"Yahoo! Car Navi" supports CarPlay!ー Impressions I tried to use immediately

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Yahoo! Car navigation system supports Apple Car Play

finally,"Yahoo! car navigation"Corresponds to AppleCarPlay. AppleCarPlay lets you use your smartphone's phone calls, music, messages and navigation apps on your car display.Last fall, Google map became available soonSo, I tried it with my own Panamera,

I immediately tried using Google map on Apple Car play on iOS 12!

The good news is that Yahoo! car navigation has become available this time, following Google Maps. My husband is

"Google Map" is yeah, but when I went to the countryside with touring,I will guide you through narrow roads and forest roads like a foolNo. "Google Maps" will give you a quick route, but you will sometimes see a backshot. That point"Yahoo! car navigation system" will choose the standard wayEasy to use.

It was said. So, I tried using this "Yahoo! car navigation system" with "CarPlay" of Panamera yesterday, so I would like to introduce the impression.

Let's use Yahoo! car navigation

I installed the Yahoo! car navigation app in advance and tried connecting my iPhone to a panamera like this:Yahoo! car navigation"Was displayed on the screen.

About setting of the destination, not on the touch panelVery convenient because you can operate it on your own iPhoneIt is. I decided to go to “Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens” for buying on this day, but when I set the destination, it is displayed like this.

"The estimated arrival time, the time it takes to arrive, the distance" is displayed, but the display is fairly easy to see. "No, let's arrive at 16 minutes absolutely or do not force ~"Navi start" is selected while thinking "," leaving. By the way, when the navigation is started, such a display appears on the screen of the smartphone.

"Do not touch your smartphone while driving as it is dangerous". It is kind. W It is very easy to understand because it tells me the direction of turn etc. by voice in advance. Also, the display is simple and easy to see.

If you log in to Yahoo! Car navigation system, it will take traffic information into consideration, and the places where traffic is convincing are "red" and "orange". There is nothing to do ...

I arrived6 minutes behind original schedulewas. Well, that's a slight difference. I tried to set my daughter's kindergarten as the destination.It was very easy because it came out in one shot in search. In the case of the navigation that is attached to the panamera, it is necessary to convert kanji and katakana etc. one by one with the touch panel, but it is stress free because there is no such need.

The display is largely indicated in the form of "Turn 1.1km ahead and the center of the lane" as shown below, so it is easy to understand while driving.

This time is quite crowded, so it was a little later than originally planned, but I arrived at kindergarten before the time for safe pick up.

Impression of Yahoo! car navigation

The impression that I used "Yahoo! car navigation" a little this time "Anyway easy to use". It is not a strange route or "Why go around?"It will display a general route easy to runAlso, the display is easy to see and there is also audio guidance.

"The navigation on the outside car is not very smartIt is often said that, but it is true that the navigation of the Panamera isn't too clever ... In the future, I was honest that I did not want to use the genuine navigation attached to the car. Anyway, if you only have a screen to display (a box), that's enough.

With the CarPlay support for Yahoo! Car Navigation this time, the car navigation industry is likely to see more and more intense tremors ...

In the near future, I will try to use Yahoo! car navigation when driving long distances this time. It is good to be able to use it not only for Panamera but also for golf 7 ~.

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  1. Tetsu

    Miwa's Hello.
    We always look at it with fun and interest!

    It corresponds to CarPlay.
    You can use "Yahoo! car navigation".
    It is not an operation in CarPlay, but is active in 964.
    "Yahoo! car navigation system", the vehicle position has become more accurate than before, and the functions are also enhanced.
    I think that I will continue to use it for the time being, and I have bought a handle remote control called "Naviuma".
    Naming that says "Navi Uma" is very good, and can considerably help the operation while driving.

    As Miwa says, voice guidance, screen display at branch points and stress-free input
    It is similar to or more than a commercially available car navigation system.
    In addition, functions such as guidance of lanes at intersections and switching to enlarged display at junctions are also provided.
    If you think of it as a free app, "yahoo! Car Navigation" is excellent!
    There are other benefits that surpass commercial car navigation systems.
    I don't need an update. That is, there is always no update cost with the latest map.
    The highway that just extended in March was also updated immediately.
    Next, when approaching the Orvis installation site, a guide for speed attention shall be given. Carrozzeria needed an optional CD.

    The story is derailed
    The installation of the navigation with 964 has few options, and I was troubled considerably because installation was also a processing premise.
    The on-dash looks bad from outside and from inside the room, leaving traces on the dashboard so it's not good.
    It looks now obsolete if it is a portable navigation that uses the stay to the ashtray part.
    It is necessary to process part of the bottom of the ashtray and the dashboard in one-off if it is 2DIN installation, but it fits very well, but considering the originality of 964 ... And it is expensive from 270,000 yen.
    I also played music in the iPhone XR Bluetooth environment, so
    I think that asking for 2DIN navigation would be enough with a smartphone,
    After all, replace the original cassette deck with Carrozzeria car audio with a CD slot,
    We decided to use the yahoo! Car navigation system with the iPhone XR by inserting a MOUNTEK's magnet-type smartphone holder into the CD slot.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu
      Thank you!

      > "Yahoo! car navigation" can be used.
      > It is not an operation in CarPlay, but is active in 964.
      Thank you so much! After all Yahoo! car navigation is easy to use! !

      And, as you mentioned, no update required and free
      It's a god ... it's great.

