After all, Panamera is coming.

Travel with Porsche

Again, to Amakusa and Aso in Kyushu

At the end of November, Kyushu went on a trip to Amakusa / Aso with 4 family members in Panamera.(There was also a story of going by air-cooling, but since it is a long-distance drive of four families, I made Panamera). Actually, even in the same period last year,I went on a trip to Amakusa / Aso in Kyushu with Panamera at my familyHowever, the weather was bad, there were many cars, I could not fully enjoy the Aso Milk Road and the majestic view and ended.

So this year we put the meaning of revenge in the same route again(As a result of having the accommodation ticket of the Amakusa no yado "Ameno ship" at the hometown tax payment available)To head over.

I also used a ferry this time to access to Kyushu. It is quite tough to move a highway with a 4 year old child and a 1 year old child.

Or, it is the second girl who is in trouble. My eldest daughter slept as soon as I was a child when I was a child, the second daughter never sleeps. And every time I disliked child seats, they ran up and rampaged, I gave a little help to my sister, and my sister fight broke out.
I wish I could sleep because I was tired crying like this, I kept crying for an hour,Whatever it takes an hour from a child seat (?)Come off.

Well I guess that badness of giving up, though admiring is admitted ... ... I always think that I can enjoy driving with my family 4 more comfortably if my second daughter sleeps.

First off to Amakusa!

The ferry used this time,19: 50 From Osaka Minamiko 8:30 The prestigious ocean ferry to Shimaji port. Since Panamera has a length exceeding 5 meters, it is classified as "passenger car less than 6 meters" and becomes only 15000 yen for one way by Panamera's fare (explosion)

And the ferry arrived at Shimoji Port at 8:30 the next day, as planned, so I headed for Amakusa no yu in there from there.

Navi was displayed to the inn, it took about 4 hours on the route passing through Kyushu Expressway."Well, if you eat lunch slowly on the way, I can afford it."While saying that, I will run Panamera at a fine run in the fine weather Kyushu Expressway. While driving on a highway, the husband, who often rides on air cooling recently,

"Well, after all Panamera is amazing, really amazing car, this is a super express of a dream!"

I was deeply impressed with saying.

While we were doing it, we arrived before 12 o'clock, and far from gourmet, we ate lunch with gust(Gust is delicious wherever you eat anywhere in Japan w)After that I ran Panamera even better and arrived at the inn, but when I looked at the clock it was 13:30. As I was checking in at 15 o'clock, I was wondering if I could still put it in ...

"Sorry, the room is not ready yet ..."It was refused.

Of course. No, it's my fault.

So, after that, until check-in at 15 o'clock, we decided to tour the seaside path of Amakusa.

The sky was clear, the contrast with the blue sea was very beautiful.Amakusa of this day runs elegantly and sportily with Panamera, with few cars and a moderate curve along the sea continues.How luxurious it will be.

Amakusa was such a beautiful place ... I really felt good.

Way"Shiro Amakusa really is real and it is unlikely, I do not know (¯ ー ¯)"And while showing off ambiguous trivia(LOL),"Oh, it looks like you can take good pictures here!"And stopping Panamera, my husband was taking pictures with Pashapa.

While I was doing it, I realized that I came a long way away from the inn, and I saw the clock already before 15 o'clock. In haste returning to the inn, on that day, I entered a hot spring, I ate delicious dishes and I was able to relax.

Will girls remember that they came to such a hotel as a child, even if they become adults ... probably, I do not remember at all I do not wanna w

Next day to Aso

It was a heavy rain forecast for the weekly weather in advance, The forecast of the next day changed to sunny just before.While thinking that rainy woman, foggy one, it is a very rare thing to happen, "Our couple was half-trusted" (- _ -)

And the next morning. After all, the morning sun has not appeared, and even at 8 o'clock the sky is dark. Although I thought as "still ...", I headed for Aso from the Amakusa.

The road to Aso was a little car, but from the way I could see sunny little by little.

Oh weather forecast has arrived!

From there, Susuki rushed through the majestic Aso landscape in full bloom to the Tianmu observatory. When I came last year it was cloudy sky and whatever the rainfall was scattering, but it was nice to see this time beautifully.

Eat strawberry soft cream at the observatory(I was almost taken away by my daughters or I could not eat)From that point on to go to Yufuin.

With my driving, I was able to run Aso 's winding road in sports mode.

Super nice feeling (* ゚ ∀ ゚)! !

The magnificence of Panamera is"Comfort" and "Sporty"I thought I was disgusted as before from the fact that it was in balance with me, but I felt once again that it was right.

By putting it in the sports mode, the legs are tightened much more and the motor nerve of Panamera becomes even better. Also engine sound, double tone unique turbo, deep bass echoes comfortably.Tone that is different from that of BoxsterHowever, I also like the sound of this turbo.

Panamera is pleasant even if you run as you think without considering anything, whether it is an up corner or a down corner. Without cutting the handle at all, it bent as I thought, there was not any difference between the accelerator and the brake, and the acceleration power is perfect.

I can not believe this is a 5 meter long, 2 meter wide body.

