Test drive to the Abarth 595 manual car-it was a stylish, soundable, easy to drive triplex!

Test drive report for each car


The other day, when I went to the Sakai Driveway on Sunday morning, I was able to meet my followers who I always exchange on twitter for the first time. That person is the owner of Abarth (MT), but what, "If it is good, will you try riding? It is a manual but it is easy to drive and fun"I told you.

... No, no, no (-_-) I feel grateful, but it is very serious if I damage my important car, and it's a manual.

Because I am driving the manual of BMW 320i every day, I think that it is all right!

I told you that I was allowed to drive with the words.

Abarth who gave me a test ride this time,2018 Abarth 595 (MT, LHD)" Body color "Gurigio · Campofforo(Standard color so beautiful", So it is equipped with the navigation and down suspension of Clarion in the base grade.

Ask the owner why you bought Abarth 595.

I was looking for a new car in terms of left-hand drive, manual, everyday use, but at that time,I could only choose Abarth or Peugeot Sport.I also thought Peugeot, but in the end, I decided to buy Abarth with the intention of buying at a dealer with whom I had a relationship before.
The reason for sticking to the left handle manual isI want to get on the Cayman GT4 in the future, so to get used to"It is.
... While I said, I have fallen in love with Abarth (laughs)

I was saying.

When I was considering buying an MT car in April, blog readersAbarth is good!"I have been recommending that," and I've seen it in my neighborhood, so I've always been concerned.

By the way, Abarth's trademark is "Scorpion"But this seems to have been named after the birth moon constellation of founder Carlo Abarth.

Abarth first test ride

The Abarto 595, which I made to test ride this time, had a body color very beautiful like Porsche's crayon. And, whatever you say,The body size is compact and very cute.I thought that it was the size and design that women would like.

By the way, the body size of Abarto 595 is "total length: 3, 660, total width: 1, 625, total height: 1, 505". This seems to be easy to drive in the city.

At first I was surprised to open the driver's seat door. The making of the door was firmer than expected. In terms of a compact car and an Italian car, IIt looks beautiful but the contents seem to be made properly"I had an image of".(I am really sorry for Japan ...)

AlsoInterior is also fashionablewas. It is an Italian car. The sheet is also firm and not too hard but too hard to make, and in addition, although it is so compact,You can ride four people properlyThat's it. Well, yeah!

This Abarth is a left-hand drive manual car. Generally speaking, manual shift levers are often located near hand brakes.(Like this)

For Abarth 595,Shift lever installed above center consoleIt is done. In this position, the moment you release the steering wheel, you can quickly grasp the shift lever, which makes MT driving easier.

Hmmm ... I tried to hold the shift lever for a few times in a trial.Certainly, it is in the position where you can hold it without a sense of incongruity just by moving a hand a littleIt was easy to do. Also"5-stage gearboxTherefore, there is an R (back) at the position that can normally be put into 6th speed.

You will be guided through, adjusted the seat position and readyIt is the first time for me to drive a non-family manual carSo I tried to run the engine while pounding.

ぉ-You may not hear a pretty sporty sound!

Next page → Impressions that I drove by driving Abarth at 2nd speed, feeling of shift operation, engine sound ...?

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  1. Cara

    Good morning

    Absol 595
    Did you have fun?
    I have been at my home for the last 5 years.
    Single clutch two pedal in competition

    My wife liked the shape and bought it.
    Exhaust sound of Record Monza feels
    Is good
    But my wife really wanted
    It was a cute chink.
    The other day, I switched to the tink.
    The shape is the same, but it is a completely different vehicle.
    This is cool and ride
    It's fun.

    Ita car has a good atmosphere
    It is a car that you always want to have one.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara

      Abarth 595, it was fun.
      The Italian car is very fashionable, including the interior and design!
      I wanted to run the streets of Italy (laughs)

      > But my wife really wanted
      > It was a cute tink.
      > The other day, I changed to the tink.

      I don't know much about Abarth,
      I checked this time and got to know the tinker.
      It's pretty cute.
      If my daughter had a license, I wanted to get in a car like this.

