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917 Feature on Grand Tour

The famous car introduction program broadcasted on the BBC in the UKTop Gear". Car maker of Amazon prime video by three members of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who were the first MCGrand tour(The Grand Tour)"I am also quite interesting, I think many people have already seen.

* Image Source:Amazon prime "Grand Tour (subtitled version)"

By the way, I am in the center of the picture in the main MC (?)Jeremy ClarksonIs 59 years old born in 1960. Younger than I thought. Feeling of hair and skin, and after the swelling of the stomach(Lol)Guessing from, I thought I was already about 70 years old.

By the way, it seems to be as tall as 195 cm.

And, a small man on the left sideRichard HammondIs 49 years old born in 1969. This is younger than I thought.Same year as Masaharu FukuyamaI do not think so ... ... or say that Masaharu Fukuyama is too jealous (-_-)

It looks pretty petite because it is alongside the 195 cm tall Jeremy, but the height is 170 cm.

And I'm going to the rightJames MayIs 56 years old born in 1963. In my image,Among the three, there is the most British gentleman character,I feel that the most appropriate year w

These three people are doing MC, Amazon Prime Video "Grand tour"It is more annoying than a typical car program. However, it seems that three people have settled down since the time of "Top Gear". Well, it seems that all three people have been doing so for a while, and it seems like they have been seriously injured in recording ....(But the poison is alive and well)

The other day in season 3 of this Grand TourFeature of the Porsche 917 (The Legend is a Dead Endless Lancia Love and Endless 917)Was being broadcast. My husband looked at it earlier,

"This is a lot of fun, so take a look?"

Because it was said, I decided to look at it immediately.

Porsche 917, the legendary car

Since I have a short history of Porsche fan, I was embarrassed to know about 917. I have seen it somehow, but I did not remember much. In charge of this special feature,It's James MaySo, at the beginning "Porsche has also produced excellent carsJeremy said, "Is it 911?"

... As expected (laughs)

Porsche 917, James "Porsche is a masterpieceModel who is convinced thatThis year marks the 50th anniversary.By the way, the 917-001, which restored the first car, will be displayed at the Porsche Museum in Germany from May 14 to September 15 next month. I want to go to see ~.

James says "There is no car that surpasses this 917 racing car"When.

Porsche is a very successful maker of Le Mans and has won 19 times so far.(2nd place: Audi (13 times), 3rd place: Ferrari (9 times))ExactlyThe 917 brings Porsche its first victoryIt is.

With only 25 cars made in the world, the car that won the Le Mans,Current price is £ 14 millionSeems to do too. I do not come with a pin when said in pounds,About 2 billion yen in Japanese yen ....

Ssu, amazing ... (; Д Д))

"I like that car, Porsche often lent to the Grand Tour ..." I thought I was thinking "The insurance company told me not to touch the accident guy, so here is Captain Throw's turn'' James. In any case, James is relatively cautious in driving, and it is often the slowest in the race for the three show MCs.

Certainly, when the other two people drive, they drive a lot and they seem to be wrecked and scared.

In this 917, the impression of appearance seems to be a large and wide car,It is totally different when we get inIt seems.

Let me narrow ... (laughs)

When you actually run it, the sound of the explosion is incredible. James says "It is a car 50 years ago, but it is a very fast car by any standards"When. How long it takes to reach 100 km / h2.7 secondsHow is the maximum speed360 km / h. 5-liter 12-cylinder engineAnd the power is621 horsepower.

Although the weight of the car is only 800 kg, it is a great power to calculate per weight, though it is inferior to the numbers of recent hyper cars.

The body does not make any compromises and only minimal resources are used. The part where James's head is actually blown is fiberglass,Thickness is 1.2 mmIt seems that there is only one.

The meter in front of the driver is"Tachometer" "oil temperature gauge" "hydraulic gauge"Only three of. If the three indications are correct, the engine will not burst.

Let's fly! And James of Axel Fully Open. "The world's fastest canoe, a car of another dimension!"Is very acclaimed.

Porsche 917 birth-until Le Mans victory

However, the road to completion of this 917 was a series of hardships.