Panamera, it was a really good car.


Panamera is still a sports car. Although it is a luxury sedan and, although it is similar to the 911 ride taste, it is firm. In addition, air cooling is also quite bad, but the performance of modern Porsche is amazing after all. Panamera is really awesome car.

He said.

Regarding Panamera,For those who want a sense of driving by themselves, they feel unsatisfactoryI think. Although riding comfort is stiff, it is very smooth, so it does not seem like the state of the road grabs it in hand, and I sense the luxury sedan feeling firmly.

Even if you are not too conscious of understeer or oversteering, you can do well if you leave yourself in Panamera.

JustIt was a big body, I did not feel heavy, I was relieved, I was relieved with such reliability, I can trust and enjoy running, after all Panamera was awesome, I once again love Panamera.

Arrived in Yufuin in about an hour. From there, she changed her driving to her husband, took the Kyushu Expressway, headed for Shimoji Port, and arrived home.

After all ...

I went to the touring with Panamera in my family this time and thought again.

After all Panamera is yeah

When.(Even if it is not said, Sora, yeah w)

Certainly, Boxster is also fun, 911 (964) is also fun, and there is no doubt that it is a wonderful car.But Boxter and 911 could be a touring with one person or two couples, but not suitable for four families(I mean, Boxster can only ride two people)

When going on a trip with a family with a family, "fun of running" alone is not enough, "comfort" such as the size and the comfort of riding is also a very important point.

I think that the fathers of the world are sure to become drivers for sure, and dad who likes Porsche will drive ahead. But as a wife"Do not drive and move without experiencing the pleasures of running, can I spend pleasantly with my children and children?"That place is very important.

So if you let me say luxuriously with my wife's eyes, if my husband"I want a Porsche!"If you say, "Please buy Panamera first!" So my wife also convinced that comfort, running and design(Panamera is also very popular with his wife who does not like cars as much as hearing)I hope to buy 2 seater and 911 after it is done ... and thinking such something weird, it was a trip that I could reconfirm the wonderfulness of Panamera this time as well.

No, I want to go again ~.

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  1. How to support life


    Talking about Kyushu Touring, I felt comfortable reading it.
    End of the year hastily, personal things are not so good here
    Because it was not so, I was scared.
    Thank you very much.

    New Year's holidays are scheduled to make a round-trip from Tokyo to Osaka.
    I will decide the timing of moving while watching highway information.
    Well, even though Toson's high-speed uphill runs from Atsugi over there
    It's crowded with bubbles though. Lol

    I have a Porsche Christmas party today so I am thinking today.

    • MinaMina

      How to support life

      Oh, thank you for saying such a thing! Lol
      Kyushu Touring, it was really nice.

      Are you coming to Osaka on New Year's Day?
      Although the highway seems to be crowded, there are good roads in Kansai,
      Please run by all means ^ _ ^

      Oh, there is a Porsche Christmas party!
      Tokyo enjoys many such events ^ _ ^

  2. PorscheDreamer

    It makes me want Panamera as well.
    Well, my parents who are also raising parents will go to 911 ahead and plan to think of Super Sport Utility Vehicle.
    My hometown is Kyoto, but my parents do not have anymore, so this year the New Year's plan is not going home. As it is generally opposite from Fukuoka, it is not surprisingly crowded.

    My daughters are cute! The child under you insists, right? Although it may not be very useful, in the case of our house
    · Thinking that the child believes that it resembles a parent surely
    · Because I should not cry or get out without reasons, I think that there must be some inconvenience
    When thinking with such feeling, it enjoyed as it was, and the answer was found.

    I do not think that there is a problem with Panamera, so there is not anything like that child seat does not fit and it hurts somewhere it hurts or does not like being different from adults, or something is different from her sister Well. It seems that in my case I was pretty much convinced if I explain reasonably well even between 1 and 2 years old. I feel like I was doing why a seat belt is necessary or let me experience the acceleration when sudden braking was applied. Well, originally I love to sleep with my parents, and sometimes children also inherited it. Because I always said that I'm sleepy, nice, I'm jealous. I wish I could sleep well in the driver's seat, and the children said "No good!" Then, please sleep in place instead.

    • MinaMina

      > Somehow, I also want Panamera.
      Please do! Lol

      > Well I'm planning to raise my parents, I plan to go to 911 and think of Super Sport Utility Vehicle first.
      If parenting is over and your child is independent, it will be nice to go suddenly to a sports car that can be enjoyed by a couple ^ ^

      > · I think that there must be some inconvenience because it should not cry or leave without reasons
      > When you think with such feeling, you enjoyed it as it was, and the answer was found.

      I see ... when I think about that, the eldest daughter is already doing a regular seatbelt on a seat with only a chair, so the place "why only treat me as a baby!
      It may not be convinced. (I want to do anything like my sister and I think that I can do it, so lol)

      That's right, because I do not think there is a problem with Panamera, there should be some reason,
      I think that you can understand by talking like you say so, I will explain a bit properly.

      I wonder what, I will become sweet by the second person lol (It's her strategy or w)