Joining to the morning gathering of the driveway driveway on Sunday-Porsche 356, GT3RS, Ferrari ... etc gathers!

Ashi Drive way

Gathering of driveway drive

Last weekend my husband,Participate in the morning driveway gatheringIn terms ofI also decided to join together after a long time.Just because it was the time of cherry blossom viewing, my mother-in-law came to my house, so I was given the chance to have a cherry blossom viewing session.

This time"The child gets sick the day beforeThere was no such accident and it was possible to participate as planned, but this time ... the weather is not good. The weekly weather forecast has been "fine" all the time,After deciding "I'm going to go!", The forecast for that afternoon turned into rain.

... No matter how much, it is raining woman and how long (-_-)

Leave for early from early morning

The day was headed by air-cooled 911 (964 C2). As it was a half past 8 o'clock in the morning, it was a relatively early departure. I removed the body cover and warmed up the engine a little, and got into the air-cooled 911.

after"If Porsche gathers, I have no choice but to go with this bag!I decided to bring back the Porsche Design.(I bought a lot but I only used about 3 times w)

The road leading to Yuei was full of cherry blossoms and was very beautiful.

However,When entering the Yuei driveway, the cherry blossoms had not bloomed at all yet.When it comes to this neighborhood, the flowering of cherry blossoms is still ahead. And since deliveryThe husband's driving practice to improve RR's driving skills is better than beforeI felt like.

In the car "8It's a half hour set, but everyone is coming from a distance, so I'll be late“I arrived at the Higashi Rokko Observatory, slowly, while talking, and there were already a huge number of super cars and sports cars ...! !

There is no place to stop (* _ *)!

today"The forecast is sunny only in the morning, and the seasons are good, so there will be more cars than usual"I thought that," but if there are many here .... Well, the morning that likes cars is really early.

Moreover, the new and old famous cars were aligned.

To GT3RS(And it was PCCB!)...

The appearance of the blue Cayman GT4 and ...

While there are 356 ...!

While joining the group safely, before this time of gatherings,981 Boxster Black Edition introduced by Porsche Owners FileThe owner of is also coming and "It is the first time to come to Sunday morning's death!It was a state of excitement and never was w

718 Boxster GTS

While doing so,718 Boxster GTS (MT), which was introduced on a blog beforeThe owner of has arrived.

No ~ Cool ~ Head light sharpness, silhouette ... really cool.

After finishing greetingsPlease try driving your wife today!However, it is scary to manage a man-made MT car, so I decided to let her husband drive me.(Because my husband used to only get on the passenger seat)

"I was sitting in the passenger seat and I was able to experience the 718 Boxster GTS running, but my husband started runningAfter all it is completely different from 981!"I was very excited. 718 Boxster GTS Test Drive Review(Impression of husband)I would like to introduce you separately.

And about 10 minutes, when I drove back to the observation deck driving the Wei-owned driveway, my husband said like this.

"Mina should stop doing this. If you're not getting used to driving an MT car, you'll break the clutch."

When. Oh yeah ~ ... Well, because it is a human important GTS, it is rude to ride without MT confidence in the state of MT driving, "I could feel the difference from the 981 just by taking the passenger seat"So do you think it is good?

718 is better than 981Very smooth and smooth when you turn a curveThe ride was also very good. The engine sound is, of course, different from that of the 981, but I could feel that a very pleasant sound could be heard by turning the engine sound similar to air cooling with bass to a high speed.

After that, I did not drive, but I was allowed to step on the clutch at the driver's seat of the 718 (laughs).

The clutch is lighter than 981, so it seems easy for women to operateI felt like that.

White and Akaboro Mystery Boxsters are cool, but the body color is black and the Akairo Boxster is also cool.

The owner said,The car you own is absolutely "black"It is decided that ", and the interior of the red leather is also a commitment of the owner.(The red of the dashboard is said to be reflected by the windshield and it is said to be difficult to see, but it seems that there was no problem this day too)

It was said that it was too busy to get on after delivery, but "I feel very happy just to wash or look at the car"I said. I felt very happy when I heard the word.

A car is good.

Good people gather in Sui

After that,Photograph each other's cars, let them take a ride, and exchange information between ownersI was able to spend a very enjoyable and meaningful time.

In the past, I was a little busy on the driveway(Because only luxury cars are coming, I was wondering if it would be nice for me to have an amateur who had no experience in owning my car ...)There were really good people, and there was a peaceful and bright "air".

The owner of the 981 Boxster Black Edition, who participated in the first Yui's morning gathering, is alsoit was very fun! I want to come again!"He said with a smile on his face.

After 10 o'clock, sports cars and supercars started to go back home, and along with that, there were more cars for families. I see…So, everyone in the sports car will be active in the early morning before the family starts moving

After that we left the Higashi Rokko Observatory around 11 o'clock and returned home.

(Hooden engine, remove dirt and put on body cover)

Enjoy this much, even if you come home and still before 12:00 ...A healthy hobbyYana (lol) I want to go there again! Thank you to everyone who was indebted this time!

