanese specifications is difficult. (How to support your life)

カバー Panamera's oil filler opening cover opening / closing 〘
Finally it is delivered for a while. I am really looking forward to it. Our new Panamera is delivered in September, I like it very much, but only one problem. New type Panamera is difficult to open and close the oil filler opening. I can manage somehow if I get the trick, but on a practical side? is. Please confirm with dealer by all means when delivering car. (Mr. Kumakuma)

お Recommended course of 〘Kansai
Good evening Mina, sir. I ran well in my 20s, but if I speak of a famous place in Kansai, it is Koyasan of Wakayama. What about going to the Ryujin skyline? I think that it is fun if it is Panamera. Recently I ran around Nara's Katsuragiyama on a holiday. (Sutearing-bouya)

〘Panamera orders to car delivery〙
When I saw Porsche 928 in high school, I fell in love at first sight, I thought that I wanted to ride someday, but I canceled production. I felt for some reason why the panorama of 928. Panamera 4s ordered in the middle of May and it is currently waiting for delivery.

I ordered Panamera for May 's holidays, but I have not decided even the production frame yet.

I got a phone from my charge and the production in January was confirmed. While referring to this blog I am waiting for you to change sheets and options. At the same time I thought that I tried to duplicate it from 4s to a turbo, but I fell in love with that pleasantly high engine sound so I changed the model and decided the order. (Boyasuke)

About 〘911
I would like to ride PDKsports of 991 GT 3, but 911 turbo is good as we usually think. I think that rear wide body is sexy. (R230 BRABUS)

〘Panamera specifications
I am considering switching from Maserati Ghibli to Panamera now and this blog is very helpful. It is going to be panamela which is not turbo. However, I would like to make the sheet a whitish color option (780,000 yen). The color of the exterior and the inch of the wheel are troublesome places. (Adachi 671266)

I am waiting for comments

With comments that are conveyed by your car love, Porsche love, just reading it makes me feel happy. I am sorry that I could not introduce all comments because it is a partial excerpt this time. Good for the sentences of those who send comments"I'm sorry to comment again." "I was thinking it was useless even if I commented too much."Although I see contents such as, there is not such a thing at all,I do not mind letting you know what to do every day(I'm happy (¯ ー ¯) w)Continue to do, thank you.

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  1. Neriten

    I am pleased that you have posted my comments about Sports Turismo.
    Thank you very much.

    Currently, the navigation of the central main screen no longer starts and is in the hospital.
    Functions other than Navi are displayed normally.
    Somehow the small navigation screen inside the meter is reflected properly.
    Another week has elapsed, but there is still no contact · · ·

    Someday I would like to ask Panamera's troubles feature.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you too ^ ^

      Does e-navi stop running? Moreover, there is such a thing that the function other than the navigation is carried out. .

      > Someday I would like to ask Panamera's troubles feature.
      I see! I certainly want to know that "summary" certainly (laugh)
      There are many people who want to know also among the readers.

      I'm going to ask a little husband too!
      Thank you!