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Thank you to everyone who is always looking at the blog, and to everyone who has come to this blog for the first time. By the way, we regularly introduce comments received from readers, but this time it is the sixth. this time too,Edit the comment a little by extracting only the necessary part so that the context before and after can be knownI will introduce you.

Comments from readers

718 · 981 Boxster

718 Boxster GTS! The stock car of the 718 Boxster GTS that I purchased half a year ago is red leather, and I'm too intimate at first.Get it! It's red!(Laughs) The real one is several times as cool as the photo.
It looks reddish in the picture, but it is actually wine or Bordeaux ... It is an exquisite calm color that can not be said anything. It is an aside, but of the configuratorIf you select [Aluminum gear lever] of aluminum interior, the part of shift boot is also leather color of interior same colorIt becomes.
The ride of the 718 is really similar to air cooling. The tastes of the sounds are clearly separated (laughs) Each has its own goodness, but it is different from the sensual sound of NA. But I liked the 718, so I ordered the MT (laughs) PDK was super excellent and it could have been PDK too! ?(Mr. Rumbun Rumba)

As usual, my husband's flat impress without prejudice is a great study.
> I also like the sound of 981 personally
I understand well.I am also a sensibility group, so I'm fascinated by the exhaust sound of the NA6 cylinder that clears the high notes like a wind instrumentis. However, in order to enjoy the exhaust noise at high speeds, it is a bother that Japan's speed limit and gear ratio are not balanced. From other participants at the driving schoolIt sounds really good, is it genuine?"Spoeg is a mandatory production device for Boxster.(Tap)

Recently, I released the Makan GTS and made it a 718 Boxster GTS. GTS is certainly Porsche's recommended menu. Since it is not a public road in Japan to use up the power of GTS, it is fine to use either S or S, but it is good to feel good just by looking at GTS.It also makes me feel that I will do my best at work.(Mr. Ipchi)

New Makan / New Cayenne

*I participated in the new model Makan exhibition - What is the difference with the conventional type, the running, the evaluation of the car journalist?From the comment to

Recently, I took the old model of Macan only for one day as a substitute car. I was not impressed like when I got on the Panamera, but I thought it was a good car. The black panel under the door of this article's Makan? I do not understand the intention of the design well ... It would be cool to put together like Cayenne.
Next year? There is an article that Macan is a complete EV. I don't think that tall cars are considered because they are not of much interest except for the family, but they bother me.(SN)

Cayenne coupe is good! When I looked at the site I was worried about, in the United States, the cayenne coupe seems to be $ 75000, and the turbo is $ 130000. When I tried the configurator, it became + $ 30000-40000 as an option.
The 2 + 1 sheet could be changed for free as per the article. If it is a car of this size, it makes more sense to set 2 + 1 as a standard, but that would not be transferable as a sports car maker.(SN)

Panamera all this

Now I own the 970 Panamera Turbo, I am thinking of purchasing a 971 Turbo. The staff of the shop I go wellOnly Turismo can choose 4 + 1 sheet. May not pass the car inspection"It said. Also, I know this blog and I'm also thinking of putting on my own【Rear accelerator steering】 【【Rear axle steering】It is written also. Which is the official name?(Mr. Uri)
【Blog manager → Uri-san】
The 4 + 1 sheet of the 971 Panamera can not be selected in the configurator(As of 2019.3.5),Any model can be attached when ordering at a storeAnd, when I met last week, the dealer representative said that! "Just because it's not 4 seats, it's a 4 + 1 seat, so you have to ride across the center console ..." he said.
Also, with regard to the "rear axle", I was initially thinking "rear acceleration",The official name is "rear axle(Axle of rear wheel)Steering "It seems to be ^ ^

*971 For those considering purchasing Panamera - I tried summarizing what I would like to know in advanceFrom the comment to

It is a good summary I want to read before purchasing. [5 To move the passenger's seat from the driver's seatI did not put an option without thinking, I was a vehicle to put my parents on the main, but if I think now, it might be better to move the front passenger seat, which is sparse to the operation.(Tommy)

Speaking of which, it is the follow up of 4 + 1 sheet. Option fee is ¥ 137,000 as of November 2019(tax included)So when I adapted to the base grade Panamera it was interesting!
There is a switch on the left and right to flip the rear seat electrically from the inside of the rear trunk in Sport Tourismo.There was no switch for the 4 + 1 sheet.Originally on the luggage net directly above the luggage room light. Even though I thought that it would still be convenient if there was a switch, I thought that manual might be safer if you put something in the back seat!(Tommy)

