Tohoku 3000km Touring by Porsche Boxster [Part 2]

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Tohoku touring final volume

Continued to the last 3000km touring in the Porsche Boxster touring [Part 1] [Part 2]

Tohoku 3000km touring to go with Boxster [Part 1]

Tohoku 3000km touring going in the Boxster [the first part]

This time is the second part(Final edition)We will send you My husband has been running along the road in Tohoku anyway during GW, but there are still many wonderful roads that have not been run yet.

Tohoku Box Star Touring Day 5

Today is the end "Ryutoizaki"I'm going to go. There is no particular concern in Ryutoizaki, but when I was a child, in the red and white song battle"Tsugaru Strait, winter scenery“I wanted to see the Tsugaru Strait actually with my own eyes,” he said, “I just wanted to see the Tsugaru Strait with my own eyes”.

Leave the hotel in Aomori city and head for the Tsugaru peninsula.
Go north on the east side of the peninsula with R280,Of the three roads that pass through the Tsugaru peninsula from east to west, it is the easiest to drive"K12 is said to be".

Certainly, this road is a pleasant road as depicted in the picture. With moderate ups and downs, gentle curves, and a wide track width, you can drive while maintaining high pace. Boxster continues to run with a gentle acceleration as if taking a deep breath.

Aomori prefectural road Route 12

On the west side of the peninsula you can see the 13 lakes, from which you can admire the magnificent Mt. Iwaki. As soon as you stop Boxster in the rest space on the way, young people who were nearby werePorsche! Porsche!It came and came close. And in a single word EnglishTake photo OK?"I heard that they answered" Sure! "And they started taking pictures with a rush of rush.

They were tourists from Vietnam, but in Vietnam, are Porsches rare?Would you like to open the door?I asked them, "Hold your hand at the door and take a picture, etc."Memorial photo meet with PorscheIt had an atmosphere like

After taking a shot for a while, the young people thanked me many times, saying, "Arigato Gozaimasu!"have a nice trip!And said goodbye greetings.

Iwaki mountain seen from Lake Jusan

Tourists from Vietnam who met at Lake 13

Tourists from Vietnam who met at Lake 13

Tourists from Vietnam who met at Lake 13

“I hope that some of these young people will be Porsche owners in the future,” and runs Boxster to the Ryudomari line, with a deep hope.

As you get closer to the Ryutomari line, the free running route by the seaTransform into hill climb course running up the hillDo. Below the Sea of Japan, a great tight corner and a straight straight.

Boxster's nephew will stop.

I do blipping to 2nd speed, 3rd speed, and 2nd speed, and enjoy the superb driving which is not extravagant, while making the buzz of the backfire blaring.

No longer, here is JapanStelvio Pass“It is no exaggeration to say that. It is a wonderful road.

Dragon night line

Dragon night line

Dragon night line

After enjoying the driving for a while, I finally arrived at Ryutoizaki. Hokkaido and its mountains can be seen in front of the Tsugaru Strait. It is a wonderful view.I should have come earlier if such a thing ...With such a little regret, next run Boxster to Morioka.



Take Aomori IC to Tohoku. It is a wonderful highway.There are few cars and a long straight continues endlessly.However, because the number of cars increased a little as you went south, in order to ensure safety, you should try not to run together in groups as much as possible, and try to run parallel to other cars as much as possible.

Accident at high speedThere are many cases in which other vehicles are involved and others are involved, so I try to run away from the group as much as possible..

Even so, it is far from Morioka. In the sense of the Kansai people, if you go to a town in the next prefecture such as Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto or Wakayama, it will not be easy to arrive, although it will be enough in one hour. As you can see if you calm down and look at the map, one prefecture is huge in the Tohoku region. "The prospect was a little sweet"I thought to run the car while thinking, but arrived safely in a hotel in Morioka city, heal the tiredness of the trip in the public bath, finished the day.

Boxster GTS

Boxster in Aomori Prefecture

Boxster overlooking Mt. Iwaki at Lake Jusan

Tohoku Box Star Touring Day 6

Wake up at a hotel in Morioka city and immediately think about today's route.The final destination is AizuwakamatsuIt is. However, as I still can not correctly grasp the sense of distance and positional relationship in the Tohoku region, I was stunned to know "the distance between Morioka and Aizuwakamatsu" on the map.

"Let's run along the sea, or let us go south at a stretch"I was troubled in various ways, so when I was in trouble, just with Wata's teacher,wata's blogSee you. Then wata said "If you are not running, you should go for a run by all meansIt is acclaimed ""Hachinohe River large-scale forest roadKnow the existence of

"If the master says, you should go for a run by all means!Then, take R455 to the east, and drive Boxster to the Hachinohe River large-scale forest road starting from the middle. The road is well maintained and no one is running. There are only four cars passing each other, and there are no cars going forward. It is completely reserved.

There are tight corners, straight and loose corners, ups and downs, all elements are included, traffic volume is low, and pavement condition and road width are good.

