Porsche Panamera tires punctured – puncture repair costs, oil refilling etc.

Panamera turbo

Panamera, punk?

On the last day of the GW, when I finished shopping and turned on the Panamera engine, there was an error display on the meter. If you look at it "Please fill the air"a.

"If it runs for a while, the display will disappear. It will be punk again.Fortunately, I'm near the Porsche Center, so let's see on the way home"I was thinking that, but on that day the store itself was closed at GW, so I decided to go back to my home once. Just in case, to my husband in Tohoku touring,Such a display appears, but punk?When I mail it,

"It's punk, so it's better to ride."

That reply is. Certainly, it would be better to not ride. However, I did not feel a punk, so I tried to check the tires after getting down,It is not an atmosphere that the air pressure is considerably reduced, especially if there is no appearance that a nail is stuck.

But if I check the air pressure deviation again ...

Hmm ... After all, just the right front wheel is punky. So, the next morning after the holidays, I immediately contacted the dealer in charge of H,

A warning is given to the tire which reduced minus 0.3 firstHowever, if all the tires are marked negative, the air pressure is only decreasing, so it is safe to refill. However, in this case it may be a punk. I think you should go early, but will you arrange for a wrecker?

And. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry (-_-) to arrange for a wrecker on purpose," I adjusted my time and decided to go for a punk repair that day. Again, it's a great deal,I also decided to get oil refilling.

Punk repair at the Porsche Center

When we arrived at the Porsche Center and saw the Panamera by the service, "The work is completed in about an hourDuring that time, I decided to wait in the store.

There were no other children in the morning on weekdays, so the next girl was playing quite freely with kids space reserved.

(Spin on the car ... novel)

I finished the work as planned and heard the explanation, "A screw about 1 cm was stuck on the right front wheel"That's it." Where did you stab ... Speaking of which the right front wheel was punk before. After all, with puncture repair, oil 1.5 L replenishment,The total cost is about 14000 yenwas. I'm glad I wasn't replacing the whole tire ... I'm relieved.

I talked to my husband who came home,

After all punk did, but the right is punk. Maybe it's because the tires are thick, and it's because it passes through the zebra zone with lots of dust and dirt in the right turn and confluence.

It was said. I'm not running at a construction site or a gravel road, and I'm not going to drive just behind the construction track (w), so it might be a possible cause.

Oil replenishment of Panamera

I was asked to add Panamera's oil refilling this time, but I felt that this time Panamera was doing oil refilling somehow somehow, so I decided to try and calculate it for trial.

The last time I changed oil last September. The driving distance at that time was 13,246 km. And the distance traveled at the time of oil replenishment this time is 21,037km. In other words,

I ran 7,791 km and refilled 1.5 liters.

I mean.

If you think so, the oil is not extremely reduced,It's just runningIs that so? Next month, I will go to Fuji Speedway at the Panameera and participate in the Porsche Truck Experience, so I feel relieved.

Anyway, next month's Porsche event is really fun ~.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. SN

    Hello. As I looked at this article, I thought that the air pressure was only slightly reduced to the right front (about 2 psi) ... and when I examined it, my Panamera was pierced and punctured. As 0.3 bar is 4.35 psi, the warning light is Tsukukun if you go there.
    The oil ran for 8000 km, but it has not been reduced. Is it different from Turbo? Recent eco-driving is also quite thanks to it ... Even though hybrid says "I don't care about eco and fuel consumption", when I don't need much engine power such as crowded roads and high speed Tend to be motor-centric drives in hybrid and e modes. And sometimes I play with launch controls and paddle shifts. I think it is a really good car because it can be either way.

    • MinaMina

      > My Panamera was punctured by nails.
      Eh! ! ! ! That's right! What is it, why is it right in front again (laughs)
      So it was good to notice it.

      After all, I think hybrids will be fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
      Although the turbo is good in terms of fuel consumption in this size and power, there is also a part that looks like a drain of gasoline (laughs)
      Also, in my case, I run a lot of winding, and I get rid of more oil.

      If you think so, the hybrid is great.

      Also, just because SN is riding a hybrid,
      When Tykan is on sale, I would like you to take a test ride and tell me the difference etc. ...!

      In my home, there is a topic such as "The Panamera Turbo has too much power, and from the carry-over of the treasure, if you buy the next Panamera Naha ..." (laughs)

  2. SN

    I think the power has never been better
    Both Mina and her husband (if you haven't tried it yet) try the Panamera or Cayenne hybrids.
    The next aim is 911 Hybrid! I'm not sure when it will come out.
    Oh, Subaru STI also runs very well. I think that I would like to compare with Boxster per day someday.

    • MinaMina

      > I think power has never exceeded it lol
      Certainly, cars with power are still great. However, in Japan, there is no way it can be demonstrated, and recently I feel a sense of carryover of treasures very much ...
      It would be great if it was in the United States or something!
      I would like to try a hybrid model by all means! I would like to get in when the next cayenne comes out!

      > Oh, Subaru STI also runs very well. I would like to compare it with Boxster
      Thank you very much! ! The review will be quite written w!