Recently I was very interested in Panamera and I came to this site! I was wondering after a review of Loperaio's Panamera, but the image had a fairly high hatchback open, but would it actually hit if there was a pipe on the ceiling in the parking lot on the go? ? ?(J11050)
【Tommy → J11050】
You can set the upper limit of the height when the hatchback opens.Here is "Adjustment of the opening height of the rear lid"It is an item called. "3. Move the rear lid to the height you want to set."After opening the hatch, manually move it to adjust the height, then press and hold the button to determine the heightIt was said that.
It feels like I was moving the hatch by force, but this isOfficial height adjustment methodIt seems like(Tommy)

Recently Turbo S is good tooWe think. At the time of ordering the Panamera turbo of Mina's house, the Turbo S was not yet lineup, but if it was chosen, was the master ordered the Turbo S?(Mr. Uri)
【Blog manager → Uri-san】
When I asked my husband about the Turbo S, "I had no intention of turning it into a Turbo S. It might not have been a hybrid, but I could have bought a Turbo S with a further tuning of the Turbo V8.I hate to be heavy rather than hate hybrids.I would not be dissatisfied at all with hybrids, but I would like to taste the handling of the heavy Porsche without extra heavy weight. "

Our Panamera 4 Ehybrid is doing well. It gets a little warmer and the battery range also extends(About 30km for about 30km)In four months, the engine has also been comfortably turned over 5000km. It is particularly comfortable with no problems or oil reduction.
A recent concern is the flaws of stepping stones that can not be avoided. I'm going to fix it myselfI wish I had put the film"But I regret it a bit, but I think it is better because I can recover better than I thought. The only way to prevent it is to think about the distance between cars, but is there any measures other than film?(SN)

Body color

*I have never seen such a Panamera! -I tried collecting images of unusual body color PanameraFrom the comment to

I'm worried about the body color. Since I park in a blue sky, the basic color is white or gray, with inconspicuous stains,Cayenne is white (solid).The 958 cayenne was initially released as a creamy white that became sand white, and after a while white was added.
I would like to ride a sheet of gray or brown in blue metallic or black metallic at one time ... but in reality I always end up with white leather in white body (tears)
GT Silver Metallic is the best ~ The other day, I was confirmed with a car for the first time with a used 991 exhibited on a PC, but there is a depth!(Mr. Sakamichi of the wind)

"Panamera of my house isCharara White MetallicHowever, the standard color "White" is also good for the "The White" feeling that is not influenced by the weather!
The expression changes so much with the addition of light ... When choosing an exterior color, don't get caught up in prejudice or prejudice,It is necessary to change the date and time of each car of each color and to confirm firmlyAfter, I am thinking about Gonyogno. Crayon's Panamera Sports Turismo is somehow a fashionable combination.(Man)

I think all custom-made irresistible colors are wrapping, so when I sell them, I will peel them off. Matt Black, Gold, Pink, etc. Now that it is an age where you can change the color with anything, it is convenient.(Aman in the car)

911 (the difference between 992 and 991)

*Is the Porsche 911-991 more interesting than the new 992?From the comment to

It is fun to imagine various things when a new model comes out. "Impressive impression if it is multistage transmission"I do not understand well from MT riding ..."
There is also a paddle shift, so if you want sharpening you can choose your favorite gear ...? I think, but is it difficult? The 992's mission is strange because it looks like an article that 7th and 8th speeds are cruise gears and low speed gear is rather low.
I have only experience with MT 718 Cayman, but in general road without sharpening? If you emphasize efficiency efficiently, you can use up to 6 speeds in full with short shift,If you want to enjoy acceleration / deceleration, use only 1st and 2nd speeds and cruise speed when 3 to 5th speed is skipped and put in 6th speedI will.
If you want to accelerate over winding or expressway, you have to put in gear at once according to the speed and slope,I think that it is only good to have more options to choose the optimal gear by the amount of multistageBut ...(Porsche Dreamer)

It is from Hokkaido.Recently, I owned 991-2.Since magazines and the net were over-eating with only 992 topics, I bought this magazine because it was a good time for me. The latest Porsche is a phrase with the best Porsche, but I still think that it is the final type in terms of perfection ....(Hurtlocker)

A book about Porsche

*I read "Why we love Porsche"-I tried to put together the quotes in the bookFrom the comment to

Speaking of the book where Porsche comes out, the super famous Hiroyuki ItsukiI look at my car on a rainy day"I read it a long time ago. I remember that "Po-shi" appeared in the first chapter of the short story. "On a rainy day ..." is not a commentary book of the car, but a woman comes out like Mr. Itsuki's novel of that time. Because the theme of the whole series of cars, it is a small book like car lover Hiroyuki Itsuki.(How do you support your life?)

