Is this a mobile suit? Test drive on the McLaren 720S and 600LT


Today's article is a McLaren test ride report by her husband. Please see by all means if it is good.

The other day, when I went to Keitai Driveway, I was able to meet some blog readers directly. inside that,Owners owning McLaren 720S and 600LT in their brothersI was able to meet you and be happy to take a test ride.

I would like to report the contents this time.


Before, but for a short while IMcLaren 650SHave owned. As a personal impression at that time,

  • Extremely high athletic performance
  • Strong sense of acceleration and power
  • Overwhelming presence
  • A bit harsh engine sound
  • Shift change reaction is rather slow
  • Long time suspension on a city ride
  • Tired of long touring

And, I feel like, the performance of the car is excellent, but it is not very suitable for my car use and taste, I let go without taking too much ride in about a year .

Then at the dealer570 GTI have also tried to ride on, but one more, I do not like the ride and do not buy. I was also interested when the 720S came outIt looks like the 650S anywayThere was no need to test drive.

McLaren 720S

This time, I have had a chance to hold the handle of McLaren accidentally after a long time. When you start the engine,Buon! The engine wakes up with an exhaust sound lighter than the 650S.

When you press the D button and start running, you will notice that the suspension is moving very well. The 720S is a second-generation proactive chassis that hydraulically connects the left and right front and rear left and right suspensions of McLaren traditionalProactive chassis control IIIt seems to be.

First of all, I try to curve slowly.The initial response is quicker compared to the GT3 and the car will change direction soon after a slight turn.Nevertheless, the rise of the lateral G is smooth and not sudden.

Even if you raise the pace a little more, it is unmatched. Anyway I bend to stick on the road surface. A high-performance car runs as if it gets out at high speed etc., but it sticks to the road surface, butIn the case of the McLaren 720S, even at low speeds where general winding flows, you can enjoy cornering with a feeling of ground close to that feelingIt is.

Without fear of misunderstanding, when I had GTR test ride beforeThis is a car that anyone can run fastI felt it, but I realized that 720S realized it on a higher level.

I guess this is better than the 650S! !

When you operate the paddle shift, the reaction is quick and the gear changes comfortably. When you step on the accelerator, it is foun! It is a pleasant exhaust sound with a very consistent grain.Not too loud and not too quiet.It sounds like an exhaust sound.

More rigid goon at 650S! In the sound of the engine that sounds like a tightly assembled engine is squeezing power,I didn't feel that the sound was flattering, but the 720S sounds really goodIt is.

In addition, the way of the torque is not such that the strong torque suddenly comes out halfway along like 650S, but it is more mild and increases according to the rotation like NA. Of course, although stepping on is extremely fast, the rotation of the engine linearly follows even the fine acceleration work, and there is no sense of incongruity with human senses and sensibility.

The brakes were very hard on the 650S, and it was difficult to control without stepping firmly.The 720S was very user-friendly, and I had no sense of discomfort when switching from Porsche and other cars.

Buy this! ! Someday I will buy it!

The wife of the passenger seat later told me that I was unknowingly speaking out while driving.

By that time, the evolution of the McLaren 720S was amazing. Owners also "I think it feels more than two generations more than 650SIt was said that there was no lie in the word, but it was something that clearly felt the degree of evolution.

McLaren 600LT

Returning from the 720S test drivePlease try riding if 600LT is good by all means"I received very thank you words," I decided to be allowed to drive with your words.

This 600LT car is a very rare car,It is not a limited car, but the production number is also small, so you can not see it first.Based on the sports series 570S,A high performance specification with the title of McLaren's traditional "LT (Long Tail)".Furthermore, this individual has the option of being used in the Ultimate series McLaren SennaSenna seat equippedIt had been.

The seat pad is stuck to the part to which the body pressure is applied by the super lightweight shell type sheet made of carbon, and it is the shape supported deep to the shoulder part.

This is a car whose circuit is the main use as the title of "LT", and my driving skill and general winding will not be able to taste that ability at all, but sit down on the sena sheet and engine I took it.

This is a 3.8L V8 engine as opposed to the 720S 4L.The starting sound is a solid impression from 720S, and the ratio of mechanical noise feels large.But I personally felt that it was not about 650S, but about halfway between 720S and 650S.

Start running, try to run the same corner at about the speed of the 720S. I thought that the 600LT was more quick and was spartan, but it was not. As a personal feeling, the feeling of the beginning of cutting was sharper in the 720S and slower in the 600LT. However, from a certain steering angle it seems to be similar from the beginning.

Speaking of different, it is a ride. There are also cases in which the 600LT has the main circuit and no proactive chassis control.This one is firmer and more conveys the unevenness of the road surface.It can not be said that it is unpleasant, and there is no particular problem if it is a well-maintained road.

The engine sounds more hard, close to the 650S, just like a racing carIt is. The torque does not rise sharply from a certain speed of about 650S, and it has evolved a little here. I am going to shift down and enter the corner, but the overwhelming feeling of ground is alive and well. I bend to stick.

Especially impressive here isSenna sheet holdabilityIt is. Because the shoulders are covered by the shell,Even if it takes side G, he holds his shoulders properly, and his upper body does not shake.As a result, it is extremely easy to operate the steering wheel, and you can drive safely without worrying about it. Perhaps running the circuit will have a significant impact on time as well.

General review

The test drive was a short while, so I could only review the content as a first impression.After all McLaren's athletic performance is amazingThere is no way but to say. And, there is a word "human horse oneness feeling," but in the case of McLaren, it is more than human horse,The expression of unity between people and machines is appropriateIt sounds like

Sense that your body is directly connected to the movement of the carIt is.

In "How is it compared to Porsche?"The machine degree is higher in McLaren, and it feels more digital in all aspects." Therefore, I also cover a little poor driving and feel that it corrects 0 to 1 error.

One Porsche, of course, is air-cooled, of course.Even the latest Porsche still has some analogy,There is a surface where good driving ability comes out as it is at the timing of load movement and acceleration on / off. for that reason"Fun to manipulateI personally like Porsche in the sense that.

However, I am now overwhelmed by the wonder of the 720S.

"I will tell you that the difference in performance of mobile suits is not the decisive difference in strengthThere is a famous word of shaa azu nuburu, but when it comes to McLaren,The difference in performance of mobile suits is the decisive difference in strengthI was taught that.

That was such a tremendous machine.

It is acceptable for city riding, and it seems that you can run long distances.If you buy it, I would like to ride the 720S spider in a luxurious and comfortable way.

After finishing this test ride, I feel that my motivation for the next goal has risen for the first time in a while. The rest is just thinking about what to do and acting to achieve it.

Thank you very much for the owner of McLaren 720S · 600LT, for this valuable experience.



I am Mina's husband. Cars do not ride with fashion or status symbols. It is fun to drive, superior as an industrial product, and prefers a car that the intention of the maker is felt ...


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  1. To be sunny

    The picture of 720s is MP4-12C.

    It is very interesting because I have not only rode McLaren yet.

    McLaren prefers a soft and flexible dealer, but what is it?
    I think.

    Speaking of which, BMW Alpina is also said to be flexible and flexible, but this is also interesting but I have not experienced yet

    • MinaMina

      By car

      The picture of> 20s is MP4-12C.
      Wow, it was different! I'm sorry!

      McLaren certainly seems to have an expression of suppleness.
      Even though the core is solid, it may be smooth or like a bamboo (it's hard to understand w)

      Albina is often coming to Sakai, but it seems to be very good. I would like to get on someday.