The Porsche 991.2 GT3 (MT) automatically rotates when shifting up! ?


Husband examining GT 3

The other day,Husband who ordered 911 GT 3 tooling (991.2) at the explosion speedHowever, after that, I also gather information regularly at home, reviewing the GT 3 Touring net and reading magazines.
"As I ordered it, do not you have to gather information at the moment?Although it seems to be thought, if it says so, even before delivering 971 Panamera, the husband read the magazine written about Panamera and carefully read the specification of Panamera into every corner,

"Even if Panamera is delivered, it is perfect!"

I was saying that.

So, with GT3 Touring,I want to grasp and understand every corner and welcome the delivery day in perfect conditionI guess that's what he thinks.

Can you rotate automatically?

On the other hand I say "GT 3 Touring is MT ... ... Although I am used to Boxster a bit, I wonder if I can drive to ...Somewhat anxious that there is(No, it is a luxurious anxiety)My husband said this the other day when I was talking about such a thing.

Perhaps, I think that it is easier to drive than the MT of 981 Boxter, so will I get it? Also, in the article on the GT 3 of the May 2017 issue of the magazine GENROQ, as the word of the person in charge of the Porsche GT department "When changing gears in sports driving, leave the accelerator depressed and OK. The engine momentarily adjusts the ignition timingIt was written that.


…Hmm? ... That is, what is that ... (- _ -)?

No, that's why. When I shift up with Boxster's MT and so on now, let's relax the accelerator for a moment and adjust the number of revolutions on my own? that's not it,Even if you keep stepping on the accelerator all the time, the car freely adjusts the rotation without permissionIt seems like. So, even though it is MT, it can be driven as if it were a PDK like a PDK.

And husband.

Well ~ that's good. "But that means that although you buy an MT, the sense of gearing on your own is diminished ... Is not it fun?"Although I can not drive MT at all, I raised myself on the shelf and asked greatly,

Well how to do it, it does not matter if you do not loosen the accelerator but it will do the rotation automaticallyAs I loose the accelerator by myself it will be spinning naturally with it so I guess.
In the case of auto-blipping, although the car automatically tries to match the automatic rotation at the time of shift down by increasing the rotation, it gets shaky because it further augments himself. So, I feel a bit different. Well, I do not know until actually trying.
But not as much as PDK, you can accelerate less discontinuity, it is fun to do. ... But is this really only valid when in sports mode? Let's do a little research, because I do not care what it is usually.

"My husband said, and began searching on the net. However, because there was no information in Japanese, I searched variously in English, finally it was "Upgrade of GT3 TouringIt seems he found a video explaining about.

MT operation of GT3 tooling (991.2)

I asked the person who posted the video directly by asking with a message,

Shifting up without lifting the foot from the gas can be done all the time, no need for sport mode.

It seems there was a reply with, that is, "It is always valid even in sports modeIt seems to be said.
Also, I confirmed the manual of the 2018 version GT 3 (English version) and it is written as follows.

When changing gear, the accelerator pedal can remain pressed the clutch is disengaged and engaged for optimum engine-speed compensation.
In this case, the engine speed is controlled automatically.

"When changing the gear, it is good to keep the accelerator pedal stepped on while the clutch is off, and if it connects it will be adjusted to the optimum engine speed. Engine speed is controlled automatically."When.

My husband,

Perhaps 981 Boxster can do it. Since there is a habit of loosening the accelerator when upshifting, it may be possible to do just by knowing!

Apparently, 981 Boxster seems not to have such a function.

This function may be an unnecessary function for those who want to gear change with my own feeling,At least it's good news for those who are not confident of MT driving like me. I mean, I should drive the GT3 Touring with such a discipline "A million years early! Come back to school!It can not be helped even if it is told ... (- _ -).

At any rate, this time the GT3 Touring seems to be easier to drive than Boxster, and from the readers of this blog,

The touring pack is pretty good! The clutch is also light and is the best 911!

As I got a comment saying, I am looking forward to delivering cars in May!

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I do not want to return the accelerator, it seems like an idea when accelerating motor sports. Image of a racing car a while ago? If it will rotate so far, I feel that I do not have to step on the clutch except when the vehicle is stopped, but how do you do?

    In the meaning of gear change support, I felt that I was doing something with Ford's borrowed as a rental car several times in the UK a couple of years ago (I have not confirmed it). I started off with 1st gear and felt that the rotation does not fall perfectly even if the accelerator is returned and the clutch is disengaged for the shift up and the rotation which is likely to enter the 2nd gear is maintained for a while. Of course, if you release the accelerator without disengaging the clutch, the rotation drops. However, since I have never felt this with any car rental, it may be that I did not have much needs.

    Either way I do not have any problem if I practice with Boxster (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Hello. I see! An image of a racing car a while ago.

      Even MT cars 20 years ago had such a thing!
      MT car is steadily improving, even though I say the same Porsche, I am sure that it will be quite different depending on the year and the type of car.

      > Anyway if you practice at Boxster it means that there is no problem (^ ^)
      Certainly it is true ^ _ ^ Boxster practice, first clutch meat, I will do my best!

  2. Lorinzer 7

    Nice to meet you.
    Red Boxster GTS (MY 15) Riding in right MT, I always enjoy reading blogs.

    Sorry for the theme and gap.
    I do not know if you already know, but I will write with a clutch connection.

