To become a cool woman who takes control of the Porsche MT car.

Ashi Drive way

The change of heart condition is triggered by Yui

The other day,"Sunday's Kei driveway morning gatheringParticipate inSo, a big change has happened to my mind. "I had no interest in cars until several years ago"But…"19 years ago, I went to the training school and I chose the AT limited license without hesitation"But, no way, I think that the day I think like this will come ... I am most surprised.

Continue, "I do not know what happens in life"I think.

... I don't know what that really means, so if I say my conclusions without saying

"I decided to buy my own MT car"

It is.


Eh ~ (゚ д))! ! ! ! ? ? ? ?

"Hey, Mina, I hit it with my head!It is likely to be said, "I am thinking of a lie, and I really think so now."

When MT operation is possible ...

I also wrote a few minutes on the other day's articleBut with the kindness of the owner this time "Will you drive the 718 Boxster GTS (MT)?"I got a stop from the husband who drove earlier.

"I can not force Mina, break the clutch, when I quit"


At that time"It is an important Porsche of the owner, and I am not confident in MT driving, so it is natural"I was convinced, but in five minutes, ten minutes ... while passing,Disappointment was gradually rising.In the meantime, people who were participating in the Porsche of MT were watching the figure that they would be riding on the MT Porsche and going back home, so their regrets gradually grew bigger and bigger.

If I could drive a MT car without problems,On this occasion I was able to drive the 718 Boxster GTS.The 718 Boxster GTS is a valuable model that you can not just try a ride if you ask the dealer to try it.

A long time ago "I can speak 1 billion people if I speak EnglishThere is a catchphrase of the English conversation school that "is same as MT driving.

If you can drive MT, you can drive any car in the world(Aside from large vehicles like trucks)

Surely, the world spreads well. Even though it is meWhat an opportunity loss?... rather than simply it may just be hate to hate fire but w

Women who ride Porsche MT cars

And, recently I have come to think like this.

"I want to be a cool woman who manages to ride a Porsche MT car"


Even if you look around the world,There are few women who can drive MT cars.Under such circumstances, if you can ride Porsche's MT car on Sakai Driveway, or if you can run through the city, maneuvering the MT car(I don't know it's an MT car around me)That's pretty cool.

I think that's why II want to do different things with peopleI think that's because it is a crooked character.

I went to the Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture on a school trip to an elementary school, and everyone is famous for souvenirs.Rice scoopSeeing that I was buying, I bought only "pasta scoop" because I bought too much "shampoo" too much.(Such as こ ん な)

* Image source: Amazon "PRO SERIES wooden spaghetti scoop"

I came home and gave my mother a souvenir,

Well, speaking of Miyajima "Rice scoop"Yaro ぉ! Moreover,My family eats spaghetti rarely!

I remember that I was thrust at with a great momentum. I'm a Henko (-_-)

The story has gone, I meanI want to do different things with people"Because of the nature, there are not many women who can drive MT cars.Conversely, I want to be a woman who can drive an MT carI think.

My Porsche MT car

"If you want to be able to drive an MT car so much, you should practice MT driving more without saying the fourth five!It seems to be said that ... My Boxster GTS is a two-seater.

In other words, when my husband gets on the side and goes to practice driving(Still scared to go alone)As you did when you went to Akebono Driveway the other day, get your children to look at your mother-in-law, etc.Arrangement to ask someone for a babyYou have to

If you think so, it is difficult to practice MT driving on a daily basis unless you have a four-seater MT car that children can ride as well.

in addition,If I put a scratch on my face, I hit a wound, or put a strange habit on the clutch to Boxster, an important 1st porsche, where my husband made a dream come true from my childhoodIf you think ..., I can not feel free to practice driving.

While thinking about such things, time has passed without driving practice of the MT car(Completely excuses w)

My husband,

"Next GT3 Tooling(MT)If you practice putting a mark on the beginners and practice yeah yan w absolutely everyone will come close

It says, but I think it is true, but w, two-seater GT3 ... ...I am sure that I will be more careful and more respectful than BoxsterIt is.

Such an idea came to mind while thinking about such things and biting the regrettable feelings on the Kanai driveway.

Well,Buy your own Porsche MT carLet's do it!

When. "Let's buy it!"I will say briefly, but in fact there is no such money, but if it's your own Porsche,"Human ...You should be able to ride a lot on a regular basis without worrying.

