• Panamera Purchase article summary

Panamera Purchase article summary

Panamera Purchase article summary

Porsche New Panamera Turbo Delivery

Panamera in our house is "MY 2018 Panameraturbo". For detailed specifications, this article (How is the specification of the new Panamera Turbo delivered in October?).

Since I started writing this blog,

"I'm considering purchasing Panamera now, but would you please tell me what options to put on?"
"Is fuel efficiency good or bad?"
"I am lost with the Mercedes · Benz S class, which do you think is better?"

We began to receive many comments and messages such as. So, if you are considering purchasing Panamera, articles that you would like to know in advance are summarized below. Please have a look, if very well.

→ Panamera and Panamera Sports Turismo 4 Differences and Overall Review - Comparison Test Drive Vol.2

→ What is the difference between Panamera and Panamera sports Turismo? Comparison Test Drive Vol.1

→ I shot Panamera Turbo interior with single lens reflex - leather seat, center console, dashboard etc.

→ As if it is automatic driving? I actually tried using Porsche Panamera's traffic jam assist!

→ How much real luggage can be loaded on Panamera's trunk? - I measured the size and tried a suitcase.

→ What is the result of calculating the actual annual maintenance cost of the new Panamera Turbo?

→ Panamera After 8 months of delivery, what is the actual total fuel consumption in approximately 8700 km driving?

→ After Panamera delivered, the second oil change - the amount is 40,818 yen.

→ Panamera Turbo 7 months after delivery - Seven things that never understood in test drive.

→ Panamera's LED matrix headlight is a required option?

→ Is the Porsche catalog value really accurate? I examined Panamera with CG magazine.

→ The mileage is 6,500 kilometers and the oil replenishment indication is ... Panamera oil replenishment procedure summary.

→ When purchasing Panamera, what options would you like to put on absolutely? - Everyday use edition

If you are also "want me to write such an article!" Please do not hesitate to message from here. Including my view actually being used everyday and opinions of husband who likes cars, I will write it as an article.

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