Will there be a day when you can ride the Porsche Boxster GTS (MT)? -Vol.5

Ashi Drive way

Boxter MT practice

The year has passed, January 2, 2019. I asked my girls to see my girls, and my husband and two decided to go to practice driving Boxster GTS (MT). Until now, practice place from home(Ashi driveway and unpopular parking lot)Until I had my husband drive me and changed driving after arrival, for the first time on that day,I decided to depart from my house on my driving.

Nakabayashi Industry's body coverThanks to the fact that it was on, the Boxster that was outdoors is pretty.

3 years since the AT limited release ... Finally, finally I finally got here (lol)

First time in Boxter, running downtown!

"In case of a delicate slope, you can press the button of the parking brake, if you have something you can hazard and stop. It's all right, let's calm down.Let me tell myself, I leave.

The greatest difficulty after departure was "Where you go out to the roadway from the parking lot", but somehow it managed to run without problems for a while afterwards. Then, "Today is the 3rd day so the main road will be crowded as expectedI decided to go through the mountain road to Mita.

However, the driving on that day was "2nd gear → 3rd gear", "4th speed → 3rd speed", the shift shock was great every time the gear changed, and it was intensely fought. My husband also said "What, I'm getting worse than before w"I was told that I could not recall the sense of shift change by myself" Why, I wonder why ... ".

Meanwhile my husband was beside me,

"Did you do Bendston's bent car so much?"
"Today's Boxster is in bad shape ... seems like a car with a weight of about 2.5 t"
"Boxster seems to be asleep"

(Laugh) While being variously advised, it became increasingly difficult to understand, and finally, every time the clutch is operated, the foot moves from the knees to the thighs and moves to the husband,

"Why, your feet are intensely moving like a drummer of heavy meters w"

As it was said, at the end of the funeral, began to be fueled by a light car behind,

Akan! It is impossible or impossible (; ゚ Д ゚)! !

By saying that, I changed driving to my husband once.

Driving Boxster by her husband's driving

For a while, I took a passenger seat and decided to revisit the basics of MT driving while receiving a lecture to my husband ...

As soon as my husband got into the driver's seat of Boxter and departed, the face of Boxster changed ...Boxster began to run lively like a fish suddenly gotten water.It is very light, and it is a good sound that can be played, and the curve also bends quickly.

Box star ... depending on the driver, will it change so much ...

It looked like he was on another car. Recent husband is going to air touring with Porsche 911 (964 C 2) frequently, so as to get on RR sports car"How to apply the load when turning the curve" "Accelerator work, braking"I seemed to have recently grasped while trial and error, so I felt that driving was much better than before.

in the meantime,

I will not hear more car sounds. I listen to the sounds that raise the revolution, and when I shift up, I make sure that the sounds are connected smoothly.

Imagine car structure and drive. Now the clutch is engaged ... Oh, now it is connected! Imagine a place you like and try it.

Course taking at the time of a curve is not good, it is hard to bend and I do not want to cut off the steering wheel on the way. Try running with more clipping points in mind.

Clutch operation is also important, but accelerator operation is also important. I do not turn on / off the accelerator with the sense of driving an AT car, I will not do the smoothing of the depression of the accelerator more delicately.

Perhaps Mina has a driving position. I will not check carefully before departure.

It is said that ... etcWell, I do understand. If it can be done easily it will not be a pain.While switching, I changed driving again.

First of all check the driving position. Because Boxter's clutch is heavy, it may have been more strange power than necessary due to the lack of seat position. Also, in my case sneakers were not delicately fitted to the feet, so I have to wear this one that is also fit.(I previously went to see Negroni 's driving shoes and went to see it, but Negroni had only MENS and no matching size)

As I realized that I can start smoothly with a change of mind and consciously be able to make a series of shift change operations smoothly, a large shift shock came with Gacon, and when I was going to do it carefully, it took too long to release the clutch I lost it ...

Well it is difficult (* _ *)

For the time being, I went to a convenience store where I drove for about an hour, I was rushing with a subtle slope and stalling, but I managed to park. Looking at the watch, it is already half past 13. Both of us had not eaten lunch, so I got up early in about a minute and the next was departing by driving my husband!

At the end I decided to go to Ashi Driveway and go home from there.

To Ashi Driveway!

Even when I went there at the end of the year, although the snow was piled up on the Ashi Driveway, the snow was still the same day,Freezing attentionThere is a signboard. While thinking "It looks so bad," I decided to go back and forth from the East Rokko Observation Deck to the toll gate at the foot.

Just thinking "I'm afraid of freezing on the road" I was terribly driving, so in the third speed all the time, I got off the slopes endlessly as a result of dripping.

To the husband of the passenger seat,

I mean, this, what exercise w?

I was asked, but I said "It came to not understand anything any longer. I will not stay in an inn as it is no longer HP or MPI started to say something I could not understand, and it was my first time driving a MT car so long, so I got tired gradually(It's a pattern that makes me tired and stopped practice),

I: Even if I try to start, it will not move, I will stall!
My husband: I kept on stepping on the brake all the time. Sora Movement


Husband: Stop! Oncoming vehicles are coming!
I: I can not see it at all, let me go ahead (- _ -)

As it came in a dangerous situation, I ended practicing and arrived home on the way home by my husband 's driving.