    MT for the first time in 15 years and also with back pain, I found it at the time of delivery by Boxster GTS owner's blog. (Please delete the link if there is a problem)

    Regarding the position, in the sentence "About the sheet, where is the link here ...".

    When the clutch operation with the heel clutch operation makes idling start possible, traffic jams do not become difficult at all and can start easily like AT.
    I properly use the idling start and fueling the accelerator for just a moment.

    • MinaMina

      Lorinzer 7
      Nice to meet you, Mina. Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > MT for the first time in 15 years and also with back pain, I found it at the time of delivery by Boxster GTS owner's blog.
      Oh! Thank you for your valuable information ...!
      This will be a mess! I also investigated various ways of driving Porsche MT, on the net, but I could not find this article.

      Since I think that I do not understand properly just by reading it once or twice,
      I would like to read carefully later.

      I'd like to ask you a little, but if you operate the clutch with the heel turned on, will not it be likely that the area around the snake will cling?
      It is only my muscle mass being overdone ... ^^;
      Also, it may be that power is putting too weird ...

      In any case, I will carefully read this article thoroughly and I hope to make use of it for the next MT practice!
      Thank you ^ ^ Thank you very much for your continued support!

  3. Lorinzer 7

    Good evening.

    I think that it is due to Dorposi that it seems likely to chop. I also got a margin at the knee first and the clutch pedal stepped on to the floor firmly on the entire ball of the thumb.
    As in the article, since the seat position was as low as possible since the seat back thought that the position that caused the sports was the default for sports driving!

    If the seat back has happened and it is too close to the pedal on the low seating surface it will be in the front bending state and it will put a very heavy burden on the ankle.
    So let's raise the seat from the ceiling to the fist of the fist a little, lay the seat back a little, put the kakato in a good position just as to whether the knee is stretched or not and stepping on the pedal with the toe will not hurt your feet and waist easily I can do it.
    I also can not sit a Yankee hardly ankle hard. I turn over to the back (^ ^;)

    It was a clutch operation which floated Kakato at this time on the way home from the PC by car delivery four years ago, so I ran about ten minutes and waited for a signal I could not endure a heavy clutch and my left foot hung up! It is a translation saying that I studied various investigations on the net by saying that it is Akan and I mastered the idling start.

    In the early days it was okay to wear a kakato only at the time of clutch meat, so that I could naturally be able to do it without being impatient. Also, since it is the principle of leker with fulcrum as a fulcrum, treading force is not necessary so much.

    Mina, MT Master Please do your best!

    By the way, although I received an explanation that the current Porsche is OK even if I start normally, PC people are also being carefully treated with idle start always regardless of air cooling or water cooling.

    This is the doraji version of the last stuck article.

    There was also original article of owner of GTS.

    • MinaMina

      Lorinzer 7
      Thank you for the detailed explanation!
      I see ... well ... ...! (It was contents written in the article, but I'm sorry to hear it again.) <)

      Driving position is very important ...
      Now, while sitting on a chair, I tried while imagining, but it certainly makes it possible to smoothly perform ankle operations without imposing a burden on the sune at all!

      > I can not even sit a Yankee hardly with my ankle stiff. I turn over to the back (^ ^;)
      Lorinzer 7 is also like that! I also turn over to the back and even bending the knees with ski is subtle (lol)
      If such Lorinzer 7 can clutch operation without problems, there is no doubt! I thought.

      > By the way, although I was told that the current Porsche is OK even if I start normally, PC people are also being carefully treated with idling start always regardless of air cooling or water cooling.
      Oh, yeah, that's right. That seems to be friendly to the car and it seems to be able to start smoothly.

      Thank you for introducing a lot of articles!

      When I go to MT practice next time, I will adjust it to the driving position I taught and try to run from there.
      Continue to thank you ^ ^

  4. Lorinzer 7

    Sorry I can not explain subtle operations well. It will be OK as it will allow you to easily grab even a small tick!

    At first it is difficult to clutch meat only by idling, so I think that it is easier to grasp the sense that the clutch will be connected, rather than opening the accelerator a little bit (about 1000 rpm?).

    Since you have a simulator, you can practice safely by relaxing the shift operation of H shifter and 3 pedals at home.

    I am also addicted to the simulator, I set a FANATEC suite in the milestone V2 cockpit, and I am building a sim environment with XBOX ONE X and PS4 Pro.
    FM 6 and 7, PC 1 and 2, AC, GTS only ride Porsche ... together ^ _ ^

    I am looking forward to my blog in the future!

    I think that update is also serious, but please take care of yourself and try hard without impossible!

    • MinaMina

      Lorinzer 7

      Thank you! First of all I think I will practice to catch the trick.

      > Since you have a simulator, you can practice safely by relaxing the shift operation of H shifter and 3 pedals at home.
      It is certainly one thing to practice with a simulator!
      After all, the city is nervous because there is a car around (I must not get used to it ^ ^;)

      > I am also addicted to the simulator and I set up FANATEC suite in milestone V2 cockpit and I am building a sim environment with XBOX ONE X and PS4 Pro.
      > FM 6 and 7, PC 1 and 2, AC, GTS is the only Porsche riding ... It is together _ _ ^

      Oh-you are amazing! Porsche is outdoors or at home, it is true, it is with my husband (lol)
      I would be happy if you could tell me about it again.

      Continue to thank you!