      > I also played music in the iPhone XR Bluetooth environment, so
      > I think that asking for 2DIN Navi would be enough with a smartphone,
      > After all, replace the original cassette deck with Carrozzeria car audio with a CD slot,
      > I inserted the MOUNTEK's magnet type smart phone holder into the CD slot and decided to use "yahoo! Car navigation system" with iPhone XR.
      I see…! informative!
      With the analog 964, you can use the latest digital devices such as iPhones, this fusion is so cool! ! !
      When you think about it, you're in a really useful world-... (laughs)

  2. Mr. Mizu

    We always have fun look.
    I use Apple Car Play on my bike.
    Now that Zenrin and Google Maps have broken up! It's free enough to say that it's 1 for free ♪
    So far, there have been problems such as freezes, and when the app is launched, the music may stop, but I hope that it will be improved with future updates.
    It will be more convenient if you see an illustration of a highway branch.
    Let's hope for the future ^ ^

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Mizu
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      Yahoo! car navigation is really good.

      > There are some problems such as freeze at the moment, and music will stop when launching the application, but I hope that it will be improved by the update in the future.
      Oh, there are a lot, freezes and so on ... I started Yahoo! car navigation and put the screen on the center screen, but after a few minutes the screen goes out and I have to put on each time,
      Is this my setup mistake ...

      Certainly, the improvement by the update seems to be quite promising, and that is the good point of the app ^ ^
      If you have any information, I would be glad if you could tell me.

  3. Tata

    We always have fun look.
    Recently, I switched to the MY2018 911 GTS and used apple car play for the first time, but using Yahoo! Car Navi via car play seems to have limited functions compared to using it on a smartphone.

    Scrolling can not be done by sliding your finger like a smartphone,
    I can only move the screen of the navigation a long time ago ...
    Is there any way?

    The narrow of 69 years also rides, but since it uses y navi directly with the smartphone in that case, compared to that, I think that the good place of y navi via CarPlay is halved

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Scroll can not be done by sliding your finger like a smartphone,
      > You can only move the navigation screen a year ago ...
      > Are there any ways?

      I see ... That's right! Certainly, when I used it, it was the way I knew it, so I did not scroll, etc.
      If it can not be used like a smartphone, there is no meaning .... As you say, do you say that it is a halving convenience ...

      Are you also riding narrow? New and old Porsche, it is very nice to taste each day ^ ^

      Yahoo! car navigation, I try to use once more, I will try to investigate various!
      Continue to thank you.

  4. HeartOfGlass

    Thank you always for the fun articles.

    The reason why there are few functions that can be used with Yahoo! Car Navigation for Apple carplay version is
    This article on ITmedia has good information in detail.
    It is said that due to the limitations of Carplay side, app development side
    It seems that it will work harder, so I would like to look forward to it in the future.
    As Ms. Mizu says, the illustration of the branch on the highway is
    I want you to be quick. Personally customized the voice of the announcement
    I know.

    I like gadgets, so I try a lot of new features.
    Even with the recently arrived 991.2 GT3, play with various Carplay apps
    is. Which car navigation application is most useful? And.

    I will derail a little bit,
    Porsche should have a Wifi connection to a car SIM.
    The screen is also responsive on the touch panel.

    In another article of the blog (five reasons to choose S class instead of Panamera)
    The S63 coupe is as if it were true.
    This also supports Carplay, but let the individual use the in-vehicle SIM
    I will not give you. If you use Wifi in a car, it will be tethered from the iPhone
    It is a specification that can not say anything. Yahoo! Car navigation system is also affected by that,
    If you don't turn off Wifi, you won't even start.
    The screen does not adopt the touch panel, and it is frustrated though it is a luxury car
    There are many disappointing specifications.

    BMW requires a subscription fee for Carplay use itself, so
    It may be said that it is more 仕 様 specification. (I am sorry if it is old knowledge)

    ... etc. There was a point where Porsche was superior in unexpected places.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      And thank you for sharing valuable information!

      I see ... It was not a Yahoo! Car navigation system, but a car play problem.

      > Even with the recently received 991.2 GT3, play with various Carplay apps
      Eh ~ great! In fact, today my husband had me put it on my friend's 991.2 GT3,
      It was highly acclaimed, "It's amazing!"
      By all means, I would like to introduce in the blog which car play application is recommended, if you get information again ^ ^

      Thank you for the information of S and BMW!
      That's right-somehow Mercedes-Benz seemed to be good around it.
      Porsche is better to use!

      Recently, I often hear that Google's Android is easier to use than Apple's iPhone.
      Porsche's PCM system seems to be better compatible with the iPhone,
      I think it's annoying ~ ^;

  5. PorscheDreamer

    It is a question to try using Yahoo! Car Navigation with CarPlay.

    In my case, both 718 Cayman and 911 Carrera are the same,

    Does it stop when the engine restarts by idling stop?

    Mr. Mina
    > Even if I start Yahoo! Car navigation and put the screen on the center screen, the screen disappears after a few minutes,
    > I have to add it each time, but this is my setting mistake ...

    Although it is written, is it irrelevant to idling stop?
    Reconnecting CarPlay is a time-consuming task, so it is not used much.
    I searched on the net, but I have no information in particular ...

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > Is it stopped when the engine restarts after idling stop?
      Ha! Certainly, it may be so when it is said that idling stop and engine restart are cut off.
      Since I have always noticed it, it seems that idling stop is related.

      I will try it for a while now! !