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MT, Tiptoro?

When my husband purchases 911 (964 C 2)"Would you like to MT or Tiptronic?"I was at a loss, I chose Tiptronic after all.

Although I was studying MT at the beginning, MT had less good ones, even if there was anything, the price was extraordinarily high, it seemed that there were only some things remodeled. My husband wanted to stick to the full original condition, so if Tiptronic, there are some good quality maintenance records and nearly complete maintenance record, there are some things that can be tolerated in price.

Also, since most air-cooled articles and blogs in the world are mostly of MT cars"It is interesting to buy Tiptronic dare to disseminate information"And as I can taste Porsche MT on Boxster GTS, this time I seem to have chosen Tiptronic.

So, the other day my husband summarized Tiptronic 's impressions at the time as a report so I would like to introduce it today.

Below, my husband's impressions

The most worrisome point of those who are considering purchasing 964 or 993"Would you like to MT or Tiptronic?"I think that. I also got lost a lot, but this time 964 made Tiptronic.
According to the material at hand, the Tiptronic of this car is made by joint development of ZF company which is in charge of gear box, Bosch company which is in charge of electronic circuit, and Porsche,"It has five modes and automatically switches modes from the accelerator pedal position and controls it"It seems to be. There seems to be a mechanism to prevent unnecessary upshifts such as curves by considering information such as lateral G.

① Shift shock

In the streets etc.When riding normally at the D range, the shift shock is extremely small.In the D range it is AT of the 2nd speed departure, but there is no shock like shock, so it seems that this is nearly 30 years ago AT. Speaking of AT of the car I knew at the time(I only know domestic cars), It was an image that swayed back and forth every time the gear shifted with a massive shift shock,Tiptronic is extremely excellentIt is.

By the way, if you dare to start with 1st speed start and loosen the accelerator nasty just before going up to 2nd gear, you will feel a bit of shock, but if it does not, it will lead smoothly.
Also shocking is not so unpleasant"Even if a human does well at MT it will have a shock this much"I think that it is. When riding further carefully, when the lockup is connected, the rotation of the engine falls a little, and when it goes off, there is a small vibration called "kokun", but this is about when the timing of accelerator opening and closing and lockup control is bad It is something of which I do not know unless I dare take it.

Looking at the maintenance record of this car, I think that it is an AT that it is possible to leave it behind, because it has exchanged AT fluid two times in the past and that the maintenance status is relatively good.

② Manual shift

Tilt the shift lever to the right and try manual shift. Rotation range to be locked up is slightly lower than in D mode, and it feels like connecting more directly. If you accelerate with a second speed a little bit better, around 1800-2000 turns, the lockup will be connected directly from the D range, so the engine turns down for a moment and there is a sense that the gear changed. Hand a shift and shift to the + direction (forward) to enter 3rd gear. Shift shift speed may not be as fast as it is, but it is not too late.

Although it is certainly not adversary to the speed of modern AT and PDK, there is never such a shift as delaying about 2 tempo which is likely to be in the old AT.

Specifically, while traveling on a general road at a third speed with a common sense speed, since a corner comes closer, it is said that he will step on the brake before the corner and drop it to the second speed by manual operation. In the case of an AT with a slow shift, sometimes it has already entered the curve around the beginning of shifting, but in Tiptronic it is not such a thing.

If you can measure the time accurately,"Almost the same as ordinary people operating with MT and changing speed"Or"Tiptronic is faster depending on timing"I think.
I often heard that "Tiptro is slow shifting" or "MT choice", but when I ride it is impressive that it is not that much to say. In this case, I guess there is a shift shock with slow MT operation, and it may be slow.

③ acceleration feeling · speed

Next, how about acceleration feeling and speed? According to the catalog value"0 to 100 km / h of MT cars is 5.7 seconds", "Tiptronic is 6.6 seconds"And about 1 second later. But,Reversed in intermediate accelerations such as 100 to 120 km / h that are used realistically. According to test data of CG magazine at that time, "MT is 3rd speed(The fastest gear in this speed range)It takes 2.2 seconds, while Tiptronic is 1.9 seconds ".