That's why I immediately tried searching on used car sites,After all Porsche's MT car is high(Natural w)Even if you think "this is cheap!", Because the mileage is quite large or the model is old, if you ask the husband "Even if you buy cheap, it costs money for maintenanceIt is ... only ....

After all I wonder if the Porsche MT car is suddenly impossible for me now ... (-_-)

If you only drive MT, you may buy a cheap domestic MT car and drive, but in the pastI was able to drive well in the comfort of the school, but not at all in BoxsterEven when I was driving my brother's Subaru Legacy (MT),I got used to it"I was told, but when I got home and drove Boxster, I was totally gone ....

So, whenever possible, a good MT car that resembles Porsche's ride.

When it becomes ...Volkswagen GolfWell ...

That's why I went on the net to try out various things like "golf" and MT cars that looked good. When I talk to my husband,

Golf GTI MTSo, if there's a hack that hasn't been remodeled, will it be true? after,For BMW 3 series FR MT or yes, to study the basicsI think. Or I want as much as w

It was a good thing because that was the line. But to be honest, I am also a woman, so rather than buying a car,At first there is place that wants to spend money on stain removal and whitening of face.

But if you say that, no matter how long"A cool woman who can drive a Porsche MT car"I can not become" 」(` Д ') no!

so"Buy Targa by yourself in the futureTo keep the goal(But because there is no MT car of Japanese specification now ...)Before that, if possible within the year4 seater or more(Children can ride)In, used good looking MT car"I can not get the hand ..." I'm starting to think seriously nowadays.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    Oh, Mr. Mina is wonderful.

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but

    > In the past, "I was able to drive well in the comfort of the school, but not at all at Boxster."
    > When I was driven to drive my older brother Subaru Legacy (MT), I was told "I got used to it."
    > When I got home and drove Boxster, it was totally wrong ....

    So, it might be better to analyze what went wrong and then select a car type.
    I do not know which model the Legacy is, but it should not be so high with Porsche if it is a fairly sporty model.

    If it is Porsche and shock is large at the time of shift change and clutch meet, it will be practicing how to return the accelerator and awareness of the half clutch in the sport model. On the contrary, if the half clutch is too long and the rotation is too high at the start, (if it is the case to break the clutch), it is good for practice to connect as quickly as possible without using the half clutch in an ordinary car.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! I finally decided (laughs)

      > Then, it may be better to analyze what went wrong and then select a car type.
      I see! It is very sensible to think it that way! If you analyze and buy, you will be able to clear your task properly, and you will no longer improve.

      See the comments, in my case both are true ... (-_-)
      The shift shock is big at first, and this is it! If you are conscious of doing something politely, on the other hand, the semi-clutch is too long and may rotate too much, or may become overly warm.
      And if you try to do it more quickly, the shock gets bigger again ...

      It is round and round ...

      However, Porsche's clutch is quite deep and heavy and difficult to handle, and Legacy has a memory that is not so heavy and clutch operation is relatively easy to operate.
      But when I read, I felt that there was a practice of connecting quickly with a regular car.


    Good evening.

    Certainly, it would be cool if a woman was riding a mochi and MT!

    > If it is the golf GTI's MT that has not been remodeled, yes?
    > And, I think yes to study the basics of the BMW 3 series FR MT and so on.
    > Well I want it or w

    My recommendation is exactly the same as my husband. Golf R also has MT settings.
    The other day the new model came out the BMW 3 Series first-trimester (E90) 4-door MT would be good.

    After that, if 4 people get on properly and it gets stuck in the Porsche MT ...
    In the previous cayenne late (957) V6 elements Cayenne and GTS, in the previous cayenne early term (958) V6 elementary cayenne there was an MT car setting!
    Also to the element Panamera of V6 of the predecessor Panamera (970) (laugh)!

    Well, I rarely get caught in used car search.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Indyia
      Thank you very much.

      > My recommendation is exactly the same as my husband. Golf R also has MT settings.
      > It may be good to have a four-door MT that is the predecessor (E90) of the BMW 3 Series, which just recently launched a new model.

      If you can practice MT driving and have fun running, you'll get around here!
      The Golf R looks good too, and the second hand car site was pretty good.

      > Also to the element Panamera of V6 of the predecessor Panamera (970) (laughs)!
      > Well, I rarely get caught in used car search.

      It was also said to be a joke to the husband, "If I sell Panamera now, if it is MT's 970 Panamella, I'm sorry."
      You don't get stuck at all in the used car search (so it's right lol)