How to clean the hood of the open car-I tried washing the hood of the Boxster

Porsche Boxter

Cleaning the hood of Boxster

The other day my husband,After the delivery in November 2015, I washed the hood of the Boxster for the second time.Husband is a principle that usually wash cars by hand("A man brushing his own car also brush himselfら し い w)For the hood, the instruction manual says, “The convertible top does not have to be washed every time the car is washed.” It was said that such explanation was given when delivered.

So, "It looked like it didn't look so dirty"There was no cleaning, so it seems that more than a year has passed since the last care.

There is a lot of information on the net about how to wash the hood of the open car. "It is safe to wash with an automatic washing machine"Or conversely"Automatic washing machine is outrageous! It is only a hand wash!"And…

However, open cars of most manufacturers are not limited to domestic car import cars.Do not use an automatic car wash machine or high pressure car wash machine as the hood may be damaged or damaged.It is said to be.

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There was a concern, "How is the hood cleaned if it gets dirty?" "Does the car wash on the hood be bothersome?" "How much will it cost to replace it when it gets old?"Not nervous, usually car wash OKReceived a reply

It was stated that. Even if you say ..., I still have the courage to wash the hood.

Porsche's view

"When lost, only look at the instruction manual given by Porsche!The Boxster Series(2015 model revision)When I checked the instruction manual of, it was written like this.

The lifespan and appearance of the convertible top can be kept long by proper care and handlingYou Improper care and handling may damage the convertible top or cause a leak.

However, it is not necessary to wash the hood each time the car is washed, usuallyOnly wash the convertible top with clean water"Is enough." About the handling and cleaning of the specific hood, it was written like this.

About the handling of everyday

・ To prevent stains and fraying,The convertible top opens only when dry and cleanabout
・ A convertible top isAlways open only when the weather is fineabout(Because there is a risk of getting rid of stains or scratches due to moisture)
・ If exposed to sunlight for a long time, the fabric and rubber may be damaged or faded, so it is possible toVehicles park in the shadeabout
・ Snow and ice,Do not remove with sharp edgesabout
・ If there is a leak from the convertible top cover body, seams or texture, treat with convertible top exclusive care products.
·Remove bird waste immediatelyabout(The acid contained in the waste causes the rubber of the convertible top to expand and cause water leakage)
・ If the convertible top cover gets dirty, use a soft rubber sponge and carefully scrape it off

Well there were a lot of things I didn't know. When was my husband "I will never open the hood after the rainHe said, "I wondered why ~", but was it not to get scratched?

Next, about the precautions for car wash on the hood.

Precautions for cleaning

・ Use of high pressure cleaner or steam cleaner may damage the convertible top
・ Some automatic cleaning machines may damage the convertible top
・ The convertible top isDo not process hot waxabout

I shouldn't use high pressure washers after all. It looks like it will get hurt soon. Next, about the actual cleaning procedure.

Convertible top cleaning and cleaning

Hair soft brushusing,Brushing along the weaveAnd remove dust from the convertible top
2 Wash with lukewarm water mixed with car shampoo & convertible top cleaner only if the dirt is stubborn.Rub lightly with a sponge or soft brush(* Recommended to use Porsche Car Shampoo)

3 After that, wash away all car shampoo & convertible top cleaner with clean water
4 After cleaning, use Porsche-designed convertible top exclusive care products.Care every year or moreI do
Porsche Cabriolet top protection / waterproof coating material 1 Can 00004400202

For 5 convertible topMake sure that care products do not stick to painted or glass surfaceswarn(If attached, immediately wipe off)

It sounds like ... The basics are good for cleaning once a year.

The result of actually washing the hood of Boxster

Based on the above, when my husband tried to wash Boxster's hood the other day ... it seems to be more beautiful than I imagined. My husband is

In appearance, the hood did not seem to be dirty at all, but after all it was pretty dirty. When I tried to wash it, the red color of the hood was pretty beautiful.

