I considered "car lovers" roughly divided into four types.

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

I don't get on but I like cars

The other day I got a comment on the blog.

I,Probably a car genre different from your husbandI was invited to touring, but I couldn't go at all, and the GT3 for half a year was about 800km. But I like cars. It ’s true.It ’s not “riding iron” in iron ota.But I can't analyze what I like about this car ...


Indeed, in a word,I love cars"In fact, there are actually many types of people. With that in mind, I talked to my husband about this comment.

Even if you say you like cars, like me,Anyway I like to driveSome people say, “I like to own itSome people say. It's also interesting to think about car type typing.

So I decided to think a little about this point.

Car type classification

As my husband said,First of all, it is divided into “driving type” and “owning type”I decided to divide each into two. Naturally, I think that it can be divided into more details, and one person does not apply to only one type, but this time I would like to roughly consider four.

First,Features of “driving like type” and “owning like type”about.

◼︎ Features of driving-loving types
・ Run the car
・ If you run and the car is slightly dirty, you can wash it again.
・ I like to drive a car myself
・ When choosing a car, place the highest priority on driving performance
・ If you buy a car, the mileage will quickly exceed 10,000 km
・ I like manuals
・ I am interested in the structure of the car and it is quite detailed

◼︎Characteristic of favorite type
・ I like purchasing a car
・ I want to keep my car clean in the garage
・ I like watching my car forever
・ Choose car design
・ Even if you buy a car, the mileage will not increase much
-Do not travel long distances of hundreds of kilometers at a time
-As soon as you buy a car, you are thinking about buying another car

I feel like. And among driving enthusiasts"Touring" and "Circuit"In particular, even among the types I like"Appreciation" and "Introduction"I want to introduce a little.

① Driving lover – Touring type

I like to drive a car myself, especially touring the roads and driveways. He goes on touring on holidays and continues to discover the roads where he can run comfortably. The mileage is lightly over 10,000 km per year, and its touring heat will not cool even if you run tens of thousands of km.

② Driving enthusiast – Circuit type

I like to experience the best performance of the car on the circuit and to squeeze it. In order to speed up the lap time, whether it is 1 second or 0.1 second, the independence on the circuit is indispensable. He spends extraordinary money on cars.

③Ownership – viewing type

I like owning and buying a car, and I love the time to look at my car in my garage. I never run my car on a rainy day, and I don't have much desire to drive even on a sunny day, and I own a car as if I was collecting art.

④Owner liking – Announcement type

I like to own a car and I want to see other people's own cars with beautiful designs. I like beautifully designed cars, and when it comes to holidays, I often go to places where car lovers gather and show off my car.

I feel like ...

In each of these categories, there seems to be an axis (Z axis) about whether you like custom or not. That's why I really want to show a 3D graph.

However, when I took a questionnaire on this blog and typed it based on the data, I thought it would be credible and interesting.

And I really like ... I like cars, and I'm probably more car lover than ordinary women, but my husband and others are crazy.I can't say I like cars at the same time as me ..."(No, I do n’t want to refrain from that.)It ’s these days that I ’m thinking.


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  1. To be sunny

    I apply to all categories.
    What is your husband like? When.
    I think that it goes deeper in order of 3 → 4 → 1 → 2.
    I think that the results 1 and 2 can be seen in the garage forever.
    For those in category 2, the image that applies to all 3.4.1
    Then I bought a race car ahead of 2 and went to the race. There will also be a race team first. Direction? w
    Porsche and Ferrari will prepare for programs such as FXX and F1 Client for Porsche Cup Car, Ferrari Challenge, Ferrari, etc. in front of normal, turbo, GT series and even RS in order to meet various customer needs I don't know.

    A journey that never ends where I can go.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      As expected, Kuruma's consideration is sharp! It's just like what you said.

      > I think that it goes deeper in order of 3 → 4 → 1 → 2.
      I really thought so.
      If you like Porsche, you will gradually become more attractive, and if you notice, it is like that you are out in the Porsche Carrera Cup,
      Car manufacturers are well aware of this and are preparing models and fields.