It is a great book! Of course I also read it and it is stored in the bookcase in the garage. I like all the words introduced but I especially like this phrase ♡
> Loving a car is not that sort of thing.
> For example, that a separated lover still has a happy life
> Wouldn't it be a wish? Even cars are the same thing.(Mr. Injunia)

Attractiveness of air cooling

*The fun of RR, the attractiveness of analog-the reason why you can fall into air cooling 911From the comment to

I am riding a 964C2, but I took it to the 930SC, the person I met at FB. What I felt there was for those who liked Zendo,It is not 3.6 L air cooling or new water cooling that can be fun to drive with a light car body and appropriate powerI thought. As it is written, I feel that I am curious about older 911 and 356.(Kozzie 521)

Oh, it is Kobe's air-cooled porsche ride (^ _-), too, it went up in the morning. The air-cooled Porsche, such as the 356, narrow, 930, and 964, alone has more than 20 units. Air-cooled Porsche is fun if you fly slowly or slowly (^-^)(Hiropon ☆ ☆ 's)

PORSCHE 964 (911)

I am careful about oil management and status grasping, and I often look with the tachometer while driving. It is engine oil that directly cools the engine while saying air cooling, and arranging three meters with engine oil alone.Oil-cooled Porsche feels more appropriate than air-cooling.
As an example of an air-cooled Porsche, I think of a watch. If you want accuracy, you can not match the clock function of quartz, radio clock, and smartphone. Although the accuracy of mechanical watches is greatly influenced by these, the taste and the degree of satisfaction possessed are exceptional.I feel something that goes well with air-cooled Porsche.(Mr. Tetsu)

About loan / bulk purchase

*How to buy luxury imported car like Porsche. Loan, cash lump sum, where should I buy?From the comment to

Luxury cars will lose if they don't buy a loanI think like that. If you are going through a loan examination of nearly 20 million, you will probably be able to buy one at a time w
In recent years, Ferrari has been selling idiot because of this loan purchase. Ferrari really has resistance to downside, but is it only Ferrari that loan companies admit it?Ferrari is 75% amazing.Although Porsche does not go down compared with a general car, because it falls ww,Porsche can only set a 40-50% residual value in 3 years(Although it's still expensive. Usually 30 minutes)Lamborghini can be set up to 60%.
So, for Ferrari of 30 million yen, you can actually ride at a cheaper price than domestically, just by putting a down payment of about 5 million yen. However, although Porsche is expensive, it can only set about 40%, so monthly payments will cost several hundred thousand yen.(Aman in the car)

MT car

*AT limited release - I tried summarizing the way from application to the school to passing the examFrom the comment to

Stimulated by this article, the feeling to want to get on the MT car has heightened and I bought it.Subaru WRX STI.Developed at the beginning of HeiseiEJ 20 engine, and horizontally opposed.Although it is said to be a masterpiece, this model is said to be the last to be adopted as it is truly obsolete. I was thinking of getting it at the end of Heisei ...
There is a lot of turbo lag, high speed engine with insufficient torque at low speed.I feel the times but it is very funis.(SN)

I was not limited to AT's driver's license, but I have never driven an MT for less than 20 years since the training school, so just before delivery of the FIAT 500 MTI received a paper driver class about three times. Certainly it was around 5000 yen onceI think.
As I get used to MT of FIAT 500, Boxter is also leaning from the desire to change from PDK to MT, and it reaches present.There is no doubt that the number of cars that can be selected in MT will decrease in the future, not limited to Porsche, but I would like to take care of the cars I own nowI think.(Mr. Ishi)

MT is good-I have a little this theory and sore ... but 30 years ago my college student did not have an AT-limited license, and I was an inimitable car enthusiast from childhood, I understand how to drive and theory understand I didn't feel the need to go to the school to get my license.
So ask your friend who is attending the school and ask for an Instructor.Open the window at the crossing and check with soundTo be given special knowledge for exams, and after two hours of practice, take an exam at the FuchuThe temporary license passed in one shot.
There is a section to write the graduation training school on the admission ticket, and I remember the instructor who was suspiciously looking at blanks. As it was training school material, it is ...(1551)

Porsche certified tire

*Behind the scenes of Porsche tire development - Porsche customers are sure to choose "N" certified tires.From the comment to

It is a story that I heard from the tire manufacturer,There is a difference in performance between the Porsche-certified N-marked tires and tires without N-marks.That's right. As it is developing at considerable cost to take N, the price seems to be high.
However, it seems that the goodness will not come out if the tires with N marks are determined according to the type of car and the tire sizes match and N = considering high performance and installing on other models.
For 997, it is dedicated to 997, so the car weight balance, brake handling characteristics etc are different, so it seems that other Porsche will not fit.

Past comment summary

Again, while reading the comments from you, I was sighed, saying, "It's really detailed, it's amazing ...". It's a wasteful level to leave in comments ... rather, "It would be better if you set up your own blog and spell it"I think so" w

I will always study, thank you very much. Thank you for your continued support. By the way, the comment introduction summary article of the reader who published in the past is here.

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