Boxster driving, I am distressed, not impatient

Last exerciseThen taste the roar of Boxster or "You can drive on an ordinary road this way ~I was beginning to feel confident, but trying to run Boxster in the city for the first time on this day "The way to go is still far."... It made me realize.

In addition, since my husband recently got on 964 and the driving was better than before "Even though it is the same car, the driver changes so much with this driver"He showed a lot of facts ... I lost the warfare entirely (laugh) From my husband further,

I am running 120 kilometers today, so I will be getting better if I drive 100 times more

It was said that, "Ha, yeah ... ... (゚ Д ゚)" And it got more and more distant. Well, when compared with the first time(When it faced to the white eyes and the foam appeared to be wiping out)I wish to improve a lot.

At this point,If you enjoy Boxter's running, it is faster to get on the passenger seat, if you are Panamera, you can drive happily because you do a good job without thinking anything, Porsche's pleasure of enjoying it for a while for that ... I will try to drive Boxter to a steady, steadfast, steadfast driving.(While saying such a thing GT3 Touring MT is delivered)

... and two days after I wrote this article, I went to drive with AT at air-cooled 911 (964 C2), but when starting, stopped, I felt unsatisfactory for the car to move without thinking anything,I got accustomed to the comfort of AT, I'm afraid I will be uselessI fell into the sense of feeling, I missed the MT car. No way that I feel like this ... no surprise. MT practice hang in there w

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  1. Ishi

    Thank you again this year. From this year I will write with this name without B.

    The hard battle fight is transmitted very realistically (laugh)

    Although I talked a bit a bit, I learned that there was a disease called THC (dental contact habit) on some television in the past. Even though human beings are closing their mouths, it seems preferable that there is a small gap between the upper and lower teeth but it is undesirable to keep the upper and lower teeth in contact, which adversely affects the physical condition and the performance of the body It seems to be. Since I was applying to THC, I noticed from the usual care that I realized that the performance improved in a situation where I was feeling more tense than before and I became less tired.

    I do not know if Mina applies to this, but if the body does not move according to the image of the head, it may be unconsciously clenching teeth from the tension.
    If I have a mind, I think I will improve somewhat if I am licking candy or chewing gum during practice. (It is quicker to ride it everyday than that, though)
    I can not use candy or gum while I work, so when I feel like clenching my teeth I will contact the back of the upper jaw a bit behind the front teeth to prevent THC.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you again this year!

      > The struggle fighting is transmitted very realistically (laugh)
      Thank you (lol) I think that it is sometimes I think that I am going to be a bad artist of American Talk athletic nerves (laugh), so I think that driving of MT is a simple thing for me.

      > I do not know if Mina applies to this, but if the body does not move according to the image of the head, it may be unconsciously clenching teeth from the tension.
      Ha! ! That's right! ! ! !
      Probably, I think that it is quite true.
      Previously, when I tried the Panamera Turbo with a dealer, I got tense and clenched my teeth too much, and my jaws were exhausted tiring after test drive. (Moreover, when I was clenching, I was unconscious and I did not notice it.) From next time, I will try to chew gum and drive! It will be a lot of progress if it makes driving easier.

      However, since I think that it is a shortcut to increase the number of times to ride as you say, I will try to ride a bit from my usual ^ ^
      Thank you very much.
      Thank you again this year!

  2. Ishi

    I am sorry, it is a correction. Abbreviations for dentition contact habits were wrong.
    (Erroneous) THC

    (Positive) TCH (tooth contact habit)

  3. Ivy

    Nice to meet you.

    I am impressed with the well-written blog and I am reading it.

    It is Negroni's shoes, but it seems to make it for women at factory ordering.
    I wish I had the opportunity to go to Tokyo. . .

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tata
      Nice to meet you, thank you for seeing the blog.

      > Although it is shoes of Negrooni, it seems to make for ladies at factory ordering too.
      I wish I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo. . .

      That's right! Thinking quickly and examining it, it is certainly received only by order!
      Moreover, the design was also very nice.
      If I had the opportunity to go to Tokyo, I would like to go to the factory of Negrooni, but of course I will sell WOMENS as well ... I hope to have a pleasant expectation ^ ^;
      But shoes are important. Thank you for receiving valuable information!
      Continue to thank you.

  4. PorscheDreamer

    Oh no, it seems to be struggling.

    Of course it is people, but it is also hands to do one by one.

    Anyway, since I think that if you have confidence in clutch meat it is a step forward, so in a place like a flat parking lot that is open and wide, I put the clutch completely in idling state (stepped all the way) and half clutch If you go back to the state repeatedly and learn these two places on the left leg (if you do not have difficulty doing seat adjustment) it would be okay. At first it may be slow to raise the pedal, which will be faster. Try it for about 5 minutes tentatively.

    Oncoming car ... If it is left steering wheel in Japan, it is natural to see the passenger seat person first, do not mind do not mind.

    • MinaMina


      > Anyway I think that it is a step forward if I can feel confident in clutch meet,
      You are exactly as you are supposed to say ...!
      In the usual way, I did not stop the engine, but I still can not grasp the feeling of where I can connect,
      I always fumble.
      If this feeling can be grasped further, it seems that you can concentrate on driving without thinking about extra things,
      I will find a wider parking lot and I will practice next time ^ ^

      > Oncoming car ... If it is left steering wheel in Japan, it is natural to see a passenger seat person first, do not mind do not mind.
      What a kind words ...! Thank you!
      I'll do my best!