Hachinohe River large-scale forest road

Hachinohe River large-scale forest road

Hachinohe River large-scale forest road

This is definitely an AAA class winding.

In the sports plus mode, the exhaust valve is fully open. With the needle of the tachometer pointing almost vertically, the Boxster will make one, two and run through the corner while making a pleasant sound. At the corners continuing to the right and to the left, there is a feeling that the rear will shake a little compared to the latest 718, but I still think that it is the first class handling.

There is little gap with the sense of the driver,Handling is natural because there is no quick rendition more than necessaryIt is. Isn't it a point where I feel good driving?

Because it was a very pleasant way "Once again, let's go back and run the way we came"I thought, but I did not have much time, so I left Morioka with the thought of being pulled behind.

Boxster running in the countryside

Boxster running in the countryside

From here, we go south at a stretch using the Tohoku Expressway. Because the weather is good, open the roof at high speed and enjoy open driving.

It will be a personal point of view, but if you give me one of the 981 Boxster's disadvantages,Many windy winds open" To date, we have owned and operated some open cars, butDespite the presence of wind deflectors, the amount of wind entering the cabin is greater in modern open cars"I think that.

A day without wind is still good, but on a windy day there is a lot more wind involved from behind and diagonally behind.

Speaking of which, at the time it was delivered, my wife took a passenger seat and immediately(Compared to R171 SLK)the wind is strong"I was told. So, when opening at high speed, you may feel less wind if you wear a hat or cruise at a relatively fast speed.

Get off at Yabuki IC and take R294 to the Lake Inawashiro.If it is a little earlier, the cherry blossoms would have been beautiful at sight,While thinking, I took a short break in Awazu Park by the lake. A majestic Mt. Hiyama towered over the lake surface.

Ulsan and Boxster

Lake Inawashiro and Boxster

As we went northward K9 counterclockwise on the lakeside and waited for sunset at the parking lot in Kamitohama, a couple with young children came with a polite voice.

Lake Inawashiro and Boxster

Lake Inawashiro and Boxster

"Can I show you the Porsche?"

"Of course, please! If you like, please let me have your child sit"When I answered, my husband was allowed to take a picture with the child sitting in the driver's seat, etc. After that, flowers bloomed in Boxster and Porsche talks with the husband. I was really familiar with cars.

After taking a photo, I was thanked and the family walked to my car.

After a while"Soon we will go"I ran the parking lot with the Boxster engine,"I could see the beautiful yellow McLaren 650S parked in the back.And if you look closely at the face of the driver who is just trying to get in, you may not be the husband of the previous day!

"Were you coming at McLaren? !"If I don't think of McLaren with my family, I'm surprised to visit so,

Master: "Yes!"
Me: "It's fine, actually I was also riding the 650S before"
Master: "Eh, was that right?"

Conversation flowers bloom again through the car. It is said that he and his wife had two cars. After having a conversation for a while,I would like to go there again somewhere!"I left Lake Inawashiro.

Lake Inawashiro

However, I regretted that I had missed the contact information of McLaren's owner on the way home. There is a word that "kinds call friends"After all, people who have the same sense come to meet nature"I went to a hotel in Aizuwakamatsu, believing that I could meet somewhere else while thinking about the strangeness of chance."

Tohoku Box Star Touring Day 7

Today is the last day of Tohoku touring. I have to go home today for work from the next day.It is a little about 700km from Aizu Wakamatsu to home.Today is the beginning of a grand tour to go home at once.

Hokuriku Expressway

If time permits, I would like to see Tsuruga Castle, and I would like to go on a run in the direction of Mt.I will come again soonI swear by my heart and take a rattling Yuetsu car to head towards Niigata. Boxster remains at sixth speed and travels to Hokuriku Expressway at a constant cruise speed.

It was fine until the end, but from Kanazawa,A downpour like it went into a car wash machineI was caught. I can not see the front with a water screen, and the course is disturbed by strong wind. Boxster turns on rear fog and moves forward carefully, paying attention to the following cars. The water flow on the road was considerable, but the drainage performance of the new Michelin pilot sport 4S is excellent.

Even though it was midship, I was able to run with confidence, without being steered into the water pool at all.

Rain on the Hokuriku Expressway

By the way, what I felt in this long touring is that the "Pilot Sport 4S" has considerably higher straight-line stability compared to the previous tire "Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2." Goodyear is not bad either, but in comparison with Michelin, I feel the difference by all means.

Then,It should be noted that the height of the roundness of the tireIt is. It is particularly clear on a clean highway with paved roads, but there is a feeling that a very round thing is rolling.In the case of Goodyear, similar pavement felt a slight roughness and vibration, but in the case of Michelin it is not.If you run long distances this way, differences in tires will make you tired.

As we pass Yonehara and proceed to the Meishin Expressway, the rain will stop and the familiar landscape will increase.
I arrived at home in the evening, put my car in my garage and kept my breath, I finished the GW touring in 2019 by turning the keys slowly while working from the tiredness of the trip with gratitude to Boxster.

