Porsche came to our house-I thought about the future of the direction of the blog

About Porsche Blog

Porsche came to our house

Today we are not talking about cars but a little bit about this blog. Porsche BlogPorsche came to our houseI decided to run "in earnest", and came while getting support from my husband, and it was one year earlier.

Thanks to you, I was able to grow into a blog that goes far beyond what I was thinking a year ago. However, there is no change in the fact that it is a blog from now on, and recently

“What should I do to bring this Porsche blog to the next level?”

There is an increase in thinking about

971 Panamera Turbo

A blog to help buy Porsche

This blog a year ago, "Make a Porsche blog that can provide useful information for those who are considering purchasing PorscheI decided. As for why, I myself usually "I wish I had a lot of useful information to buy Porsche more"I felt that."

Her husband still looks at magazines and nets and collects information when buying a new Porsche. Still,

"Akan, I can not find any information I want to know. After all you can only look at youtube and sites overseas"

Having said that, information is often collected from overseas sites.

Of course, Japan also has a lot of useful information, such as test drive reviews written by automotive media. But,That alone is not enough.At least IMore realistic informationI think I want ".

"Actual rating of the owner who owns Porsche"Not just a test drive, try riding for a certain period of time and feel what it feels like good or badI want to know the raw voice like "".

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS

So in this blog,Make as much information as possible about Porsche in my home as an article,To send out the raw voices from Porsche ownersIt has been. Thank you very much,

“I bought Panamera based on this Porsche blog information!” “I bought Boxster!”

I got a lot of messages and comments. Also,Porsche owners fileAlso from the owners who received the draft of the plan,

"Thank you for posting your own car!" "I'm glad if my experience helped my readers!"

I received a voice saying, "No, it is this one to say thank you"I'm terribly sorry ... I feel that I have been able to manage this blog thanks to many of you.

It had been trial and error over the past year, butI'm glad I've been doing what they did, even though they are weak, they are helping others", I think again.

Awareness in Porsche blog management

Meanwhile, one year later, there was a new discovery. These are things I never noticed a year ago.

Test drive review other than Porsche

The first one is that "the test drive reviews for cars other than Porsche are quite popular."(Volkswagen Golf, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) From the readers, "I was waiting for the test drive review of cars other than Porsche!"I am also on ○○So I understand very well!There are also many comments such as

Rather, it's more echoing than Porsche's article ... lol

of course,"Porsche"I think that the reason is that the volume of the related net search itself is small, and the search volume of domestic cars and other imported cars is many times greater.

in addition"A ride review of a husband who is riding a variety of cars and is now a Porsche ownerThere are many people who are interested in(I mean, I should try my best to write good test drive articles)

Also, while trying on cars of other companies, of course I still have a love for Porsche, and I'm still impressed with the ride of the Panamera every day,Besides Porsche, there are lots of great cars in the worldCame to realize that.

It was a good car like the S63.

Also,By knowing various cars, I think I will be able to understand Porsche more deeply than everSo if you do, you will be able to add even more breadth and depth to your blog.

If you think so, from now on, while placing an emphasis on Porsche,It is also interesting to try and introduce the cars you are interested in and the topic carsI think it may be.

Couple, family car life

Second, weThere are many people who are interested in "car life" of couples and familiesThat means. at first"The protagonist of this blog is just a car. Write car-centric articles instead of lifestyle articlesIt was decided.

Or rather, "I can not write even if I want to write a lifestyle article" couple w

We couples are neither gourmet nor fashionable. Even if you go out to eat with your family,Chain store which said that it was sushi and moth burger and gustOnly(Because it is delicious w)Going to a chain store, even eating on the road. My clothes are usually UNIQLO and my husband wears them until she wears out (laughs)

Because it is such a couple, I can not write articles on fashionable lifestyle at all, so I decided to use the car as the leading blog.

Just a few times "My family went on a trip to ○○"I am having a conversation like this with a couple"Husband's touring note"When I write an article such as" I understand that there is a reaction to such articles ... "A car nerdy husband who likes cars from a young age"When"Wife who was brainwashed by her husband although she was not interested in cars at all(W) ", about a slightly crazy car life, I think that it will be good to look at writing from now on and write.

Buy Porsche yourself

By the time this blog was launched,Buy Porsche for your moneyThe goal is to make sure that the blog titleUntil the day you buy Porsche yourselfIt was supposed to be like that.

970 Panamera Edition

The reason I set the goal to buy Porsche myself is

"The weight and the feeling of fun are quite different from riding on a Porsche bought by my husband and on a Porsche I bought myself"

Because I think.

In particular"1st Porsche for yourselfIn that case, I am desperately examining and thinking about the specifications and options seriously, and I think that the joy at the time of delivery is as impressive as I can not express in words.

After that, I will continue to ride with care and I will attach my love ... I think this kind of feeling can be enjoyed just because you buy it with your own money.