917 birth

In 1968, the International Sports Commission (CSI)Engine more than 3 liters can not be installedRegulation has been established. A prototype of a strong teamExpensive, fast, dangerousIt is because it became too much.

But the International Sports Commission (CSI)A manufacturer that produces 25 models that can run on public roads allows up to 5 liters".

... and "If you can build 25 cars, you will recognize 5 liters, what does that mean?If you think about it and check it,HomologationIt turned out that it was something to become.

The manufacturer applies for that the same model has been produced in a fixed quantity or more within a fixed period, and the FIA confirms and approves this. After approval, if the specification change does not conform to the contents of the approval document, the vehicle after the change can not be used for the competition without obtaining additional approval of the variant. Also, if the manufacturer prepares the modified parts and this is additionally approved, they can be used freely as an evolution. The effect of the approval expires 7 years after it is determined that mass production has been completed, and it can not be used for the competition thereafter.
* Wikipedia "Homologation"

Hey there is such a thing.

Go back to 917 ... However, it's clear that small companies can't afford to make 25 cars.This homology acquisition is a fiction on the deskIt was thought.

In fact, with this treatment, we were competing in a prototype over 3.0 liters to 5.0 litersFerrari is temporarily withdrawn, Over 5.0 litersChevrolet completely withdraws, Ford also over 5.0 liters, the team has continued only with sports cars.

However, Porsche was different.

Until then, Porsche didn't get a title only for the small displacement class, so Ferdinand Piech, who is the top of Porsche's motor sports at that time,(Founder of Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche)IsWe hoped to win a comprehensive title for the championship at this opportunityIt is.

Ferdinand Piehi is a Bugatti Veyron who was also involved in the design and development of the first Audi Quattro. As an aside, he says that in private life there are 13 children with 4 women. Various w

Back in the story ... However, Porsche at the time was a small business without funds.

But,Pieh, aiming to win over Le Mans, decided to prepare 25 of them.'S. Moreover, the opening of Le Mans was already approaching several months later.

So at that time Porsche,The treasurer, the choreographer, and the secretary left their positions and worked on 25 cars.Because of that, the completed car is said to be called a "secretary car."

The team got together, but managed to make it.

After that, a motor sports inspector inspected 25 models that could run on the public road and was recognized as being safe, but it seemed that he had missed the fact that these 25 had an axle for racing.(In fact, 25 units were not completed by the homologation examination, and it seems that the inspection was approved again a month later)

When Porsche's Le Mans race was decided, Piehhi began preparing cars for the race. This car is made as a fast car anyway.Le Mans's famous long straight, record 383 km / hr on the Mule Sanne straightdid.

However, this car had a weakness. "Very unstable"It was. Although it is a fast car,There is no force to press the body against the road surface, and the speed is unstable.become. Driving was extremely difficult, and it was unpredictable what would happen next time.

As the shift lever moves largely due to distortion of the chassisThere is no lever there when trying to change the gearAnd it was in the state.

This is too scary ... ((Д Д))

And the 1969 Le Mans race. The result is disastrous. One driver of individual participation crashed in the first lap and the driver died. Other cars broke down one after another, leaving only one. The driver isBritish driver Dicky AtwoodIt is.

He talks about the machine at the time:

"I would say I feel the danger, I was just a monster. I was scared and prayed for failure."


At the end of the race, Dickey drove six laps away, with 917 top and just a little more to win,When 21 hours passed, it finally broke down.Piehi aimed for Le Mans overall victory, but the result was disastrous.

Le Mans first victory

Porsche later hired John Wire, who was involved in the development of the Ford GT40, and embarked on improvement, but he apparently solved the 917 problem. that is,

"There was nothing in the rear wing while the front part was filled with dead insects."

Discovery. This isPoor air flow, no downforce, and poor maneuverabilitySo, after solving this problem, Porsche came to Le Mans in 1970, with hope in mind.

The driver was Atwood again. Atwood, I was scared ~ w

At this time, the 917 ran at fierce speed, but it was much more stable than the previous year. In the race that the accident started one after another due to the rain,Atwood scored a superb top and Porsche won his first overall victory.

