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Should I wear Porsche's popular option "Sports Chrono Package" the other day? After that, this time,Sports exhaust systemI want to write about the options.

Porsche's popular option Should I wear a sports chrono package?

If you press the switch while driving with the optional "Sports exhaust", the engine sound will be louder than usual. Looking at the site,

Activating the Sport Exhaust System makes it possible to enhance the sound specific to each model. From the horizontally opposed engine to the electric drive, a unique roar resounds.

It is written, but it certainly is like that.

Sports exhaust can be turned on / off with a switch on the center console panelTherefore, if you want to run quietly in the city or the like, you can turn off if you want to run normally with the engine sound.

By the way, in the past, you could have heard the engine sound with the sports exhaust installed on the Porsche site configurator, but now that function is gone.(afterwards,HereI heard that you can listen to the sound at

Also, if you attach a sports exhaust,The muffler turns into a specially designed sports tailpipe.Regarding the color, it seems that a silver tail pipe or a black tail pipe can be selected.

By the way, 911 changes like this.

911 standard

911 silver color tail pipe

911 black tail pipe

In the case of Panamera,

Panamera standard

Panamera Silver color tail pipe

Panamera Black tail pipe

Anyway, crayon Panamera is cool ... I mean, crayon is cool for any model. By the way, my boxer Panamera also has a sports exhaust, but it has such a muffler.

The option price of the current sports exhaust system starts at 333,000 yen(Depending on model)It is said.

How about sports exhaust?

I always make sure that my sports exhaust option is turned on when I buy it. If you actually try to run, "Depending on your mood and environment, switch on / off to enjoy the engine soundI think the place is very good.

The switch off is enough in the city, but when you want to run through mountain roads, you feel a little unsatisfactory. In such a case, if sports exhaust is turned on, you can enjoy running with your five senses including the engine sound.

Also, if you have the sports chrono package option,Changing the mode to "Sports" or "Sports Plus" will change the engine sound more sporty and dynamicYou can feel it.

By the way, my husband is saying about sports exhaust like this.

Basically, the sound is louder, the exhaust is better removed, and the sound quality is more emphasis on deep bass. Moreover, there is some elegance in the sound. Speaking of GT3 only, the instruction manual does not change the maximum torque,Optimized exhaust pressure increases torque at low and medium speedsIt is written to the effect.
Because it is a Porsche variable exhaust,Somewhere like a muffler, just the sound does not change, it is focused on performance onlyIt looks like
Also, there are some models where the effect of sports exhaust is remarkable depending on the model, and some models do not. As far as I know,Late 987 and 997 are not too noisy, 981 and 991 are noticeably louder.The latter half of the 958 Cayenne has a slightly mature impression. . 971 Panamera is quite different.(Subjectivity based on personal feelings)
One of the options that I don't want to remove for this option. Of course the loudness and power of the sound are good,When the mode is changed to sports or sports plus, it is fun that the exhaust changes in conjunction with it.You can enjoy the car twice, as if you had changed into another car. Especially for Panamera Turbo, it is remarkable.
The Panamera Turbo's Sport Turismo where my brother was riding before did not have a sports exhaust,Without it, it would be difficult to tell whether it changed even in sports or sports plus mode,I felt something unsatisfactory.
Also, sports exhaust can be retrofitted, so even if it is not attached at the time of ordering, it will be attached later, so I think it is good to try a change of mind.

And that. No, Porsche has many attractive options, so it is troublesome w

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  1. Ishi


    A must-have option for the 911 Boxster Cayman, sports exhaust. (Isn't 718 a spoegie standard right now?)
    Unfortunately, I couldn't realize the effect I expected with the 2.0L 718 Boxster I previously owned, but it may be because the comparison object was a 981 spoeggi.

    In my case, there are almost no running situations that require spoegi in Panamera, but I feel that if I buy with a new car I will eventually attach it.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Compared to that wonderful engine sound of the 981 Spyder's sports exhaust, all seem to be hazy (laughs)

      Certainly, in Panamera there is no opportunity to run with so much engine sound,
      It sounds good when accelerating on a highway.

      > If you buy a new car, I feel like you will end up with it.
      If you don't, you may think later that you'd be glad you did it ^^;

  2. Crescent Moon

    If you do not turn it on, there is no problem, so it is not a problem, so I think that it should be standard equipment from the beginning lol
    Rather, Porsche's option business is honest.
    All the options that change the performance, such as the sports chrono, spoeki, sports chassis, etc., should be standardized from the beginning.
    Despite the class of over 10 million, there are also auto-dimming mirrors, electric mirrors, LED lights, cruise control.
    Even if it is over 10 million, the dashboard is still plastic unless you put in the options.
    It's not the dimension of spending money on running.
    Well, there is no way to say such a thing, but at least I think Porsche Japan should correct the price of options.
    Why is it almost twice the size of the United States? Japan has the highest option price in the world.

    Please sue in this blog somehow

    • MinaMina

      Crescent moon
      The Porsche options are really incredible ...
      I would like to store the mirrors automatically, or that kind of thing. . . When.

      In the case of Porsche, except for buying it with a new car because it is a specification that you really want or a special model,
      I always talk with my husband, such as buying a second hand with a lot of options.

      > Please appeal in this blog somehow lol
      I wish that blog had such a great influence ... ^^;

  3. PorscheDreamer

    Mr. Mina, Hello.
    I purchased without 718 Cayman, 911 Carrera, Spocro and Spoegi.
    Option standardization is a problem for me. I like the policy of being able to order as much as possible while selling a reasonable number.
    And it would be impossible to standardize and keep the price unchanged.

    The reason why the sports chrono package was not attached on the 718, 991.2 (MT) was that the auto-blipping was not cut off in the SPORT mode of the engine. It seems that the recent 718 GT4 can be turned off.

    The sports exhaust may vary depending on the model of the car, but I remember stopping it because the volume at the start of the engine seemed to be slightly higher. Originally, I'm not very interested in the volume and power of the exhaust noise ... Even if it is not, I think that it sounds great when turned properly, and I feel that the sound will obviously change when I switch to SPORT mode.

    Since the height of the sports chassis also drops, I feel like it depends on the application and garage.
    In the case of Porsche, it is my image that simply changing the performance with options is not the same as the base vehicle is considered enough.

    • MinaMina

      Hello. Certainly, it is attractive that you can order options in detail according to your taste.

      > It seems that the recent 718 GT4 can be turned off.
      That's right! That's great! After all, was such a voice many?

      > Sports exhaust may vary depending on the car model, but I remember that I stopped it because the volume when starting the engine seemed to be slightly higher.
      Certainly, when the engine starts, the sound will be louder. And as time goes on, it gets bigger, so when it comes to Panamera in my home,
      Boxster GTS? That makes a loud sound.

      I thought again that the Porsche that can enjoy running with specifications that suit my taste is still amazing.
      I'd like to buy myself ...