It was said. About the actual cleaning, it was said that it was like this.

Boxster's hood

  1. Use a clothes brush to gently remove dust and dirt.(This is usually from time to time)
    By the way, the brush is using it.
  2. Gently water the hood to remove dirt.
  3. Liquid detergent for clothing that you usually use at home, not car shampoo(Kind of gentle cleaning power of ingredients derived from nature)Lightly put on the brush and rub gently. In particular, the sewn parts of the texture and window frame are easily soiled, so carefully
  4. Wash well with water until bubbles disappear.
  5. Dry and finish

Even if you don't apply a water-repellent coating, you can brush the hood normally, and if the fibers are standing properly, the water will repel as it is.

By the way, about the water-repellent coating on the hoodIt seems that he used to do it a long time ago, but he said he didn't do it because the effect soon disappeared for the time and effort.

・ 2020/4/22 postscript
Recently, my husband used the following AUTOGLYM cabriolet fabric hood cleaning kit, and it is very easy to install and has strong water repellency, so I am using this recently.This product is a set of cleaner and waterproof protector, and it seems that it is easy to install because it is not necessary to dry the hood before installing the waterproof protector, and it is the best I have ever used.

I see. You don't have to be nervous and you don't have to do it often, but if you do it properly, you can keep it clean.

If you have an open car, how is your hood usually cleaned?


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Ruun Rumba


    Ooh! Thank you for the valuable information this time too!

    Certainly there are various theories on how to maintain the soft top of an open car. As I am not blessed with the car wash environment in the apartment complex, I ask the car wash to the key company (key ○ la ○) exclusively. When observing the procedure, the soft top part is also cleaned in the same way as the body part.

    It is not a high pressure car wash, but after washing with foam shampoo, it is washed away with water. After wiping it lightly, I opened the targa top and wiped off the water remaining in the gap. I'm taking dust with a roll to finish. I thought I was writing, but I felt that the soft top part was good only with a roll (laugh)

    It is an aside, but the production capacity of Targa GTS that I had ordered in the original cause has arrived! Moreover, GTS of the normal roof which I ordered by insurance together!
    So I gave priority to Targa GTS and GTS of the normal roof canceled crying.

    However, from here was quite tedious. At the celebration of the finalization of the production quota, I ate at the Yakitori restaurant and drank beer, and I was informed that "Please determine the specifications within one day", so I returned to my house and operated the configurator. However, I fell asleep late (laughs) I somehow managed to do something (laughs)

    The body is crayon, but I lost the soft top color in black or red. For the time being, I made it black, but because it looks the same as Targa 4S I'm riding now, is it better to use red?

    Well then, thank you again!

    Postscript This is a matter of crayons with body color, but it can not be selected on the usual configurator we can see (currently there are no settings for 991 crayons with optional color). It seems that this pattern is not limited to body color. It may be good to listen to various things without giving up.

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba
      Thank you very much!
      The maintenance of the hood isn't as nervous as the contractor, too.

      > It's an aside, but the production capacity of Targa GTS that I had ordered in the bad source has come! Moreover, GTS of the normal roof which I ordered by insurance together!
      Eh wow! ! ! ! It's amazing! ! !
      Now in my head, it has been unclear which car is currently at Runrunsan's house (laughs)

      > The body is crayon but I lost the soft top color in black or red. For the time being, I made it black, but because it looks the same as Targa 4S I'm riding now, is it better to use red?
      Well, the combination of crayons and black is already cool. I think it is so cool that it is no more than this.

      Even if Porsche has a frame, I really don't have time to decide on the specification (laughs)
      I have thought that it is difficult because I do not have time to think calmly and carefully.

      > (Currently 991 crayons are not set with optional color) You can select in Porsche center configurator. It seems that this pattern is not limited to body color.
      Chopsticks! That's right, you should listen from here if you care about anything.
      Thank you for always providing valuable information!