The new Porsche 911 (Type 992) I ordered is a cabriolet!

Living with Porsche

The original 911 ...

Regarding the transfer of Panamera in our house,New 911 (992) decidedI wrote that the other day, but today I would like to be able to tell you which grade was among the new 911.

First, to conclude, "911 Carrera CabrioletIt was decided.

When I was saying, "Is it a Cayenne or a Tican?", I never thought of eventually landing on a convertible.

1 Reason

First of all, my husband talks about the reason for choosing 911 Carrera S and 911 Carrera 4S instead of plain 911 like this.

Considering that town riding and daily use are the main,It's enough if you have 385 horsepower with "raw".Also, I've got a lot of Porsche "prime" models on board, but it's well-balanced and it's really yeah.
Needless to say, "S" is wonderful, but it's also possible to get 450 horsepower by paying about 3.37 million yen, the difference between element and S ...It ’s better to make it a “raw” model and add your own optionsI thought.
And if I buy an S, I don't feel like going to the turbo S even more.


Certainly, the other day, I had a chance to drive my husband's acquaintance's 991.2 GTS for several days, but I said, "If there are many street rides, this power feeling can be quite surprising ...I guess the easiest to use is"I felt.

2 Reason for choosing cabriolet

My husband has always loved luxury coupe like Mercedes-Benz SL.(At one time, I owned SL500 (R129))At first, my husband said,Let's make it a rigid specification like PC911 attached to 911's raw coupeHowever, if that were the case, the emphasis would be on "running" and it would slightly overlap with the existing GT3,

After all, I will not play on GT3, but rather play GT3.I've always loved SL, so this 911 will be as close as possible to this line.
Also, the fact that the roof opens is a big thing. Extremely hot, but for example, in a city with many stop and go, riding a GT3 or riding an eco car does not change the mood much. However, once the roof is opened, it becomes an extraordinary attraction at once. I used to say openness and rigidity in the past, but it doesn't matter at all unless you aim for a good time on the circuit. Does not matter.

And began to say. However"In a cabriolet, do you wear Boxster in my house?I thought, but my husband

Boxster is a NA6 cylinder MT, GTS, sound is really good, just a sports car. However, this cabriolet does not want to be too fast, I also want to open the roof slowly and run on the highway,Rather, I want to make the interior more calm and more comfortable.
That's why I think you can differentiate yourself from Boxster by getting closer to your favorite luxury coupe.
Also, the number of cabriolets is small, so I don't think we'll have to wear it with the new 911 we see in town, and the resale looks a little better.

He said.

3 Body color

The body color of this 911 is ``Aventurine green metallic" It is a new color from the new 911. I thought the dark blue was cool, but now it's in my houseNight Blue Metallic (dark blue) Panamera is easily contaminatedSo this time, I decided to use a body color that is not dark blue.

Crayons are beautiful, but GT3 is also a crayon. In that case, the silver system seems to be good,"GT Silver Metallic" or "Aventurine Green Metallic"As a result,

Since the 992 is a car with many classic Porsche elements in its design, the calm color of Aventurine Green seems to match well

So, the car in our houseAventurine Green 911 Carrera CabrioletBecame. By the way, the hood is brown.

The specifications of the 911 Cabriolet will follow ...

This year's 911 talks about keeping the wheels normal and putting on sports exhaust or not. Once the specifications are completely decided, I hope to share it on my blog again.

But,Porsche's factory will be shut down for a while due to the new CoronavirusI don't know when the production will take place or when the car will be delivered. I hope that Panamera's vehicle inspection is in time ... but it's a bit impossible ...


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  1. Billiken

    It is a cub ride of 992 Carrera S,
    It is comfortable without a roof.
    Even if it is cold, children will be excited when they are open!
    Now, how long is the delivery date?
    In Japan, 911 is more coupe proportion,
    It may take some time because it is a cabriolet minority
    I guess ...

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > Even if it's cold, kids will be excited when you open it!
      It's a very happy sight! It's really nice that the children enjoy the drive.

      The delivery date was said to be around August this year if possible,
      I wonder what happens to the effects of corona ...

  2. Fujikawa

    After all, when I bought 911, I blew out tea even at the time of the article, but my eyes are no longer a point with a cabriolet in the rain ...

    That's right, I was running on Rokko mountain at 987 on the last three holidays, but I passed by the crayon-colored GT3, but is it my husband?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      Rainy day cabriolet ... (laughs)

      > That's right, I was running at Rokko Mountain at 987 on the last three holidays last Friday, but it passed by with a crayon-colored GT3, is it really a husband?
      Oh, I was in Rokko on Friday!
      Probably my husband! !

  3. Wooper

    Mina ...
    What is a cabriolet by more ...
    I can't say anything anymore (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper

  4. nave

    Good evening, Mina-san.

    Sorry for the comment.
    And I'm sorry to hit it and repeat (laugh)

    With a cabriolet, even if your child grows up, there is a feeling of pressure over the head
    It can be reduced by making an oven
    Even if it is said that you can open it, I will clear your head if you open it
    It is a solution in one word

    At this point, I want to apply the specifications.

    All leather interior only with spoeg and feet
    It's normal without PASM.

    Oven + occasionally open flap for comfortable sound
    Is it true that you are playing? How to enjoy the oven car
    Is it Naruchan? I secretly think.

    I'm sorry to say just the right thing.

    I want to look forward to the next answer

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      Thank you for guessing (laughs)

      While viewing the blog,
      Do you feel like you're starting to understand your home? w

      I think that it is a car life that children can enjoy only because they are small,
      I hope I can make a lot of memories.

      I will post an article about the specifications soon.
      Please look forward to it.