Drive to the Vol.1- Sun Double Crink until the day of the Porsche 911 GT3


To Sand Clink with GT3

The other day, I went to the Sakai Driveway on Sunday morning with GT3, but that day it was that my mother-in-law would see the children until the evening, so I was addicted to the words,From the afternoon on the GT3 Mita(Sandable clink)Going up to runI made it.(Click here for Sandrecklink ク)

I took a 911 (964 C 2) and ran a sun double link.

I left home and headed by my husband's driving. On the way, as if to check the GT3 ride that I had forgotten about for the first time in a month.Sound of GT3 became louder-"I was comfortable with the ride"I ran while talking with things like" but when I got on after I drove air-cooling, I got ridiculously swaying ".

After that, it was about to enter the Sand Clink,There was a scene where the car ahead was getting stuck and forced to driveBut I thought at that time.

"GT3 is also suitable for running loose"


If you were in the same situation while riding on the Boxster GTS, you would soon want to catch up and fly away, and you would end up curling.I want to quickly taste Boxster's feeling of acceleration and the engine noise that pops,Like a hound aiming at that moment now,I'm sorry ..."Like being in a state of being ..."(The example is difficult to understand w)

On the other hand, in the case of GT3, even in sloppy drivingThis is this, let's relaxIt makes you feel. When I tell that to my husband,

Oh yeah, yeah. I don't feel so strange. What a difference between Boxster and 911? Or GT3 is satisfied with the feeling that it is running because the mechanical noise of the engine is heard well even at low speeds.
before"Race on Sunday, drive on MondayI saw the tagline saying, 911 just run on the circuit or run happily in everyday life, I think such a car.

It was said. It was a very strange feeling that it was a car with a tremendous power of 500 horsepower, but it was not boring even if I was running slowly. Well,It is also great that it is a manual carI guess it is.

Let's drive GT3!

That's why I was on the front passenger seat from my husband,

"Because I came to Mita with GT3 so much, let's change driving on the way"

It was said. Well, let's face it, that's it (-_-)

Just meEven on the day of the GT3 delivery day, it is not possible to start off in a bursting rush,Because the experience was light and traumatic,If I get into the same situation next time, I can not get over this"I was quite busy.

However, it doesn't start even if you say that, "It's all right now that I practice BMW320i on a daily basis and practice manual drivingTell yourself and never change your mind.

"I wonder if I can ..." I sat on the seat while pounding, I stepped on the clutch, ","that? Clutch so light? ?"I was surprised. Perhaps when I drove ahead, I was nervous enough to feel even this clutch.

And when I started to dread ... I was able to start off surprisingly surprisinglyChopsticks ... made! !"I thought out a voice.

... but I'm so happy that I'm able to start off (-_-)

991.2 GT3 ToolingIt will automatically adjust the rotation when shifting upSo you should run while holding the accelerator(This feature can also be turned off)I just pulled out the accelerator with my usual habit, so I couldn't take advantage of all the great features and I had a lack of smoothness throughout.

In addition from my husband,

"The shift operation is solid. Even with such power, the GT3 shift lever smoothly enters from"

It is said that the settlement.

For example, when I started driving a manual carI intended to be in 4th speed but I was in 2nd speedIn order to prevent that, I have been conscious of "2 → N → 3" and "3 → N → 2" for a moment to release power and shift operation through N.

Because of the stain, the shift operation is delayed by one tempo.

In addition, I "one by one"I am 4 speed burn now, should I use 5 speed? Should I make a 3-speed burn but a 2-speed turn?And so on.

No, let's start running like it already ぃ (-_-)

While being fascinated by her husband, I managed to drive the GT3.

Both GT3 and Boxster.

I did not ride GT3 at all this time,As I was able to drive somehow, the first stage was clearedW This GT3 is alsoIt is easier to drive than the 981 Boxster GTSI felt it. In the case of Boxster, the clutch is heavy and it is difficult to understand where it is connected, but it is easy to do with the GT3 of point 991.2.

... Well, speaking beforeUntil that day you will be able to drive BoxsterI wrote a series of articles "" .... Because it ended immediately around vol 5 (laughs), I have to revive that article.

First of all, ride BMW and GT3 and then work hard one step at a time to firmly ride Boxster GTS. And I ask,May my husband not sell Boxster GTS until I can ride it.(So the explosion of 718 spider does not hit)

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  1. Cara

    Good morning

    Fun and smiley good friends
    Conversation is a fun blog.
    Ww I've been treated

    500 horsepower and torque for ease of driving
    If it makes me even easier
    Thank you.
    I will hardly change speed on public roads ww

    As you know now
    No, but compared to bmw
    Because the clutch is light
    Once in GT3
    I will get used to it soon

    It is delivered today.
    If it is not raining, go to the circuit
    I was going to go but it is disappointing (^ ω ^)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you very much!

      > A fun and smiling good-looking couple
      > It is a blog where conversation is fun.
      > Ww I'm ready to go
      Thank you very much (lol) I just thought about the car, and I thought that the couple-like conversation was not always done at all (lol)

      As you mentioned, GT3 has both horsepower and torque, so if it is a BMW, you have to shift absolutely,
      You can afford it.

      > It is delivered today.
      > To the circuit if it is not raining
      > I was going to go but it is disappointing (^ ω ^)

      Today's rain, sorry ...!
      The pleasure of driving through BMW at the circuit is also thought to be exceptional!
      I look forward to tweets again ^ ^

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Mr. Mina, Hello.
    I can not be a regular person, but

    > Also, I will confirm "4th burn now, but should I set it to 5th? 3rd burn or 2nd speed and turn it better".

    I was anxious to read, but can you afford to check the meter while driving?

    In my daily practice of MT,
    Whether or not to shift up depends on how far you want to use the engine rotation,
    Whether it is better to shift down (which gear to use) is determined from the speed (speed prediction)
    I think.
    For example, let's turn to about 5000 revolutions and enjoy a little acceleration, or to travel up to 2500 revolutions, etc. from a relaxed fuel economy.
    If you are running at 5th speed and the previous car is decelerating and the speed is gradually falling, if it is 30km / h, you have to select 3rd speed when you want to accelerate next time.
    If you are running a winding you do not know, of course you try to read the curve, but if it is a relatively well maintained prefectural road, if there is a curve mirror, it will always drop to 2nd speed.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much.

      > Whether or not to shift up depends on how far you want to use the engine rotation,
      > Whether it is better to shift down (which gear to use) is determined from the speed (speed forecast)

      I see! It's easy to understand, you're right! ! !
      Somehow, with the BMW 320i, I can drive freely because it is my own car, and I feel that I can understand the feeling somehow,
      When it comes to GT3, I'm completely in the mood of "I'm driving GT3",
      It is a bad habit that thinking is already zero ...

      I think that GT3 will be getting used after all, so I think if you can practice it over and over again ^ ^
      But after all, I think that I think that MT cars will be much more fun without a doubt.