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911 speed star production

The other day, "Finally, the new 911 Speed Star has entered into mass productionWhen the news was announced.

Finally, the new 911 Speed Star is in mass production!

My husbandGreat!"I was excited without saying. I asked, "I think it's great news for Speedster to be produced, but how great it is?"

GPF will be released in Europe from now(Gasoline particulate filter)I was worried that "The 911 Speed Star would have to be powered down, or it would not be able to release it if it was not good enough."
In fact,Sales of BMW M3 were discontinued in Europe, and the production of hyper cars scheduled for production by Mercedes AMG was also delayedIt's from. So, clear the criteria this timeIt is amazing that Speedster has made it to productionOr. I think Porsche has done my best. However, with the GPF attached, there remain concerns that the sound may be quiet or the sound quality may change.

It was that.

GPF... I have heard something about it a bit, but I would like to know if it is an important issue so I decided to check it a little.

PN regulation of EURO 6

The particulate emission regulations for gasoline cars are2009 'EURO5'It started from. Then, on September 1, 2014, the regulation stipulating the emission control value of air pollutants by automobileEURO 6Was implemented in the EU. Especially in this EURO6 "Particulate matter(Particles of solid or liquid with a size of micrometer (μm))"When"NOx(Nitrogen oxide)Strictly regulated levels of emissionsbecame.

As a result, after January 1, 2015,All new cars sold in the EU have to meet this EURO 6 limit.

Furthermore, from September 2017,EURO 6 d-TEMPStricter emission standards, called(PM: Particulate Matter)From the place where it was the regulation value of “discharge mass”"Number of emitted particles(PN: Particulate Number)Introduced regulatory valuesIt was done. The reason is,

It was necessary to set the regulation value of the number of emission particles, because the regulation value of the emission amount is "it is easy to invade the human body and the ultra-fine particle which is concerned about the influence on human health is hardly reflected in the numerical value".

That's why. Because of that, we control the particle by "the number of emissions""PN regulation"Was introduced. This allows automakers to emit particulates from gasoline engines,It had to be reduced by a factor of 10 compared to the 2009 "EURO5".

* Article Source:CATALAR "GPF catalyst"

GPF appearance

PN(The number of particles of discharged particulates)Regulation, PM(Particulate matter)Unlike the mass restrictions ofNeed to reduce the number of small particulate matter dischargedThere is. What does that is the filter “GPF that has a function to collect particulates emitted from the engine of a car.(Gasoline particulate filter)It is.

Just according to this GPF, December 2018 car media article,There is a weight of about 7kg, Porsche this GPF "One 4-cylinder engine"Two 6 & 8 cylinder enginesIt is said that it is equipped.

* Article Source:FORZA STYLE [car is also suffering in weight] analyzes the new grade T model of Porsche!

Sports cars have to be equipped with GPFLightening technology is required more than ever, and development costs are also risingAs a result, many manufacturers are forced to discontinue production and power down sports models.

I see, that's a big deal.

Porsche Clean Air Technology

So, when Porsche examined how it cleared this GPF installation problem, Porsche Japan sitePorsche clean airFound an article on

Since September 1, 2018, Porsche has adopted a particulate filter to capture particulate matter in gasoline models, and it is stated that two six- and eight-cylinder engines will be fitted.

Porsche has been on trial and error to incorporate particulate filters into gasoline models for about two years. In particular,If the engine room is a compact model such as the 718 or 911, you can not lay out a large exhaust systemTherefore, it was necessary to redesign the GPF completely.

After two years, Porsche finallyDevelopment of new GPF less dependent on temperature and loadsucceeded in. At the time of engine control, the maximum torque and exhaust temperature become high and the filter becomes hot. The particles collected by the filter are said to be burned and regenerated over time.

The head of development team is "In normal driving, it is unlikely to feel any adverse effects"Affirmed." That's why I can say that because I have run hundreds of thousands of kilometers of testing and thoroughly examined the new exhaust gas purification system.

* Article · Image Source:Porsche Japan "Christophorus: Clean Air"

So, let's get back to the Speedster ... this new 911 SpeedstarMaximum output is 510 hp, 4.0 L horizontally opposed 6-cylinder NA engine that rotates up to 9000 rpmIt is really amazing that the sports car loaded with this engine has been released with the EURO 6 PN regulation standard cleared.

The Porsche that has been committed to naturally aspirated enginesObsession"It can be said that the result was born.

NA engine inherited

As a result, Porsche fans have been told that until now the GT3 of 991.2 will be the last NA engine, but with this technology,The 992 GT3 and GT3RS may also be released as NA?There is a growing expectation that

In fact, Andreas Ploeninger, head of the Porsche GT division,

"The 4.0 L horizontally opposed six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine installed in the new 911 Speed Star will be adopted in future models.I want to maintain the naturally aspirated engine in the future by adhering to the naturally aspirated.We are working hard to develop an appropriate engine without losing impression and performance. "

Say. In fact, it is not clear which model the engine will be used for, but the most likely is the next-generation GT3.

* Article Source:carview “The next Porsche 911 GT3 equipped with a 4.01 natural intake engine of the new Speedster?”

Anxious engine sound

However, as my husband said, "With GPF, there is a concern that the sound may be quieter or the sound quality may change." There was also.

The only thing that caught me was the sound. The main cause of the exhaust noise that is emphasized by the sound of the bass and the bass and is not good is probably the GPF (gasoline particulate filter) provided in the European specification. I just hope that the Japanese specification sounds a bit better.
* Article Source: Clicccar:The first Porsche 911 Carrera S & 4S! Mr. Yasuhisa Shimashita reports the fact of the type 992.

I see ... is that so? I just can't figure out unless you actually see the 992 on a trial ride or run.

Actually, regarding the new 911 Speed Star,"2" Speedster production frame get information in the vicinityFrom the readers. No, I'm a great reader.

Both cars will be able to come to the Yuei Driveway after delivery, so at that time I would also like to hear from you and let him go for worship.

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