      The car is deep inside-it's full of things we don't know yet.

  2. Ishi

    Mr. cara

    I used to give advice on garage floor tiles before. The section was taken care of.

    > The other day, I changed to the tink.
    I am also a FIAT 500 (Cinquecentre) rider. It is the third year to buy at a glance at the design and purchase. I tested both 1.2 (4 cylinder NA) and Twin Air (2 cylinder turbo) and purchased 1.2 MT not handled in Japan at a parallel import store because 1.2 was the preferred one. There are no major troubles except that the battery suddenly dies and it takes replacement, as the wipers of the genuine wipers are so violent that they have been replaced (possibly the current model may have been protected).
    It's just right for my commuting route, so I can run the engine within legal speed so I can't get bored. It is likely to be a long relationship.

    I was thinking of recommending the FIAT 500 or Abarth when Mina was selecting an MT car, but I assumed that I would put my child on the back seat, so I stopped because it would be dangerous in the event of a rear-end collision. FIAT 500 and Abarth are highly recommended to take a break from parenting and enjoy alone.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      > Assuming that you put your child in the back seat, I stopped because it was dangerous in the event of a collision.
      That's right! Thank you for your consideration ^ ^
      With Abarth or FIAT 500, you can go anywhere and have fun.
      If my child got a license, I would be happy if I could get in such a car and it became a little fun and it became a little fun (laughs)

  3. Kenaya

    Nice to meet you, good evening.
    Did you come home with a PC last Saturday morning?
    Here is a table at the side of 992 which brought my daughter-in-law and daughter, but as the little daughter was together,
    Maybe that blog I always see ...
    And, because I was in a hurry, I thought about it, so I was quick to leave ^ ^;

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      And thank you for always seeing a blog.

      Last Saturday, my second girl had a fever and went to the hospital.
      Unfortunately that family was not us ^ ^;

      As the new 911 fair can not go during the period,
      I think that I can eat after the cold of the cold.

      If you see it on a PC again,
      I would be glad if you could make a voice ^ ^

  4. PorscheDreamer

    Abarth 595 It looks fun.
    I have only experience with tinks, but I have a very enjoyable note. My friend's two-pedal in Japan was good, but the rental car 5MT (right hand drive) I borrowed in the UK in 2015 was even better. If you look at the photo at that time, it seems that the display on the meter is almost the same (about 0 to 50 on the right side is about 0 to 5 in the UK specification and it is an eco index).

    Regarding the difference between the right handle and the left handle in MT, while the left handle is slightly easier to shift down to 3 → 2 speeds, the right handle is the palm for 2 → 3, 4 → 5, 6 → 7 I feel that it is easy to do because I can operate with the inward facing.

    Even so
    > I am practicing turning set-up with BMW 320i now, but because of the aggravation of the accelerator,
    > There has always been a sound of "Keep !!" and a huge shock called Gakkon and there has been no successful trial

    The reason is that my blog is just getting deeper. What does it sound like? I don't feel like it does not sound like it doesn't rotate ... I'm trying to connect the clutch even though the gear is not properly engaged? Or is the tire getting a flash?
    In any case, I think that it is better not to connect the clutch rapidly.

    • MinaMina

      Abarth 595, it was fun.

      > Regarding the difference between the right handle and the left handle in MT, while the left handle is slightly easier to shift down to 3rd → 2nd, the right handle is more suitable for 2 → 3, 4 → 5, 6 → 7 I feel that it is easy to do because it can be operated with the palm facing inward.
      Well, with the left and right handles, there are still some differences.

      > I am practicing turning set-up with BMW 320i now, but because of the aggravation of the accelerator,
      > There has always been a sound of "Keep !!" and a huge shock called Gakkon and there has been no successful trial
      I think that maybe the clutch is engaged too rapidly (sweat)
      My husband often says, "If you give one advice, you will forget other things and you can't do it anymore."
      When I hit the accelerator by turning, it only makes me forget about that ...

      But now I think that it is first to be able to drive smoothly and comfortably without having to practice it by force.
      I got to drive normally (sweat)