I tried driving Porsche 718 Boxster GTS this time-re-examining the difference with 981

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718 Boxster GTS test drive

In yesterday's article, I wrote, “I was frustrated because I could not test drive the 718 Boxster GTS,” but if you read today's article, you should be able to understand why I felt so disappointing w w ,It was put on the passenger seat of 718 Boxster GTS of acquaintanceBut,

The 718 Boxster GTS and the 981 Boxster GTS are compared.

This time it was about 10 minutes by the kindness of the owner, but I was able to test ride. AndHusband summarized the report as an exampleSo I would like to introduce the contents below.

718 Boxster GTS First Impressions

Align the seat position and step on the clutch. I feel slightly lighter than 981. "MT is difficult to start due to lack of low speed torque due to turbochargingIn fact, it wasn't that much, and there's nothing particularly nervous about engaging the clutch.

However, as with 718 and 981, there is a feeling that the clutch meet point is not one place.(I can not express well)I don't know if this is a Porsche-specific sensation or my MT car's lack of experience, but when I first got a 981,The area of half-cladding is wideI felt, and when I wasn't used to it, I thought it was "connected" and when I released the clutch, I suddenly came with it.

Even this 718 "I think that I was connected and I will be connected suddenly when I release the clutch"It was a clutch like this, and it was a little used clutch like the 981."

Difference between 981 and 718

I got used to the clutch and started running, but the impression was totally different from when I got a test ride at the passenger seat last time. Everything was different.


The first difference I felt was "handling" Anyway, it's smooth and strong on the ground. It has clearly evolved since 981. At the beginning of the steering wheel I do not feel the difference so far,Grounding feeling while turning"When"Line traceability height", I felt in 981 1-2% extra.

It was like wearing a tire with a stronger grip.

You can even feel the illusion that your driving was good, and you can run around the corner with enough time. "Normal evolution in car model change"This is exactly what this is. I think that the 718 is a sophisticated handling anyway.

The 981 also does not feel understeer when it runs normally, but riding the 718 makes the 981 feel somewhat undervalued. So much, handling of 718,Just cut it when you cut it.

The directionality of the seasoning of handling is not so different from 981. The cutting start is a bit gentle, there is no quick rendition like an Italian car, but when it starts cutting,Porsche seems to be in a place where the amount of movement and the movement of the vehicle are comfortably proportional, and the brain does not feel discomfort.

Ride comfort

The ride is still good. The 981 is not bad, but the 718 is more sophisticated.Rather than being good as a sports car, it's no longer a good car. Speaking flat, I say clearly,Better than a bad family car or minivanI think.

By the way,Formerly, the original Cayman review without PASMI wroteThe 718 Boxster GTS felt more comfortable to ride.Of course, I did not drive on the same road, so it is just an impression,GTS is better at least for smoothness at low speedsIt is. The 718 Boxster GTS probably feels so despite the larger tire size, probably because it is PASM(Porsche Active Suspension Management System)Is not it thanks to?

718 Where has changed from Cayman as test drive - 981?


The engine runs well. I thought it was a bit sluggish because it was a turbo, but it was an engine that turned around better than I could imagine. In the case of the 981 NA engine, as the volume goes up and you go from low to high, you can somehow know how much it is turning without looking at the tachometer.

On the other hand, in the case of 718, there is little change in sound quality, so it is difficult to understand with sound alone, and if you look at the tachometer,Oh, it was so spinning!"I was surprised that often. So extraRotate wellI think I received the impression. From around 2000 rpm, I always felt ample torque.

718 Boxster GTS

In terms of numbers,Compared to the 981 Boxster GTS 330PS, the 718 Boxster GTS is 365PS.The difference is also 35PS.

Just like this test ride,The extent to run the winding comfortablyThen, although the torque difference is felt at the second gear start from the low speed,, The difference between the sense of power with 981 does not feel so far.

However, because of this difference in horsepower in addition to the difference between the NA and the turbo, I think if you really step on the accelerator you will probably feel a big difference.

Sports, sports plus mode

I try to change it to normal, sports, sports plus. As with 981 in this regard,Porsche still runs in sports mode or betterI feel it. As the mode is changed, the car's body becomes muscular and it feels like the eyebrows come off.

In addition, PASM's foot and engine mounts are stiffer for a more direct feeling, and the 718 in the tight corner is like a fish that just got water.

Before reaching a corner, step on the clutch and shift down. And I try to match the rotation by blipping,The rotation is well matched.If it does not match with more exquisite number of rotations with 981, although some shocks will occur, 718 "As if your turn set was fine"It is decided by one shot.

As you understood later, readers commented on this blog,From 718, it does automatic blipping (auto blipping) even in the sports mode.This is also a big difference between 981 and 718, since 981 would not have been a sport plus.

Sports exhaust

As for sports exhaust,Even if it's on, I don't feel the difference in sound quality and volume around 981.The heavy bass and the feeling of beat become stronger, and the volume gets bigger. Put another way,Even with the sport exhaust turned off, you can hear the sound of a good bass sound.

As for the sound quality, I can not say anything because it is a matter of preference for each person, but 718 for those who like deep bass, and 981 for those who like treble.


Compare 981 and 718,The evolution of the chassis is most noticeableI felt that. 718 hears that the rear sub-frame is reinforced by adding a new rear member, and in addition, the rear wheel is also 0.5 inches wide.

Besides that, there will be suspension and tuning of PASM, but as mentioned above, it will appear in handling and ride etc.Evolution of chassis performanceI think is the most remarkable.

General review

Impressions of the 718 Boxster GTS seen from the 981 ride,Anyway, excellent, honorable Boxster". "The latest Porsche is the best Porsche," I felt the evolution according to the used word.

Probably, there are few people who get on the 718 Boxster and complain about performance. If there is a complaint, it can only be thought of as a case that simply does not suit the taste or is different.

I will talk about the impossible,If you test-ride the 718 Boxster GTS with a higher priced open car while blindly blinded, there are many who feel that the 718 Boxster is betterIs not it?

That's why I thought it was a very cost-effective car. And after taking a test ride, this word came out of the mouth unintentionally.

"After all cars are Porsche-(Sigh)"

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  1. Follow

    It is possible.

    Thank you for writing a great review.
    There were no 781 cars at the time of purchase, so I took two laps of the Hantaka loop at 981. The feeling at that time (steering, acceleration, sound, etc.) was very vivid.
    That's why the splendor of 981 Boxster still remains in me. (I'm going to pull the tail ....) Well, I wish I had bought the 981, but it is always the Osaka people who like new things. That's right, I bought 781. There is also a background, and I am very happy to receive high praise from my 981 husband. Please try the 981 next time.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      Thank you very much for testing the precious, important 718 Boxster GTS.

      The test drive was done at 981.
      The sound of 981 is exceptional ~ I think too ^ ^

      But my husband was surprised at the high level of performance such as the 718 ride and handling.
      After all I thought that the latest Porsche is great.

      Yes, please try to ride my husband's 981 next time ^ ^ Thank you again!