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When buying a Porsche, many people say "What options to addI think it will be a lot of trouble. My husband often worked as a configurator and said,This option is essential ... if you put everything on, it's too expensive"And so on.(Configure w even if you do not plan to buy a model)

Meanwhile, one of the options that many people worry about whether to put onSports chrono packageThere is. According to the Porsche Japan site as of January 2020, the option price was 388,056 yen for normal 911.(Panamera is 313,705 yen, Cayenne is 182,315 yen and the price differs depending on the model)

981 Boxster Stopwatch

981 Boxster Stopwatch

If you attach a sports chrono package to a model currently being sold,Actively enhanced engine, chassis and transmission performance for more sport drivingbecome. Specifically, three functions are added to the vehicle.

・ Launch control system that enables racing start which is the most efficient starting acceleration(Only for PDK)
・ Four types of driving modes, Normal, Sports, Sports Plus and Individual, can be selected according to the driving style. A mode switching dial is attached to the steering wheel
・ A sports response mode switch that keeps the maximum throttle response for about 20 seconds is installed.

It has nothing to do with running performance, but with the Sport Chrono Package,A stopwatch is attached to the dashboard.We hear that many people choose the sports chrono package because they want to wear this stopwatch.

971 Panamera stopwatch

971 Panamera stopwatch

Furthermore, in combination with Porsche Connect's navigation module, you can measure lap times, check driving data, record and manage results, and share and compare data with other drivers Will be possible.(* Source:Porsche Japan "Sport Chrono Package")

By the way, sports chrono package options can be retrofitted. In the past, the 970 Panamera Edition I bought was a new car, but it was not equipped with a sports chrono package, so I had it retrofitted by a dealer.However, in that case, the stopwatch itself can not be attachedThat's it.

How about a sports chrono package?

All of our water-cooled Porsche have a sports chrono package.Boxster GTS (981) and 911 GT3 (991.2) are standard equipment, and Panamera (971) is optional.Was.

Whenever I run winding,"Sports" or "Sports mode"Change to and run. By changing the mode, the undercarriage becomes much harder, and in the case of PDK, you can experience sports driving at high revolutions, and even with a huge body like Panamera, you can turn corners quickly and it is very fun.

971 Panamera steering

As for Boxster,Auto-blipping is ON when in Sport Plus modebecome(In the case of 718, it seems that auto-blipping is turned on with Sports Plus or more), Boxster's echo of every downshiftBuon, Buon"Because the roar is too pleasant, be sure to run in sports plus mode on winding and highways.

When I didn't know much about Porsche,Whether you wear a sports chrono package or not, it doesn't matter. It's too expensiveBut now I'm glad my husband kept it on.

With this sports chrono package, even amateurs like me,You can drive even more with the performance of Porsche, and you can feel the wonder of Porsche's driving more.

When I joined Porsche's driving school, I entered the program in Sport Plus mode all the time, but there were many surprising scenes, such as "Even if you run slalom at such a high speed, you can turn so much!"

Sports chrono package my husband thinks

And regarding this sports chrono package, my husband said,If you buy a Porsche, be sure to put it on. There is no alternative!"When I asked him again about the reason, he said like this.

Porsche sports chrono package sports plus button

981 Boxster GTS Sports Plus Button

This is the value of each person,I do not see Porsche as a "luxury car", but as a "high performance car".So, even though there is a mode that can bring out the performance of 100%, I don't want to seal it and ride it.

When. Indeed, it is a high-performance car. My husband continued

Sports and sports plus are quite different, depending on the model.For example, in the case of Boxster GTS, it feels like "Sport plus increased exercise performance by about 10%." I don't feel like riding it without enjoying it. So I definitely want a sports chrono package.
By the way, I don't care if you have a stopwatch.

When. `` Our home is a family that values running, such as running on a mountain path or a circuit, running a long distance on a highway, so after all sports sports chrono package is indispensable ''

Sayana. But I don't fly that much, and I run mostly in the cityFunction not required at all for those who are riding Porsche as `` luxury car ''I think.
Also, Porsche's options are not considered much for resale, but the price is quite different if there is no sports chrono package. In that senseEven if you pay the option fee, there is little real lossI think

It was that. I would also like to ask my husband for opinions on other options such as PDCC and rear axle steering.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. To be sunny

    Or rather, do not seal the original performance. In other words, I think that it is standard equipment from the beginning.

    Three kinds of sacred artifacts, Spokuro, Spoeki, Sposhashi

    It is about Porsche-even the same grade will have a difference in performance with OP.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Certainly (lol)
      And if you put on three kinds of sacred things, it will exceed 1 million yen (laugh)

  2. Kenji Suzuki

    I always enjoy reading. A few years have passed since my 60th birthday, but I was riding more than 30 years ago with the 911 Carrera in 1986 and the 964 911 Cabrio in 1989. I enjoyed the A-class license at FISCO and enjoyed running young.
    For the last 20 years or so, it has been a Mercedes, and now it is an S-class cabriolet. There is nothing in comparison with G63 AMG before transfer. After all, it is around this time that I think it is a modern version of 911.
    It is likely to be around 2300 if you add an option to Carrera S or Carrera 4S.
    The blog is a very good reference and I appreciate it. The engine sound is not as sharp as in the air-cooled era, but the performance is the best. Spin experience is only on the circuit, but nostalgic slippery 1986 Carrera, I am considering purchasing while chasing illusion.
    I am very helpful. Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Suzuki

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      How! ! You are riding a genuine Porsche. wonderful! !

      > It is likely to be around 2300 if you add an option to Carrera S or Carrera 4S.
      911 is expensive… Thank you for saying that the blog is helpful.
      The air-cooled engine sound was a valuable tone that could only be produced by air cooling.

      Even with water cooling, I changed from NA to turbo, and I think the tone is changing steadily.

      I will continue to write blogs.
      I'm glad if you can continue watching. Thank you!