What is the difference between the first half and the second half of the 991 type riding on the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS?

Test drive report for each car

My husband wrote the impression the other day that he had driven a Porsche 911 Targa 4GTS of an acquaintance. The 911 Targa is a car that I have always admired. Please see if you like.

911 Targa 4 GTS, test drive

The other day, although it is a short timeI had the opportunity to drive the Targa 4GTS of the previous term (type 991.1).At the same time, I borrowed a late-stage (991.2) Carrera GTS from an acquaintance and used it for a while on my everyday use.

The 991.1 Targa we tested this time is a Targa 4 GTS with a carmine red body. In terms of specificationsNA horizontally opposed 6 cylinder, 3.8L 430ps / 7500rpm, maximum torque 44.9kg ・ m / 5750rpmIt is.

First, when you start running with the engine, as your first impression,heavyI felt. this isIt is big that I was on a turbo-powered 991.2 late GTS until just beforeI think so.

In particular, I felt particularly at the speed of 30km / h and 40km / h from the start.

However, this is, without misunderstanding, comparative. if,If you ride this Targa 4GTS normally, there is no doubt that it is a high-powered sports car,Perhaps no one is frustrated.

In fact, after about a minute, I was completely used to it, and I didn't feel any discomfort.

As for the feeling of the engine, it is a NA engine. It is completely different from the latter model.The first thing I feel is the soundIt is. The treble exhaust sound is very pleasant.

Compared to the 981 Boxster Spider etc. loaded with the same type of engine, it is not that explosive sound,There is a volume that is not ashamed of the name of GTS.GTS models of this era, 911, Macan, Boxster, Cayman, all sound great anyway.

The clear sound of playing and the occasional afterfire sound produced are really exciting.

991GTS, first half and second half comparison

Regarding the power, the service goes up to 991.2 of the immediate after model.The power of the latter model is 450PS which is increased by 20PS, but the maximum torque is quite different. 56.1kg ・ m / 2150-5000rpm, especially since the generated rotation range is low, so the perceived torque is completely different.

The latter model, which produces power by rotation, compared to the latter model, which gives a sense of torque coming from a low speed. ifThe latter type is easier to drive in places where there are many stop and go in town ridingI think so. On the other hand,The former model is more excellent in terms of the ease of growth and the excitement of torque when turning the engine to some extent and accelerating.In terms of time, the second half will be faster, but if the engine is running to some extent, the first half will feel faster. I think this is due to the high-pitched exhaust sound and how the torque rises.

Ask the owner,PDK shifts are faster in the second half than in the first half, and the new 992 is faster than the second halfI was saying. In my short test drive, the difference from the 992 was clearly evident, but the difference between the early and late PDKs of the 991 was not so clear.

About underbody,This Targa 4 GTS is PDCC(Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control)Was installed, but again, this effect is greatI think it will be. It's a very expensive option, but it's a must-have if you have the budget.

In particular,First, the ride is good. Anyway, it's flat and there is little swaying feeling.Also, when cornering, it fits in the minimum amount of roll, and it feels like running through a corner flatly.

In my memory, when comparing the first half and the second half of 991, the latter half had a clearer undercarriage and a stronger impression of ground contact,This Targa 4 GTS feels as good as the latter model.I think the PDCC effect is more or less effective.

Also,Targa may be a big 4WD.Even though he is stable throughout and gets out of the tight corners at a reasonable speed, he does not feel scared to catch the ground with four wheels and escape.

By the way, because it is Targa, it is an open car. However, it doesn't feel like that when the roof is closed.The roof is so crisp that you forget that it will open completely, and it doesn't feel like anything.Even if you push the ceiling from the room, it is not elastic like a hood, it is a very refreshing material.

Of course, I think the level of rigidity is at a level where amateurs can never tell the difference. In addition, about wind entrainment at high speed,Asking the owner, wind speed gradually increases from about 80 km / h or moreIt was said that Because it was Targa, he said that the difficulty in bleeding air into the rear was also a factor.

Targa is rare

According to what I heard, Targa produced much less than the GT3,It seems to be the rarest 911 grade.This time it's GTS, so it's more rare. Thank you very much for the owner who put on such a rare grade. Please ride carefully from now on.


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  1. Manma

    Mr. Mina

    Thank you for your help.
    It is until the middle.

    How is your physical condition?
    I think that there is anxiety about corona, but mother and child are healthy
    I believe in your time.

    By the way, thank you for your valuable 991.1 Targa 4GTS information.
    In addition, I was very interested in reading the GTS model, comparing it with 991.1 and 991.2! !

    By the way, if you have comments about the engine start sound for each model
    Can you teach me?
    As with the volume, if you can give us various opinions such as sound quality and comfort
    I'm happy!

    By the way, in this area, the thaw has advanced, and my love machine is running slowly.
    If you can get a good distance, contact the owner's file
    I will do it.

    Then, please love yourself and Mina.

    • MinaMina

      Good looks

      Thanks to you, your physical condition is good.

      > Furthermore, I was very interested in reading GTS models 991.1 and 991.2. !
      Thank you!

      I asked my husband about the engine start sound of each model,
      Although there was not much difference in the volume of each model, the latter part may have a lower tone, so some people may feel it louder in the latter part.

      In the first semester, the tachometer jumped up slightly with the phone, and in the second semester, it felt like a bon (a sorry sensory expression)
      But both said that the Porsche engine start sound was good.

      Oh, the thaw is going on!
      Is the influence of corona OK?

      We look forward to your feedback on GTS again!
      Thank you!

  2. To be sunny

    Targa: That's good.

    I've always reserved Targa 4GTS, but after all the frame does not come around ww
    Normal Targa, etc. I bought a GTS coupe after all, without having to wait around.

    Indeed, Targa GTS is the rarest in the 911 series and the one that does not drop in price right now.
    I think that GT3 is rare, and it is being produced ... I think that it is only a GT3 in the city.

    This time in 992, Targa! I've been talking to the dealer for a long time,

    It was unexpected with Carrera Cabrio. Do you expect delivery time?

    Speaking of which, my home was delivered Conch GT cabriolet. I thought I was late in the corona.
    There is no problem in 812 and Rome in the first place because my turn is still far from it, but the slope scheduled for May is likely to be delayed. Wait patiently enough to come when you forget.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      It seems that Targa's frame is really small ... More when it comes to Targa 4GTS ...
      As you said, GT3 series is quite common in the city, but Targa is hardly seen, so it's hard to drop the price.

      The Continental GT was delivered!
      congratulations! ! !

      Well, I wonder if the influence of corona is not small,
      Was it just fine? It was good! ! !

      The slope is late ...
      The Carrera Cabriolet in my house is said to be August when it is ordered,
      Even now nothing is said, but because the factory is shut down, I will definitely be late ... I will wait patiently ^ ^;