About the Japanese Expressway and Service Area (SA) – Why can my family drive with long distance children?

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

The second daughter and the highway

The other day, my monthly event “Visit the graves of both familiesI went to the grave on the highway to go. Recently, a 2-year-old daughter is taking me with me."I'm hungry", "Pee", "I want to drink juice"Because each time you stop, you can stop by SA and PA and take time, so it takes 1.5 times longer than when you go alone(Really worried w)

However, the second daughter likes to visit the grave, cleans the grave and pours water on her way home.Grandpa, Grandma, come again ~"The waving hand toward the grave is very smiling even from my parents ..."If you take your second daughter every time, your ancestors will be disappointed wI think I'm going with you every time recently.

When traveling with a two-year-old child like this, the Japanese expressway with SA and PA at the important points is very appreciated.

In particular, the new SAIt is as beautiful as AEON MALL's food court and convenience store combined, and there are plenty of variationsAnd just by entering, the tension goes up. The “toilet” is especially appreciated by children.

Japanese SA toilets are large and numerous. I ’m sure thatPrivate toilet room with diaper changing space is availableHas been. The second daughter in my home still has a diaper, so it's quite appreciated as a parent to change the diaper at SA and leave it in the bathroom.

Recently, SAs with breastfeeding space are also increasing. That's amazing ...!

Also in Japan SA,Many souvenirs are soldI am also happy. My home doesn't have the habit of buying souvenirs when traveling(You may only have few friends to give)"I forget to buy it later"There are many cases, so it is honestly helpful that you can buy local souvenirs at the SA you stopped by.

Speaking of which, I used to go to Nagoya for work, but I forgot to buy souvenirs for my children and went home. In the middle"Oops!”Otsu(Shiga Prefecture)When I dropped in at SA, I was able to buy a lot of souvenirs from Nagoya, so I got nothing (laughs)

Takarazuka Kita SA, which was newly established in Shinmeijin recently, looks like an outlet and has a lot of kids space, so I would like to go there, but the other day,Takarazuka Kita SA is so pretty."

Go. It ’s absolutely crowded, so I hate it (-_-)

I have not yet been able to go (explosion)

Service area situation in Germany

A few years ago, I ran on an autobahn in Germany, but the number of SAs was very small for the distance, and the feeling of SA was very different from Japan. Usually,A storefront between convenience stores and kiosksAnd there was a dark and narrow space where you could get a snack, but there were quite few variations.

Also, the toilet was clean and charged, so I felt like I couldn't feel like dropping in at the SA. Some of the SAs were large and full like restaurants, but they were usually narrower and dirtyer than PAs.

Thanks to SA in Japan ...

`` There are many cars on the highway in Japan that run slowly in the overtaking lane '', `` Germany is easy to run because the manners such as giving up the road quickly when a fast car comes from behind is pervasive. '' I feel so. But on the other hand,There are few countries in Japan that have such a rich service area.I think that.

In fact, we and our couple take two small children to and from Fuji Speedway.(About 1000km)What can be done is that Porsche can drive comfortably,There are plenty of highways in JapanThat is big.

There are service areas and parking areas where necessary, toilets are beautiful, diapers can be changed in the toilets, there are children's lunch menus that children want to eat, and there are SAs with open spaces where you can play, The part that is supported by the substantial SA such as souvenir tasting is also great.

Thinking like that, the expressway in every country has its merits and demerits, so I thought it would be nice to enjoy their own car life.

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  1. PorscheDreamer


    The children in my home (once) have been sleeping all the time when I got on the car since I was little, so I haven't had much experience with anything difficult.
    Still, I think that SA has improved much in recent years. In the past, I was troubled when I asked for a children's menu at some SA restaurant and ate a bite and didn't eat at all. If you try to eat a bite, it ’s bad to say clearly. I remember immediately saying, “You don't have to eat this,” but I don't remember what happened after that. Since then, there may have been many handmade lunches.

    The story will fly, but is the last F1 of Super Aguri displayed at Suzuka SA? Nostalgic.

    Autobahn SA, but the major difference from Japan is that there is a toll booth at high speed in Japan, so if you get on basically you will not go down to the destination, but there is no toll booth, so anywhere on the way I think you can go. It's free for now. Last year's experience certainly paid for the toilet, but there seemed to be a free ticket if you go to the restaurant first. I didn't know, so I went to the bathroom first.

    • MinaMina


      > Since my children (once) have been sleeping all the time since I was a child, I haven't had much experience with something difficult.
      I'm jealous (laughs) The children in my house are feeling really nervous all the time (laughs), whether the tension goes up, and the return trip is a little better.

      Autobahn, so if you go to the toilet, you got a free restaurant ticket!
      Somehow my memory has been revived.

      Even if you say a highway, it is really different in each country in the world.
      I thought again that I would like to run on various roads overseas.