I bought a GPS unnecessary GPS radar detector "GR - 91", so I compared the difference with "GR - 81".

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New GPS radar detector

Previously in the blog"Seller's socket type GPS radar detector is reasonably priced at about 5000 yen and it is very useful and useful."I wrote an article with content such as,

Easy to install with one touch, easy to install, Recommended GPS radar detector - Celestar socket type GPS receiver

Since a new product called "GR-91" was on the GPS receiver of Celstar, I bought it immediately and started using it at my home, so I would like to write today, including the difference from the previous product.

About GR-91

The new product "GR - 91" is also a socket type, installation completed just by inserting it with one touch.

Since wiring is unnecessary and compact, it is easy to change to another car. When renting a car you can also carry and use it.

this time too,Speed ​​control machine and speed point etc are conveyed with "voice" and "Hikari"It is characterized. With respect to voice, for example, upon receiving the GPS signal of the loop coil,"It's a loop coil, 2 km ahead, it's dangerous, slow down the speed"It tells us. After that I warned even 1 km ahead and 500 m ahead, and when it comes just before,

The camera is front (right side, left side etc.), passing speed is ○ km / h

It will say.While driving on a highway, I can not afford to see eyes on the screen, much less dangerous if I diverted my line of sight, so I am very grateful to tell by sound.

Regarding "light", it was also a simpler specification than before. In the previous one, the glowing part was small, it was hard to understand when it looked pat,This time the design has only one light in the middle.This lights up in "red" "yellow" "green" and tells me the level of warning content. As you see the part of the cigar socket as soon as you know the color, I feel that the new product is better usability.

As other major new functions,

① Corresponds to zone 30
Warn of "Zone 30 (place of traffic restriction restricted to maximum speed 30 km / h in urban areas and residential areas)" published in the speed control policy
② Includes installation point of new model crimping machine
It also supports the installation place of new type crimping machine that can be installed and removed, the place that was installed in the past, and the place moved for the purpose of crackdown on the living road.
③ Includes highway reverse run warning area
Remind attention to areas that are likely to reverse running on the expressway
*Quote source:Cellaster Kogyo Co., Ltd. GR series "GR-91"

It is a feeling. Regarding this ③, when he passed the Kyushu Expressway the other day, he actually warned me. Initially"Reverse running attention area"I was not used to listening to the phrase "Eh? What? I was wondering what?" When I heard it well, I understood it to be "reverse running attention". (It can also be turned off.) The GPS receiver of this time is of course also compatible with mobile orbis which is popular recently.

Difference between old and new products

So, why not try to compare what you used at home and the new product of this time? First of all, the size is almost the same.

However, since the metal part of the plug of the part to be plugged is a little wider"I did not skyca when I plugged in and it became hard to come off"My husband was saying. (It seems that the previous one was missing if it was inserted in 964 etc., and the husband used the rubber band for the slip prevention so as not to come out)

By the way, I could properly attach it to air-cooled 911.

Regarding the sound, not that the sound quality got better than in the previous one(Feeling a little muffled, it is hard to hear somewhat when listening to music), It seems that warning by the color of light became easier to see, but ... Although it is,It corresponds to a new control point, the latest GPS data can also be downloaded monthly free of charge, the price is affordable at less than 7000 yenSo, if you buy from now on now I think that a new product is better.

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  1. How to support life


    Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting.
    I have only run around 500 km yet but I tried using it a lot
    I will send my impressions.

    (good point)
    · Running is perfect. Acceleration is also complaints.
    · I think the best thing compared to other companies is cornering.
    It reacts as expected and it does not take any roll at all.
    · Massage function is more than expected. I wish I had attached to the back seat at this.
    · The hardness of the seat is comfortable. I am not concerned about hardness or softness while driving.
    · Touch panel can be used better than I thought. There is not much confusion.

    (A huge point)
    · It is an underground parking lot so it is an apartment, but when you go outside
    It took too long to read position information.
    · Although I drive with steering wheel lowered, the rightmost side of the instrument panel 5 consecutive display
    (Where navigation can be displayed) is difficult to see. Or almost it can not be seen. Lol
    · I listen to download music on my mobile phone but a bug has occurred yesterday.
    Suddenly only the sound of music is not said. I went to a dealer and asked me to investigate
    "This is the first case I do not understand well!"
    Even if you try it on another mobile, the same phenomenon. Our dealer is the only workshop in Tokyo
    Engineers came out from there so I checked for about an hour
    I suddenly healed when I was touching. But
    "I do not understand the cause and obviously we do not know the countermeasure". It is follow up observation.
    I think that perhaps there is a system bug at the takeover side of CarPlay involvement
    I think. I hope there are no other bugs. Well, it's just music
    It has nothing to do with driving and safety.

    The man who found the bug! So that's about 911 for about 911. LOL

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      Thank you for your comment!
      Panamera Life has been told that it is fulfilling!

      As you said, the cornering is amazing.
      I still can not believe that big bend will bend like it stabs (laugh)

      Also, certainly it seems slow to load the first navigation.

      There are bugs that are not just music sounds!
      I also heard it for the first time ...!
      It was nice to hesitate, but it is unpleasant for me not to understand why they were cured or why.> <

      > The man who found the bug! So that's about 911 for about 911. LOL
      I am overjoyed if I have such consideration (laugh) I will go and find bugs.

  2. vonvoyage 32


    Nice to meet you, my name is vonvoyage32.
    It is a 964 C 2 ride that I was able to bring along with my husband and Nippori lawn over the past few days with a touring.

    This article is rather than a radar detector
    At the position of controlled place such as orbis enforcement machine dropped on the map
    Based on the GPS data of your vehicle, it is a thing that urges you to be careful when approaching there.
    There seems to be a zone 30 or a new function, too.

    Introducing the case of my house.
    I use an "orbis alarm" with a smartphone application.
    As long as you are using (Shikoku, Kobe - Tokyo area), we will inform you precisely and it is handy.

    The difficulty is that if you use it with GPS it will reduce the battery of the smartphone.
    Mostly I use it while supplying power from a cigar socket.
    I'm sorry.


    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, my name is vonvoyage32. It is a 964 C 2 ride that I was able to bring along with my husband and Nippori lawn over the past few days with a touring.

      Oh! Nice to meet you, my husband thank you for taking care of that section. Surely, was it the end of October ^ ^
      Besides, it is on the 964 C 2!

      > I am using "Orbis alarm" in the application of the smartphone.
      > As long as you are using (Shikoku, Kobe ~ around Tokyo), we will inform you accurately and we find it useful.

      Oh! Do you have such a useful app?
      But it seems to be safe to use it while supplying power from the cigar socket.

      I want to install it immediately, I would like to try it next time ^ ^
      Thank you for letting me know nice information!

      Thank you very much for your continued support in the future.