“Nice Map” started – let's make a touring map for car lovers

Touring notes

Japan's best way

Her husband regularly goes to long touring, but every time she takes a lot of photos of cars and scenery. Every time I get those photos shown,Japan also had such a magnificent nature and a beautiful way ...I was surprised.

The other day, my husband came home from Tohoku Touring,

I will run at all in a weekI run away. There are still many beautiful roads in Tohoku. I want to go one more time soon!

I was talking excitedly, but just that time,

Eh, I have run for 3000 kilometers but I still want to run! ? Crazy (゚ д))!

I have said that ... but that means only "Japan has many beautiful places that are not well known to the worldI think that's what it means.

In addition, even if you don't go out, there is no name such as "○○ line" even in rural roads that sometimes runNameless beautiful roadThere is a lot.

I am a master of my husband's heartwata's blogEvery time I am watching "Japan is beautiful"I feel that, and several times so farAs this is a bypass construction in progress, this road will soon disappear"There was a scene that you said", so I also realize that "while you have a beautiful road, you have to go running."

Car lover's touring map

Every time my husband goes touring,Touring maple for bike ridersBring There are a lot of drive information for cars in magazines and the net, butMost of them don't understand car enthusiasts and drive enthusiasts at all, and there is almost no information on the route or route that is important only for tourist information and gourmet information on the destination.That's it. So, 'If it's only tourist information, don't call it drive information! ! "I am angry at all. So it seems to refer to the touring maple for the bike.

However, because it is for motorcycles, sometimes it sometimes comes out on a narrow road.This is impossible with carsIt is said that there is also a sense of return.

GT3 991

Therefore, in addition to the touring maple, the husband goes out on a journey following the same route, seeing the touring route introduced by wata's blog.If there is a car-like touring map, it's really burnt.There are times when

Also, when I ask the people around me, this is not limited to my husband.Touring by car(Especially long tooling)Many of the people who are going toIt turned out that it was.

That's right ....

And one day, without feeling anythingIt would be nice if there was a collection of touring maps for car lovers on the net. I want to make something that can be made"And tweeted with twitter,

"The plan, I want you to do it by all means!" "If in the ○○ area leave it!"

I received a lot of messages such asFamous road map"I decided to start the project.

About famous road map plan

First of all,Let's introduce Googlemap of the touring route that my husband ran in the past on the page of "Nagoya Map" by regionI think. In addition to the map, I decided to post some simple information such as when I ran (seasonal) and what car I ran.

Although Googlemap on which the touring route that my husband ran was posted, it has been introduced before in "The husband's ○ ○ touring article",If you open this Googlemap on your Android or iPhone, the map will be registered in the Mymap field of GooglemapSo it's very useful.

In this way, we will start from where we can start, but at the same timeI would like readers to provide information on famous roads throughout the country"I believe. Even though my husband loves touring, I think it is impossible to run all the way in Japan.(Isn't it impossible?)If possible, I thought it would be nice if we could share and send information with you.

Because this blog is called "Porsche has come to my home,"Is it not only Porsche owner to provide information on the famous road map ...?Some people may think, but the main role of the "Nagome Map" project is "the road".

So, no matter which manufacturer's car owner,I would like to share this wonderful way with car lovers and driving loversI think it would be nice if you could get the information if you thought.

Actually, it's quite difficult to get route information like that, but if you get the data that I got in Googlemap beforehand, I wish I could think about the best way while doing it.

in addition"I actually ran the published route!It would be interesting to hear the voice of the person. We want to make it possible to share information more realistically by adding raw voices to each map page and updating them as needed.

Put more effort into your blog

Beginning this month, I once separated the work I've been doing for the past 10 years. I do not mean to quit, but I will arrange them and let them make a single paragraph.In an environment where you can focus on this blog more than everbecame.

This "Nave Map" plan is alsoI do not know what will actually happen if I try, but I want to challenge firstIn addition, it is an interview, a company project, etc ... I think that it should be able to form an interesting plan more and more.

So, everyone who always sees the blog, thank you for your continued support!

The page of "Nave Map" isBelow bannerYou can see from.

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  1. Every time

    I agree with this plan! I also have a touring maple, but surprisingly, there are often no other good roads listed, details are unclear, and there are often no shops recommended to stop by. Aren't many people able to write on one Google My map? It is nice to have a dynamic map that car lovers can write with everyone.

    • MinaMina

      Gobusatashiteorimasu! And thank you for planning ^ ^

      As you said, there are many good ways to go if you are not in a book.
      In addition, it is interesting that information of shops and hotels with a large parking lot where cars are parked is also listed ^ ^

      > Aren't many people able to write to one Google My map? It is nice to have a dynamic map that car lovers can write with everyone.
      My husband said, "I can't make this with an app."
      It seems that there are just so many things, so let's start by collecting information from you and sending it to analog.

      In the future, it would be nice if it would be like a Japanese map that can be written by everyone! ! !
      Continue to thank you!

  2. nave

    Hello Mina.

    How home town Shikoku does not cover? Moth

    Unfortunately, I did not know much about the road in Shikoku because I got a license after I left Shikoku (laughs) I ran on the Naruto Skyline on a road bike that is my non-automotive hobby when I returned to Japan the other day. The speed of the car and the speed of the road bike are completely different, but some of the cars who are doing well back and forth are also coming, so access from Kobe is also good, so why not visit once by all means? ?

    It doesn't matter at all, but golf 7 of my home is also decided. It was over 90000 kilometers for 6 years. It seems to say many times, but it was the best foot group except mission trouble (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave

      > How home town Shikoku does not cover? Moth
      That's right! It is Shikoku! ! ! !

      > When I returned to Japan last night, I ran on the Naruto Skyline with a road bike that is a non-automotive hobby, but it was a superb view.
      Wow Naruto Skyline, it seems pretty clean from the sound (laughs)
      As it is relatively near from my home, I would like to go there again! Thank you!

      > I don't care at all, but my home golf 7 was also decided. It was over 90000 kilometers for 6 years. It seems to say many times, but it was the best foot group except mission trouble (laugh)
      Thank you so much! Dona Dona ... It's lonely ... but it runs about 100,000 kilometers and it's almost trouble free,
      What an excellent car! ! !
      Golf is really good car!

  3. Oh, you

    Mina, nice to meet you, I always see the blog.
    I myself suffered from the same kind of trouble as my husband and had been searching for a touring course myself (laughs)
    There are some stock courses in Kyushu (especially Oita Prefecture), so I would like to ask for your cooperation.

    I will use my next summer vacation to refer to my husband's Shikoku touring, and I will go on a touring trip with my friends. I'm glad if such routes increase steadily.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you.

      > I myself was suffering from the same kind of trouble as my husband, and I had been searching for a touring course myself (laughs)
      Thank you very much ...!
      After all everybody had the same trouble ...! !

      > There are some stock courses in Kyushu (especially Oita Prefecture), so I would like to ask for your cooperation.
      Wow! ! ! I'm really happy! Thank you in advance! ! !
      Just today, I received information from the famous map of Koshinetsu region and shared it with twitter.

      Actually, I would like to make a map that can be seen in a list of all over Japan,
      With Google Maps you can only insert 10 routes at a time, so it's difficult ...
      I hope that we can improve it little by little while receiving information from you.

      Kyushu seems to have many good roads,
      By all means, I'm glad if you can get information ^ ^

      And I'm glad if you can share your thoughts on Shikoku.
      Continue to thank you.