... in addition toI'm sorry that all the cars in the house are husbands' cars, so I want my own car because I can use oneThere is also a strange meaning called "" (lol)

So, from the time when the blog was established, from those who have read,

"Mina does not forget the goal of buying Porsche by himself!" "By all means, please dream of buying Porsche by yourself!

I still get comments like that.(Honestly, I was desperate to manage my blog, and there was a time when I temporarily forgot my goal ...)

So the other day when I bought BMW myself, of course the primary purpose was to be able to drive an MT car,I want to get close to the goal of buying Porsche by myselfThere was not a small amount of thought.

In other words, I can not finish this blog at least until I buy Porsche for my money (w), and I would like to manage this goal more consciously than ever.

The future of Porsche blog

I was thinking that ... and so on around the corner recently. This blog is similar to mountain climbing,I finally climbed to the first placeIt is a place. And I think it's coming now, when it comes to thinking "What route and how are you going to go up to the second place?"

Of those, if you go up to the 5th and 6th places, you will probably see a completely different view, so it may be time to think about that later.

It has become something that has not been organized yet, but from now on "More freely, without being tied up"I want to run a blog. "Porsche's blog, so only Porsche's articles"And"Only articles on cars, not lifestyles"Don't stick with it", but rather be able to go to a new stage by expressing more freely while watching the reaction of the blog.

I would like to continue blogging without hesitating change, humbly in the flow, so everyone, thank you for your continued support.

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  1. Wind slope

    Porsche really has little information ~

    About seven thousand a year. . . It seems that a lot of useful information can be shared too!

    I am looking forward to it!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind
      Thank you very much! Owners file published, so please wait for a while now ^ ^

      Oh ... New car sales are about 7,000 for several years. While borrowing your help,
      We want to create a blog where you can collect and send out the voices of Porsche owners!

      Continue to thank you!

  2. kuni

    We always have fun look.
    I emailed that I wanted this information before.
    After all, I bought the Panamera 4E hybrid.
    Maybe I didn't buy this unless I saw this blog,
    You may ask Mina for an advisor fee from Porsche Center (lol)
    I am the super car boomer and I am not particularly familiar with cars and will not fly (possibly not the best on Porsche). But I like cars.
    Two months after delivery, it is comfortable getting used to the size.

    The dissatisfaction was that the charging cable came with a lot, and the person in charge could do it with the power supply of the house, but apparently the outlet did not fit, and it seemed impossible to see it on the net. Big back is in the warehouse.
    Fuel consumption is not so good with charging while driving. However, when leaving the house by golf early in the morning, with a quiet motor
    It is nimble to drive while listening to the sound with a gasoline engine after getting out on the road.
    Even more unusual, this time, I often wash my own car. If I blow up with a towel, the hybrid logo is broken. It is important to keep in mind that the letters are annoying.

    I look forward to it in the future!
    I am not familiar with it so I will study a lot.

    • MinaMina

      Chopsticks! The Panamera 4E hybrid was purchased!
      congratulations! !
      The Panamera is a great car. If you get used to it, that size will not bother you.

      > You may be asking Mina for an advisor fee from Porsche Center (lol)

      I really want it ... (lol) I do not know how many Porsche sold in this blog, but a penny does not come in (lol)

      > The dissatisfaction was that the charging cable came with a lot of accessories, and the person in charge could do it with the power supply of the house, but apparently the outlet did not fit, and it seemed impossible to see it on the net.

      I see ... I see ... I try to buy it and say, "Are it? Is it different?"
      If you have any questions regarding the Panamera 4E Hybrid, it is possible for me to ask questions from those who have been posted in the Porsche Owners File in the past,
      Please do not hesitate to say.

      > The hybrid logo has been removed if I blow up with a towel
      Well there is such a thing? And again, did the logo come on properly ... (sweat)?

      I am also glad to be able to exchange information in various ways.
      Continue to thank you!

  3. Gori

    Hi, Mina-san!

    The blog is fun as it is now.

    I also like Porsche, but I have the same woman as Mina-san, and I have a child-care job, and I am allowed to enjoy it, including things like that.

    And my husband's car enthusiast is interesting, and reviews of other cars are very fun and I love it.

    I look forward to seeing you someday.
    Please collect the nail brows of your husband by then! Lol

    Please do your best from now on blog!

    • MinaMina

      Hello! Thank you very much!
      I'm glad to hear that way.

      I am also a woman, who has a kindergarten child and is working with Gori,
      I have a sense of closeness!
      I would like to see you there! ! !

      > I'm looking forward to seeing you someday.
      > Please collect the nail brows of your husband by then! Lol
      It is possible to collect nail brows (laughs), but her husband is fond of Porsche but she is an ordinary person w
      We look forward to seeing you!

  4. SN

    Hello. Congratulations on the Panamera hybrid delivery!
    I do not fit the shape of the plug, I live in the United States, but the shape of the household 100V plug is the same. The charge plug which matches it from the beginning has been attached. Another thing for 240V is attached, but it can not be done unless it is construction ... but ... by dealer's order mistake or something?
    In the early morning or in the middle of the night, when running in the neighborhood, EV quiet is fine!