      It ’s a never-ending journey (laughs)

  2. Bardock

    Nice to meet you.
    I'm ③ type.
    997 I own Carrera S in the previous term, but only ride about once a month,
    Pick a sunny day and ride.
    So the mileage is about 2000km at most.
    I do not want to extend the distance too much considering resale and want to keep the condition in good condition.
    The joy of owning is great.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Bardack
      Nice to meet you, thank you for your comments!

      > I'm ③ type.
      That's right! 997 Carrera is so beautiful.
      Recently, I often see it in Arisu, but if you look carefully, there is still air cooling,
      The silhouette is also refined and I think it's really beautiful.

      Because my house runs away, I can not expect resale,
      I wonder if it would feel like riding for that long ...

      But in any form, the car that is treated carefully by the owner is happy.

  3. PorscheDreamer

    There are lots of fun topics on this blog.

    For the time being, I tried to fit myself about myself.
    It was decided soon that "driving enthusiasts" would be closer.

    ◼︎ Features of driving-loving types
    ・ The car is running and it isn't far away
    ・ If you run and the car is slightly dirty, you can wash it again.
    ・ I like to drive a car.
    ・ When selecting a car, place the highest priority on driving performance.
    ・ If you buy a car, the mileage will quickly exceed 10,000 kilometers →
    ・ I like manuals ○
    ・ I am interested in the structure of the car and it is quite detailed ○

    The next “Touring Type” and “Circuit Type” are more difficult.

    ・ I like driving a car myself, ○
    ・ I particularly like touring on general roads and driveways. ○
    ・ Go on a touring on a holiday, × It seems to be crowded, and do not want to get up early
    ・ I continue to find a road where I can run comfortably every day. Sometimes
    ・ The mileage slightly exceeds 10,000 km in one year, and at most 15,000 km
    ・ The touring heat will not cool down even if you run tens of thousands of kilometers. There's not much touring heat

    It is a feeling. Well, when you run from Fukuoka to Kyoto, you can go to the country road only at the end, or from Kanazawa to Kyoto as a general road from Tsuruga, so you can say that you like touring from ordinary people .

    On the other hand, the circuit does not run,

    ・ At the circuit, ×
    ・ Experience driving that maximizes the performance of the car, → Experience whether the car moves as intended
    ・ I like to squeeze in. ○
    ・ In order to speed up the lap time in either 1 second or 0.1 second → To achieve even a smooth movement
    ・ Independence on the circuit is indispensable → Independence on commuting is indispensable
    ・ Operating a car racing game with Hankon at home → While simulating in the head
    ・ I refine my driving skills every day. → Although it does not work very well, my understanding of my car is deepening

    So I think that it is a “driving operation pursuit type”.
    I would like to run the circuit when I retired, but for the time being I will only watch motor sports (and recently TV).

    It is clear that he is not “owner”, but he does not get tired of seeing (favorite) cars, including humans.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      And thank you for applying it to everything ^^

      When listening to the stories of those who love cars, many people will eventually apply to all four types,
      I thought again that car fortune-telling is difficult.

      Thank you for your continued support!

  4. Kazugane Hills

    Oh, I'm sorry to make a blog from casual comments.

    Now, my type is ③ after messing around ②.
    I was running crazy about 15 years from around 1989 to 2004.
    Imported cars in domestic production as trophy getters such as competitions, grass races, gymkhana
    The pleasure of climbing the podium was above all, and all of the income was devoted to cars, consumables and customs.

    It will soon cool down and it will be cumbersome to drive.

    If you try to drive the limit area in a few times of purchase and start riding (in a half-closed place)
    “If this car, how many seconds on that circuit?” Or “If you put out the clock, you should run like this.”
    Even if you don't get on when you understand it, you will be fine.

    Then, we are excited about the performance of the unknown car and look for the next car.
    I didn't like the show or touring, so I chose ③, but I don't appreciate it, so it's okay if it gets dirty.
    That is why there may be a classification in ③ and one of them.
    I was entertained by a very interesting analysis.
    Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Thank you for providing the blog material (laughs)

      > Now my type is ③ after messing around ②.
      Oh, that's right!
      It is said that there is now because we ran and did it!

      There are various types of people, and even if you like cars,
      I thought there were as many as 10 people, or as many people as there were types.

      I would be happy if you could tell me if there was any interesting material (laughs)
      Thank you for your continued support.