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Porsche News

New Challenges for Porsche Motor Sport

Porsche Japan today unveiled the new Porsche Motor sport's new challenges on April 19. The content is

"GT Sport Porsche Esports Racing Japan (PERJ)"Season 1 will be held

It is.

"GT Sport Porsche Esports Racing Japan"Official E-Sports Race, Japan's first attempt and under the umbrella of Porsche Motorsport. Software for PlayStation 4 (PS4)Gran Turismo SPORTIt achieved by collaboration with. "Season 1" of 2019 this season3 online competitions"One final race in a real event using a simulator"Is configured.

The top winners will be the annual Porsche Japan Motor Sports Awards Ceremony held in Tokyo at the end of the year.Night of Champions Japan 2019It will be commended for

Gran Turismo SPORT

By the way, my husband also has PS4 car racing game "Gran Turismo SPORT"I do races regularly, but the impression of Gran Turismo SPORTS that my husband thinks seems like this.

1 Behavior and feel: It is sophisticated and easy to operate and run. However,Too smooth. It's hard to feel things like the vibration and roughness of a real car. The brakes seem to be on / off, and it is difficult to make subtle adjustments as opposed to the Porsche brakes of the actual vehicle.
2 pictures ...Very beautiful, Beautiful and beautiful compared to other software.
3 Engine sound etc. ・ ・ ・ ・ Some vehicles may feel like a real car, but generally the sound is slightly lighter.
4 game characteristics ... photo mode and replay video are substantial. And very real and beautiful.There are many users, and online races are held frequently, so you can enjoy it.However, when playing for one person, the enemy car of AI is too late and it is not interesting.
5 Others: It can drive by VR. Japanese circuits are also abundant. Suzuka, Fuji and Tsukuba are also available. But there is little Porsche! !

created by Rinker
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Overview of PERJ

The outline of GT Sport Porsche Esports Racing Japan (PERJ) and how to participate in the race are as follows.

■ Outline

1 Online competition schedule
Round 1 April 28, 2019 20:00-21:00
Round 2 May 5 2019 20:00-21:00
Round 3 May 26, 2019 20:00-21:00
* Round-based race (ranked with points), top winners will be announced on this Facebook account

2 Final race(Top 10 points in the first and third game above)
June 15-2019 "Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019"
* Held as one race that constitutes Fuji Speedway
* Invitation to the top finishers “Night of Champions Japan 2019”

■ Use circuit:

Round 1 Dragon Trail Seaside
Round 2 Fuji Speedway
Round 3 Suzuka Circuit

■ machine used:

Round 1 Cayman GT 4 Clubsport Gr. 4
Round 2 911 RSR (991) Gr. 3
The third race 911 GT3 RS (991) N500

■ Entry method(The schedule is for the first race):

An entry flyer will be displayed in the sports mode since the PS4 Gran Turismo's update in the near future. You can not enter the race at this stage, but you can run free on the planned course.

When the first race of Sunday, April 28 is held,Entry is scheduled to start 15 minutes before the race start time in the "sports mode" of "Gran Turismo SPORT". 20:00 race start, 21:00 end.

* Participation condition: 18 years old or older

It seems to be said.

PERJ entry?

By the way,

This time the schedule is in time, but I would like to go out if it continues from now on. I did not have a Porsche race until now, and I didn't feel motivated, but I would like to join this race. Well, I believe there are so many good people I can believe in, so I will not talk to me. But I will practice because I have achieved my goal.

It was said. I'm also going to try to fight somewhere from a mess(Although it's definitely a stick or stick w)

For details, please check the following “Porsche Motorsport Japan official facebook page”.

* Image · Article Source:Porsche Motorsport Japan official facebook page

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