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  1. Aki

    Hello Mina,

    Hello, nice to meet you! !
    We always have fun reading on blogs.
    This spring, I could become the Porsche owner who had hoped for it, and also realized that the car model is the same as the 981 Boxster GTS and the car type owned by Mr. Mina, and I felt a sense of closeness on my own We have received (laughs)
    Because of work, even if I really want Porsche, it was an environment where I could not buy or maintain it.
    I finally got my work settled, so I bought Porsche immediately and spent the day happily while feeling the spring hilarity (^ ^)
    No matter how many times you ride, you are most excited when you go to see your favorite car and start the engine (laughs)
    I will go to the driveway, so if there is a chance, thank you m (_ _ _ m m

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you. Thank you for viewing the blog ^ ^

      > You can become a Porsche owner who was your desire, yet with the 981 Boxster GTS,

      Congratulations a lot! ! ! ! !
      And with 981 Boxster GTS! ! ! ! Running at Boxster during this time is the best I feel.

      > No matter how many times you ride, it's the most exciting time to go to see your favorite car and start the engine (laughs)
      My husband also tells me that I can octopus in my ears if I get impressed every day, no matter how many rides (laughs)
      The expression "I'm going to see my car" is also full of car love and I thought it was very nice.

      I am glad to see you when you come to Sakai.
      And, if you let me take pictures of two 981 Boxster GTS side by side ... LOL

      Continue to thank you!

  2. PorscheDreamer

    I was very worried,

    "If you don't get used to driving more MT cars, you'll break the clutch."
    What does that mean? Is it okay if it is 981 GTS or bad if it is 718 GTS?

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!

      > What does it mean to say, "If you get used to driving an MT car, you will break the clutch". Is it okay if it is 981 GTS or bad if it is 718 GTS?

      I'm guessing since I haven't talked about this since then,
      "981 is my home, so even if it is broken, it will be manageable, but since it is useless to break the important clutch of Human Boxster, people should not drive with the current MT driving skills."
      I think that was what it means.

      However, I was not a Porsche because I was disappointed, but I decided to buy an MT car by the end of the year to practice (laughs)
      (I'm planning to post it on tomorrow's blog!)

  3. Follow

    It is possible.

    Thank you for putting a beautiful picture.
    In this way it is cool while your own car.
    It may be a bit off the standard color of Porsche, but I am satisfied with it if I'm pretty cool.

    As with any car, it takes a bit of effort to connect an unfamiliar clutch well.
    At first I was embarrassed at an intersection at first.
    The previous M5 was a paddle shift, and at home the manual was only a light truck.
    Indeed, to compare the light truck MT and Porsche. . . . . .

    I feel a great attraction to women who can manipulate MT vehicles well. A senior at university (female) belongs to the auto club
    It was cool to ride the mountain road of Rokko at night by driving MT Laurel (a car that the run-up car preferred at the time).
    Please do your best!

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!
      The body color is black, and the interior is red.

      I still feel that Porsche's MT car is difficult.
      Because there is torque, and the feeling of the clutch is heavy, the feeling is different from that of a general car ... ^ ^;

      I have to buy an MT car by myself and practice it for a while.
      On top of that, I want to be able to drive various MT cars.

      In addition, I think I will go to Yui, thank you for your continued support!

  4. TONO

    Nice to meet you.
    I always read blogs secretly, and even if I say my house, the car relationship will be exclusively to me and my son, but I think it's a car configuration similar to (I couldn't give up on golf, haha) However, I thought that I could tell you various things about MT ~, I thought secretly.

    I do not have SNS or blogs, and I can not register as an owner's, I think that I can not tell as I can not tell, but where I saw this photo of the day, my orange is on the edge I found out that it was in the picture and was happy to comment on it.

    You don't have to think too much about the clutch.
    Isn't it good with your own clutch or another clutch?
    I, about 600,000 km of commuting (Avapun Evo), GT3 is still only running 6000, but the present clutch is fine as long as there is no extreme shift mistake.

    In addition, I am expecting the figure that the BM MT is driven brilliantly.

    excuse me.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      The car configuration is very similar, I have never met you, but I have a very close feeling of familiarity (lol)

      Is it 911 staying in that back of the photo of the owner?
      Is this a GT3?

      > You don't have to think too much about clutches?
      > Wouldn't it be better if it was about your own clutch or a different clutch?

      I see ... It's okay if you don't care so much.
      Certainly, if it is MT of the modern car instead of old MT, the performance is also improved, and it seems to be good without taking care too much.
      (In my case, it may be too mentally .. ^ ^;)

      I'm worried because I hear a lot of rumors that Abarth is a fun car.

      The delivery date of BMW has not been decided yet, but when I come to my house, I will ride it,
      I will do my best to be able to run through to get rid of it ^ ^

      I would be glad if I could see you again at Saori.
      Continue to thank you!