【Porsche owner's file # 8】 718 Cayman purchase · option · mileage review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The eighth bullet is "Porsche Dreamer" from Fukuoka city "718 CaymanWe will send purchase, option, traveling reviews. There was almost no article about Cayman on this blog, so please have a look at the Cayman review (laugh) that I wanted to get out of my throat long ago.

〘Owner information〙
· Car introducing this time: 718 Cayman (MY 2017)
· Pen name: Porsche Dreamer
· Residential area / Residence: Fukuoka City / Mansion (parking lot is on the premises flat)
· Family composition: My wife and I (2 children but I am separated from college, recently independent)
· Past travelers' favorite history:
■ Car Dodge Dirt that was in my family home → Corolla 1200 Hi Deluxe → Corolla Hard Top 1200 Hi Deluxe
■ My favorite car Honda ballad CR - X 1.5i → Bluebird SSS Atesa X → Subaru B4 RS 2.0 → Subaru B4 3.0R specB → Current 718 Cayman
· A word to readers: If you decide Porsche one day,You had better take action early.you know. The timing is the key point, especially if you are interested in the specifications and want to order options. Those who think that there is a period of about six months when there is a model change can not be ordered.

1) History of purchase

- Why did you buy a Porsche?

"For the son of a car lover"When I saw the movie" Le Mans in Glory (1971) "which I took with my mother to watch, I began to have a longing for Porsche strongly. After that, we found "CAR GRAPHIC 's 1972 April issue (Porsche special issue)" in the morning edition ad, asked my father to buy it, decided in mind that "I will purchase Porsche someday" within myself. It was around 8 years old.

- Why did you choose 718 Cayman

As of 2016 when we began thinking "We should prepare for purchasing soon", "The closest thing to the image of Porsche I adored first is CaymanI felt like it. 981 I also liked the design of Cayman so I went to test drive, but the timing of 981 was not in time. After that, I gathered information genuinely and decided to buy 718 Cayman thought for several months.

- Deciding factor of purchase

It is great that the child is independent and a somewhat economic prospect has been met, but my wife's boost was also there. "When will you buy a Porsche?I remember it as being told.

2) Option / specification - option

Car model 718 Cayman ¥ 6,190,000
Exterior color Rhodium Silver Metallic ¥ 150,000
Interior color black ¥ 0
Package options RHD specification ¥ 0
Exterior Park assist system (rear part)
Rear window wiper
Electric retractable mirror
Transmission chassis (MT)
¥ 93,000
¥ 63,000
¥ 55,000
¥ 0
wheel 19-in Boxster S Wheel ¥ 325,000
Wheel accessories Color Crest Wheel Center Cap ¥ 30,000
interior Lane change assist
Vehicle anti-theft system
Standard sheet
floor mat
¥ 106,000
¥ 89,000
¥ 0
¥ 20,000
Audio / communication Connect Plus ¥ 199,000
total fee ¥ 7,320,000

(Option, price is the one at the time of purchase)
Additional options 18 inch Boxster wheels, winter tires

* Additional items below (2019.1.15)
[Options of the standard equipment and options that can be selected change depending on the model year. Also, not only the price of the base vehicle but also the price of the option has changed
It is said that it is. When trying the configurator on an attempt, it is different from the ordering time

· Vehicle price itself is up, however standard equipment increase
Park assist rear, Porsche Connect standard
· Rhodium silver is gone, GT silver and other colors are added

Basically it seems like a body price up, option price somewhat down.
If it is close to my specifications it is probably 7,484,000 yen so it is somewhat price rising. PDK may be cheap.

- External options

Paint protection film locker panel(Including rear fender)+ I asked for the installation of the headlight protect film.(81,000 yen + 20,000 yen + consumption tax)

- Why was this option, spec?

Power / Torque

When comparing the specifications of Subaru B4 3.0R, the test rider 981 Boxster and 718 which I was riding the last time, "For power and torque it is not necessary to be Cayman S"I thought. Also, Cayman S's 2.5L engine was drawn to the fact that only the bores are extremely large, "2L version is a 4-cylinder version of 911.2 engine".(By the way, recently BMW seems to say that 500 cc per cylinder is the best)

Exterior color

"It was the first stage of 718, so the body color you can choose was very limited." "My wife said" First of all, "yellow and red are absolutely useless" "" I am not confident of keeping black clean For the reason "I made it a body color of silver like Germany.(I only had rhodium silver, but I liked it)

Interior color

The interior was black. The sports car's interior including black 911 will be black!


I could also choose the left handle for a limited time, but I thought the right steering wheel would be good if I always ride in Japan. There is also a cross road where there is no right turn lane in the commuter route, there are intersections where the right turn car has a reasonable probability, and there are many country roads with many blind corners, so we made it to the right steering wheel including such things.

Park Assist System (rear) Although the park assist function was not attached to the car that we owned so far, I thought about this Cayman "I think I should attach it back" and chose it.I did not put on the front because "In the case of a car with a bright body color, the front bumper has a clearer one who does not have a sensor"is.

Rear Window Wire

Personally, I think that it is essential for rainy city rides and backward confirmation during parking. Incidentally,Unlike general domestic cars, washer fluid does not come to the rear.For that reason, we always have water for PET bottles.

* Rear wiper You can secure visibility as soon as you move water with dust etc.

Electric retractable mirror

In Japan it is standard that mirrors are stored when parking "Once the door is locked and stored, it will be convenient to check if you can lock itThat's why I got it.


I set the transmission to MT. I think that the proportion occupied by gear selection and shift operation is very large in the enjoyment of driving.