Actually accelerating in town and acceleration at high speed, I do not feel itchy.This is because AT lockup works from 1100 rpm to 1200 rpm and it connects directly around 2000 rpm, so it keeps the direct connection state during operation. Thanks to this, it is possible to get the acceleration as expected without nearly feeling the slip feeling and the empty running feeling often found in the former Torucon AT.

Is it MT or Tiptronic?

Okay, finally"MT or Tiptronic, which one is fun?"If asked, I think that the answer is obvious and honest MT. Because I usually ride on MT of Boxter, I think so clearly.

In case of Tiptro, cover up to about 130 km / h in 2nd gear and cover up to about 195km / h in 3rd gear. It is good to enjoy the accelerated acceleration of the engine, but MT 2nd gear is about 110km / h, 3rd gear is about 160km / h, so MT can turn engine more in Japanese road environment.Even if you look at gear ratios alone, MT will often feel "fun".

However, this is only a story of comparative theory.Never, Tiptronic is not not fun.Even if it runs in the D range, this is a painful experience with running a mountain path while running a manual operation, and running a vacant road. If you want to quickly overtake it at high speed, you can stepping on the accelerator without thinking anything and you can shift down yourself.

Particularly personally it is very pleasant to run country vacant country country road with third speed hold. Gear Ratio is also directly proportional to the degree of accelerator opening and engine rotation growth just right, the pleasant feeling of direct connection between the right foot and the engine.The engine does not turn too much, it does not turn too much, just run a gentle curve and a straight long straight straight air cooling sound to BGM, you will want to run anywhere.

If someone is lost because of Tiptronic or MT,

If a person wants to attack the circuit or pass, MT is advised, and if it is not so, everyday use and long touring are main, I think that there is no problem even with Tiptronic.

Also, Tiptronic cars are somewhat cheap in number, and it is also attractive that there are a lot of good individuals of relatively good degree.


That was a report on Tiptronic of her husband 's air - cooling 911 (964 C 2).

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    It's amazing blog that Tiptror looks really good somehow.

    > If you underestimate the accelerator immediately before going up to the 2nd gear, you will feel a bit of shock, but if it does not, it will lead smoothly.

    That's fresh. It has been around 20 years ago that I was riding in an AT car (Blue Bird ATTESA), but on the contrary to the above, there is a shift shock as it is, with a shift shock as it is, smoothly pulling out the accelerator and smoothing up It was memorable. Shift up was on the right foot, shift down was done with the lever.

    As one question, where is Tiptronic's selector D, 3, 2, 1 where is the lock? It may be unnecessary because there is a manual mode, but it was an anxious feeling whether it is necessary to press the lock button when shifting down from D to 3 or 2.

    • MinaMina


      > It's amazing blog that Tiptror looks really good somehow.
      Thank you lol

      > Although I was riding in an AT car (Blue Bird ATTESA) for about 20 years ago, there is a shift shock as it is with the accelerator pedal depressed in the reverse, as described above, and I will deliberately pull out the accelerator and shift it up I have a memory that was smooth. > Shift up was on the right foot, shift down was done with the lever.

      When I asked my husband, he said "Oh yeah! It was smoother for the old AT to have pulled out the accelerator at the timing of the shift up.
      Having said that, the current AT has become very smart, is not it?

      > As one question, where is Tiptronic's selector D, 3, 2, 1 where is the lock? It may be unnecessary because there is a manual mode, but it was something I was worried about in the old feeling as to whether it is necessary to press the lock button when shifting down from D to 3 or 2.

      The lock of Tiptro is at the top of the shift lever. When shifting down, I press the lock button, but in the manual mode, it is feeling to operate it without pushing the lock button by pushing it sideways.