Porsche announces "New 911 (992) Convertible" today!

Porsche 911

New 911 Convertible, finally!

Porsche today announced that "New model 911 (992) Convertible"Officially announced. Looking back on the history of the 911 Convertible, Porsche announced the prototype of the 911 Convertible for the first time as it was at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 1981, so it has about 40 years of history.

In addition to being equipped with innovative functions as a coupe model, the new 911 Convertor of this time has an image of the early generation of 911 in design. By the way, the model to be released first"911 Carrera S Cabriolet" and "911 Carrera 4 S Convertible"It is two models of.

What is the specification of the new 911 Convertible?

Folding top

The soft top can open and close at speeds of up to 50 km / h,The opening and closing time takes about 12 seconds. Since the opening and closing time of the 997 model was 20 seconds and the 991 model which was released thereafter was 13 seconds, the opening and closing time of this new model became even faster. In the fully automated soft top, a rear window made of glass is built in, and magnesium is used for the soft top structure.

As a result, when traveling on a highway or the like, "A balloon phenomenon in which a hood swells like a balloon under the influence of changes in atmospheric pressureYou can also prevent it firmly. In addition, the electric window deflector keeps winds caught in the car more than ever.

Engine / Performance

Both 911 Carrera S Cabriolet and 911 Carrera 4 S Convertible "3.0 L Horizontally opposed 6 cylinder turbo engineEquipped with. Maximum output generation speed is 6,500 rpm, maximum torque is 530 Nm. Due to the new layout of the turbocharger and charge air cooling system, the improvement of the driving efficiency of the engine, the improvement of the injection process, the CO2 emissions are further reduced than in the conventional type.


Power is supplied by the newly developed 8-speed dual clutch transmission. For Carrera S, acceleration of 0-100 km / h is 3.9 seconds(3.7 seconds for the optional Sport Chrono package), The maximum speed reaches 306 km / h. One Carrera 4 S has acceleration of 0-100 km / h for 3.8 seconds(3.6 seconds for the optional Sport Chrono package), The maximum speed is 304 km / h.


By designing the engine mount to connect the engine and the car body to a new position,This time the new 911 Convertible has more torsional rigidity than conventional type.Also, "PASM for 911 Convertible(Porsche Active Suspension Management System)"The springs are harder and shorter, the front and rear anti-roll bars are harder and the car height is 10 mm lower.

With these adjustments, excellent running with neutral weight distribution became possible.

Appearance / Design

The new 911 Convertible has a wider and more muscular design than the conventional type. Wheel size is 20 inches front and 21 inches rear.On the bonnet, the dent responding to the former 911 was reviveddoing. By having a front end of 45 mm and a rear fender 44 mm wider, the front part of the vehicle becomes longer, giving a dynamic impression to the viewer.

The rear lamp connected to the horizontal line also brings near-future design image. Aluminum is used for the entire body except for the front part and the rear part.


Like the original 911, the center console is fitted with a 10.9 inch touch screen designed to be larger than conventional type. As for the tachometer, only the central meter is analog type, 7 inches liquid crystal panel is arranged on both sides of it.

Safety / comfort

Porsche,The world's first wet mode is installed in the new 911 (992), And it is also standard equipment for this cabriolet. It detects water on the road surface, adjusts the control system accordingly, and issues a warning to the driver. The driver presses the button, or the mode switch of the steering wheel(Sport Chrono Package)Just push, you can safely travel.

In addition, the standard brake assist system detects the danger of collision with the vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle by the camera and activates warning or emergency brake as necessary. Other options include night vision assist with infrared camera, adaptive cruise control with automatic distance control, stop and go function, reversible passenger protection function, etc.

That is the information about the new 911 Convertible released today by Porsche. I am planning to introduce it to Japan as soon as I know when it will come in, how much it will cost, and information as soon as I know it.

* Image · Article Source:All set for open-top season - the new 911 Cabriolet

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