Riding on the Porsche 911 (964C2) through the Sun Double Clink.

Air-cooled Porsche

Take the air cooling 911 (964 C 2)

Since my mother-in-law arrived at my house at year-end and New Year holidays, on this occasion my husband and two people would go out for driving exercises of the car, firstBoxster MT practiceI decided to go running in the air cooling 911 (964 C2) the following day.

I do not say practice, I just hopefully run fun normally, but last year,I went running just after 911 was deliveredSometimes, "It's hard rather than funThere was a big impression that the feeling of "I do not feel like getting on the ride" is big. Just then from her husband "911 is fun so much, so run and practice a lot moreAs I was told that I was told, I decided to go driving practice as much as possible so that I can taste the pleasures of running RR.

To Sun Double Link

On that day my husband,

Let 's go running for the Sun Doubleclink!

It has been said. "Nara Nuru has heard of it, but there are sun doubleclinks too! What?"When asked,

…Disagreeable…. Just because I am arbitrarily uu (- _ -)

When. Anyway it is (Bomb) That's why I left.

A 911 drive after a long absence. Handle weight, hardness of the brake, door weight, mechanical engine sound, smell in the car, light at the tunnel light manual (lol) ... "Ah, it was this kind of air cooling ~While thinking, run the car. My husband

I ran about 3000 kilometers after delivery but the engine came to circulate. It was harder in the front, but it got soft and the dandruff of the engine improved. As Grandpa's rehab was over, I felt like I was feeling well.

It certainly was, if it is told, it may be so.

On this day there was a lot of traffic and the mountain road that passed through to Mita could not run as I expected but after 30 minutes I got fewer cars and finally be able to run. Then,When my husband came up the uphill slope where moderate curves continued, my husband said this.

911 is a heavy ass in RR, so I will run while using its characteristics.Load movement and accelerator work are keysOh yeah. Loosen the accelerator before entering the corner, turn the curve and change the direction of the car, then step on the accelerator. That way, the car bends with Gya.

When. I tried it as I told you, but at first it seems to be hard to think ...

"There is too much power on your shoulder! Handling is hard!"
"It's too late to step on the accelerator!"
"I will use the accelerator more smoothly!"

While being told variously, the feeling gradually got caught. Certainly, this is not to be felt by Boxter or Panamera, or only by RR ... rather than turning like a bow, it would be a lot of fun to turn around the buttocks and turn it.


Yes Yes! That feeling!

Although it told me that, after 15 minutes from there, my head gradually faded away,

What's the matter. I am kept away from the previous mini car.

And husband.

... (゚ д ゚) Ha! Honma ya.

"Akan, I was driving tired and thinking about loading movement and accelerator work a while agoWhen saying,

Why, always tired so quickly (- _ -)

And being amazed ... When I began driving to graduate from a paper driver for about 10 years ago, six years ago from now,I was so tired because I only had a 15 minute round trip to my neighbor's supermarketBut it looks like it at that time (explosion). I am a good fitness person, but it may be that I'm pretty nervous when driving a car.

After that, I decided to change my driving to my husband and go on my way home. My husband said "The Sun Doubleclink is an ultra-well place with almost no cars, the road is clean and perfect for running air-cooling"It was exactly the same day, though.

There is a country road, there is a pass road, there is a beautiful straight line ... You can enjoy various roads only in this neighborhood. Also, my husband sang Double Course Link North Course (w) can go round and round all the time, and he does not get tired of running even all day. Also on this day my husband,

Sun doubleclink Make me cum!

I was deeply moved again.

Also here,Cafe Seven in Tsukigase in Nara PrefectureI wish there were cafes like cars like car lovers. Although there were soba shops and small cafes where bike rides gather.

Analog goodness, air cooling 911

I put gasoline on the way back, but 911 has a gasoline tank before, so "When gasoline is filled up, the front becomes heavier and stabilizes"My husband said. It changes with a little thing.

Try running on air cooling this time "I feel a direct feeling in various parts"I thought again. The engine sound is mechanical type noise and there is no flashy like the modern water cooled Porsche, but analog feeling becomes a habit in contrary. Certainly "the latest Porsche is the best Porsche", it's impressed with every ride, but I can not taste only this analog feeling.

Also, I have noticed it for the first time riding this time. It is a round seal at the door handle.

"what's this?"When asking her husband,

"Fluorescent seals and even when it is dark at night, the seal is shining so that the position of the door handle can be understood"


... and Denzi analogue (; ゚ Д ゚)! What?

I understand that it glows in the dark, but it seems to be sold at 100 hundred and one hundred for 100 yen, but ... he is going to pursue, but as for "here"It's already a seal, yeah, it does not matter to running (-_-)I wonder if it became ....

Thanks to such a thing again ... Thank you everyday you can ride the air-cooled Porsche 911, Panamera, Boxster. And thanks to the readers who read this article of the Kansai dialect daily, every day. Let's have a lot of Porsche this year too!

By the way, my husband said without permission from the beginning "Sun double link"The course is here. It was a really nice way.(Ichikawa, as well as Nürburgring, I seemed to have made a map divided into North Course and Full Course w)

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  1. kyozo

    Hello, we are riding on the 996 Carrera in Mita residents
    I found this blog by searching the GT3 Touring Package.
    It was interesting and I read it in one stroke.
    Sun double link! Please let me know when you will come again, let's run together.
    I often go to Ashio Driveway, please call out, it is 996 Carrera of Navy.
    I am looking forward to my blog! (^ ^)!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. kyozo
      Hello, this is Mina.

      > I live in Mita and ride 996 carrera
      Oh - that 's right! Mita has many wonderful roads, it is wide and enviable!

      Also, you came from this GT3 Touring Package to this blog.
      Thank you very much for visiting us from a number of blogs. I am very happy.

      > Sun double link! Please let me know when you will come again, let's run together.
      > We often go to Ashio Drive Way, please call out, it is 996 Carrera of Navy.
      Oh! Please do! In addition, we will make a voice when we go to Ashio or Sakuraku Link even on Twitter and blogs ^ ^
      We are looking forward to seeing you.

      Continue to thank you.

  2. TAKI


    Today, Sand Double Clink! I ran.

    I am on a 997 Carrera 4S.

    During the daytime, the pace car runs quite well. In such a case, you have no choice but to follow along.
    Tight winding on the way does not have a center line, so it was a bit like to skip it, but it was a nice place with nature.
    I also ran motorcycles and cycling quite well.

    Thank you for your valuable information!

    I hope you will enjoy reading it in the future.

    • MinaMina


      > Today, Sand Double Clink! I ran.
      Thank you! Kansai roads are often quite narrow.

      Regarding sand double clink, my husband said, "It is more fun to run at my own pace with air cooling than to run with GT3".

      Also, I would be glad if you could tell me if there is a good way.
      Continue to thank you!