Total mileage: 3067 km
Total operating time: 50 hours 24 minutes
Total fuel consumption: 8.9 L / 100 km (approximately 11.2 km / L)
Average speed: 61 km / h

Next time, go to Tohoku again with GT3!

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  1. Gori

    Good morning, Mr. Mina.

    My husband, I felt relieved as he came home properly.
    I was worried that Tohoku was too good and I would not come back. Lol

    But the story is over and I am a little lonely. .

    I also wanted to go to Tohoku. It is a dream far from me with a small child. .

    And I read about it as it was easy-to-read sentences as usual and stories of encounters on the road.

    Everyone loves Porsche. I'm glad.

    It would be nice if there was an event like a day when the children get in touch with various super cars and cars.

    It may be a social contribution to foster children who can do their best.

    And I am always moved by the depth of my husband's Porsche love.

    The first Porsche is Boxster.

    I would like to read the story from the decision to Boxster until it is delivered.

    My dream from my childhood came true and I was really happy. . Cry

    Porsche is a car with a dream.

    I will also work hard from tomorrow! ! !

    • MinaMina

      Always always thank you very much!

      That's right. I think that Tohoku is too good to come back,
      After that I passed through Nishinomiya without going home, and I was worried about whether I would go to around Kyushu, but it was good (lol)

      > It would be nice if there was an event like a day when the children get in touch with various super cars and cars.
      This is really true. If you actually touch it, it will be a memorable experience, perhaps an experience that may change your life after that.

      > I would like to read the story from the decision to Boxster until it is delivered, if there is another opportunity.
      Thank you! I would like my husband to write (laughs) I will say a little!

      We, too, that Mr. Gori commented like this is the vitality from tomorrow!
      By all means, I hope to see you in the class.
      Continue to thank you.

  2. TAP

    The master's "it was fun" was well read through the first part, the middle part, the second part, I also read it happily.

    It is good touring. When stress of the company becomes Max, I go out for touring bullet touring with one hand on a national road map, with the destination facing the foot of two nights without a destination. My wife does not accompany me at all because it is a trip running around the downright path without stopping at all the famous places except my favorite aquarium.

    However, since it is the limit in Morioka and Aizu area in Tohoku if it is 2 days and 1 night from Kanto, I am inspired by the master and think that I aim for Ryuhoi this time. To protect the GR-91 I know and purchased on this blog (laughs

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much for reading the touring book and telling you that way.

      > Except for your favorite aquarium in your hobbies, you will not stop at any sights, and your wife will not accompany you at all, as it is a journey that runs wildly on a daunting basis (laughs)
      Mr. TAP, I am very well with my husband (laughs)

      Compared to Kansai, Kanto is closer to Tohoku, so it is very envious.
      If there are two nights and three days, can we go far ahead? Please drop in at Ryuhoda by all means ^ ^

      > As an admonition to GR-91 you know and purchased on this blog (laughs
      Thank you so much! Thank you!
      Then you can enjoy running as much as possible ^ ^
      If there is touring information by all means again, I would be glad if you could tell me. Thank you for your continued support.

  3. Sakon

    Though it is Morioka, how is this large forest road in Hachinohe River. I thought Hachinohe and Morioka were over 100 km ... but there was such a way. We did not know though it was the neighboring prefecture.
    It is more than 200km away from Sendai though it is adjacent prefecture, but I would like to go by all means this time.

    I enjoyed watching it in a very easy-to-read manner. I also expect the next report ^ ^

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      There's still a way in Tohoku that the locals don't even know ...!
      No, Tohoku is really wide ...! It's amazing.

      The touring note, I think that next time it will be break-in after GT3 has arrived,
      I'm glad if I can look forward to it again ^ ^

  4. wata

    Really yeah ~.

    ... and while watching, I saw the Tohoku Touring trilogy.
    The exhilaration that makes Boxster run on the Ryutomari Line and the large-scale forest road in Hachinohe River has revived Gingin, and I also wanted to go to Tohoku.

    However, I do not do any good deeds that I can call "master".
    I am really happy if the ugly Blog can help you a little, but please stop "Master", "Master" (sweat).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for seeing all of the touring notes ^ ^!

      > The exhilaration that makes Boxster run on the Ryudo Line and the large-scale forest road in Hachinohe River has come back to Gingin, and I also wanted to go to Tohoku.

      Thank you! wata's Tohoku three times! (Four or five?) Tohoku is really different in scale. I want to go too!

      > But I do not do any good deeds that I can call "master".
      > I'm really happy if the ugly Blog can help you a little, but please stop "Master", "Master" (sweat).

      My husband always tells me about wata at home, "Wow, I can do wata,"
      When I told my husband about this comment, he said, "A teacher should stay in my heart only."

      Also, my husband is looking at Sakata's article by Mr. Wata again, and I think she will remember Shikoku with "Honma Ewa", so I will go in the near future.

      Continue to thank you ^ ^