19-in Boxster S Wheel

The Porsche catalog has a poor way of showing the wheel. There were few things that looked like three dimensional cubes, and as for Cayman 's 19 - inch wheel, it was in the form of ordering it without being able to confirm the real thing. As a result, my wife liked it because I liked it.As for the mounted tire when delivered "ADVAN Sport V105"was.

Color Crest Wheel Center Cap

The body is silver, the brake is also black(standard)So "Whether to be accented with coloring the wheel center cap?"I was advised. As a result, I like it very much.

Lane change assist

Cayman's oblique rearward vision was somewhat concerned and I thought about trying it once.

Vehicle anti-theft system

It seems to be standard in American specifications. In the case of Porsche, depending on the timing, I do not know whether the desired specifications are available, and it takes more than half a year to deliver cars after placing an order. I decided to put on such a car because it is in trouble if the car is stolen.

Standard seat / floor mat

As the first Porsche, the seat and floor mat started from the standard.

Audio / communication

Actually, I was a bit lost whether to attach a BOSE system. Just before911 is PCM(Porsche Communication Management System)In the case of the BOSE system, there was a case where the noise took on and changed to standard equipment, and it could not be solved"I asked.

Cayman also said that it will be changed to PCM from 718, I confirmed the location to the Porsche Center, but it seemed that I did not understand well yet, so I kept it as a standard just in case. Instead, I added Connect Plus to make use of my great PCM.

Winter tire

Like the car I've been riding so far, I bought a winter tire set as a matter of course. I think that this was the 18 inch Cayman wheel.(Wheel can not be selected)There seemed to be no one to buy at the Porsche Center in Fukuoka,The tire at the time of delivery is "PIRELLI Sottozero Serie II"was.

Paint protection film (external option)

"911 in which the rear fender is swelling and Cayman · Boxster are easily scratched such as stone splashes on the front sideI was listening to the story beforehand. When I looked it up, there was a place where Kitakyushu would be able to properly construct a paint protection film, so I made a reservation at the timing when delivery was confirmed.

there,"If you do not run the circuit or do not skip special, protection films around the front do not need much"As I received advice, the body was only for the locker panel. Also, since the parking space faces the sun from the front, we added a headlight film in anticipation of discoloration prevention.

There is a rear over fender in MY 2017, but it was very carefully finished including its surroundings.

When paint protection film is dirty, it is good to wipe with a sponge without worrying about itis not it. Even on highway driving, the front bumper and the trunk hood are pretty damaging, so if you have the next opportunity, I would like to construct the front desk as well.

Option not attached

Sports chrono package

I wanted to enjoy a shift change that would match the rotation on my own by old-fashioned MT. However, from 718 "Automatic blipping works in SPORT mode when you attach sports chrono packageBecause it was that it was(I studied variously, but it seems that it can not turn off only the auto-blipping function)This option was not attached.

IncidentallyEven with the standard specification without the sports chrono package, the SPORT mode existsTo do. Even in the case of MT, the mapping of the engine changes, and the response improves steadily. Just that, fuel economy is slightly reduced. Also, the idling stop will be automatically canceled.

Even without sports exhaust, there is a change in exhaust sound when sudden acceleration / off in SPORT mode, you hear the sound of Bababababa. As far as I can hear it in the car, it is very discreet in volume.


There is no schedule for circuit running, and for the first Porsche it is "What Porsche set as standardI thought about experiencing from. In addition, when I checked in advance, there was also a report that the suspension without PASM was good.

PCCB (Porsche ceramic composite brake)

Although it was attractive, it was truly high and stopped because the 18 inch wheel can not be used.

Auto air conditioner

In my case, I adjusted the blowing temperature and air volume manually, so I could not turn on it.

3) Background to delivery

① 718 Cayman orders received at the end of April
② Order on 5th May
③ completion in October
④ Port on December 10
⑤ December 26, Porsche center receipt
⑥ Delivery on December 27

4) Porsche's performance to feel when you own it

① Engine

There are power that you can run comfortably, including expressways and passages. When accelerating full speed at full speed, if the road surface is rough at least, there is power enough to spin wheels at around 5000 rpm. "It is good even if there is more power" is about full acceleration of the steep slope hill climb.
The feeling that it felt most comfortably turns out is whether it is around 70 km / h or 4000 to 5000 revolutionsI think.

② MT

Shift feeling

I am satisfied with the 6-speed MT shift feel. There should be a distance from the lever to the gearbox, but comfortably enters with the feeling "Kokuto, Kokutu".At the time of a new car, Reverse (R) required a considerable force, but it has become familiar to some extent in about a yearI feel it. It is easy to put in by putting it to the 1st and 2nd speed row and pressing it gently.


Regarding the clutch, since the half clutch region is very narrow, at the time of a new car, "Is it somewhat difficult to handle?I thought, but I will become familiar with it for a year.

As the car has a maximum speed of over 270 km / h, the gear ratio is reasonably high. About 10 km / h or less is the world of half clutch (or coasting). Since the machine precision is high and the running resistance is low, there is no problem in starting without having to raise the rotation if it is a flat land, but as the resistance rises if it is even a little uphill gradient or there is a steering angle, to prevent the rotation from falling I need to step on it.

Urban / highway driving

If you are driving in a city with fuel consumption, if you are driving on flat ground, you can put it in 2 speed at 1 speed 2000 rpm, 3 speed at 1800 rpm, 4 speed at 1600 rpm, 5 speed at 1400 rpm, no problem. Simply put, if you are "gear × 10 km / h or more", I will run smoothly. On the highway, on the other hand, you also want a cruise gear.

【Next page】 → 718 Cayman handling, fuel economy, ride comfort ...

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