James in the show "However, Porsche may have gone bankrupt because of this car"Atwood said,"

Piehi was an over-worked man who tried to bankrupt his company. Apparently Porsche was about to collapse

When. Porsche won the game for the company's fortune, literally a defeat of the cliff.

917 bash

After achieving the first overall victory,In the following year Le Mans, 917 won with overwhelming strengthdid. The top speed at that time was said to have exceeded 388 km / h. This record has not been broken for over 20 years.

And in the same race,A record of mileage of approximately 5335 km in totalIt was also released, but this record could not be reprinted until 2010.

Also, 917 is a Hollywood star Steve McQueenGlorious Le ManIt was even more famous for getting on for the "shooting". Speaking of which, my husband had seen "globe le man" at home before.

GT2RS vs 917

James said, "Let's do 50 years of the birth of the legend, let's do something fun for the celebration!"

Ask Atwood to ride the 917 again.Compare this legend with the current Porsche. The other party to compare is911 GT 2 RS, Is the largest gun in Porsche.


As it is a grand tour, don't do anything interesting. The driver driving the GT2RS this time is the young driver who won the 2016 Le Mans at PorscheNeil JaniIt is.

If you look at the machine data,The GT2RS is 700 horsepower and the 917 is 621 horsepower. But,The GT2RS is 1830 kg compared to 800 kg of 917. However, the GT2RS is equipped with the latest tires and brakes, and a gearbox with paddles.

Therefore, when it comes to a match that you do not really know which one will win ....

"Having said that, GT2RS won't win from scratch?I thought "...

Unexpectedly is Dicky Atwood.

Grandpa, too w

It's just a few close battles.

But in the end,Youth and modern tires windid. GT2RS driver Neil JaniGood, I can avoid unemployment"I was talking, but I would be relieved honestly (laughs)

Seeing this VTR, that Jeremy "I was relieved, it was wonderfulIt was said.

No, this was a very rewarding occasion. In addition, I touched on the history of Porsche a little, and I felt that it is the accumulation of history and tradition that there is Porsche now. Everyone, please take a look at "Grand Tour Season 3".

* Image · Article Source:Amazon prime "Grand Tour (subtitled version)"

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I saw a recommended Grand Tour. Interesting. Thank you for the recommendation.

    As three members of the show and I are of the same generation, the 917 images (sounds) are from the sight of the glorious Mans in the cinema to the head of the whole.

    Just a little old-fashioned story.

    You may have learned the German language of kurz with K of 917 K for the first time. From 1969 to 70 years, the 911 engine is still from 2L to 2.2L, so I thought that it would become an 917 engine if six flats are connected. The F1 was still around 400 HP at the time of the 3 L V 8 DFV peak (but the car weight should be about 500 kg). I watched the movie "McLaren" in Blu-ray, but when designing the wing, there was an image that was tested by placing a scale (weight scale?) And a prototype wing on the mini ceiling. The cause of Bruce McLaren's accident was that it was broken if the wing was angled in the test.

    I saw driving for the first time with Dicky Atwood (though Richard in the book's book looks better then), but now I'm 78 years old and I'm not surprised if I'm fine, but I feel I can enjoy 20 more years rather than It became like this. In the United States, Mario Andretti (driver of the two-seater machine in the Indy Car Race), and in Japan, Mr. Kunimitsu Takahashi is the same year. Helmut Marko, who is familiar with Red Bull (3rd in the 1970s, Le Mans in the Porsche 908, and 917 in 1971) seems to be about three young.

    • MinaMina


      Chopsticks! Thank you!
      I'm glad to hear that way.

      > The 917 images (sounds) are from the sight of the glorious Mans in the cinema to the head of the show, as three of the show and I are of the same generation.

      Oh ... Well, it was the beginning where you could see the glorious Le Mans in the cinema.
      PorscheDreamer is very knowledgeable about Porsche and cars, so every time I read a comment, I find it and I really study!

      Seeing this round of the Grand Tour, see the comments again, and again, the car is eternal youth or whatever ... The car is really great,
      I thought that Porsche is a special maker among them.

      It is deep…