I went to the Porsche 911 GT3 Touring delivery procedure!


To GT3 touring delivery procedure

The other day my husband,Go to delivery procedure of 911 GT3 touringSo I decided to go with my daughters. Unfortunately the weather at that time was rainy. After all ... (-_-) Well, while it is not actually delivered will it be okay if it rains ... while being reconsidered.

When you arrive at the Porsche Center, just in front of youPanamera Turbo SWere meeting me. This is the first time I have seen the 971 Panamera Turbo S with this eye. And the wings are out.

There was a style and it was very cool. At the back, there are also figures of Makan and Cayenne.

As children played in kids space as usual,

Waiting while looking through the goods ...

Mr. H, who is in charge, came back with the documents. Well, from here, finally the delivery procedure?

Speaking of delivery procedure(And, because the amount of the GT3 touring this time is reasonable)"It is a very complicated form"I used to think that, but my husband is coming in this usual style (Air cooled = Parker w written with air cooling),

Mr. H, who was in charge, was the same as usual, and while having a pleasant chat, the document entry process went on without a hitch. By the way, the husband is making a payment in the form of how much the down payment is made for the purchase of this GT3 touring, and the rest is forming a loan.(Before,How to buy luxury imported cars like Porsche. Cash, bulk, which should I buy?I also write an article)

How to buy luxury imported car like Porsche. Loan, cash lump sum, where should I buy?

However, I glanced from the side of the monthly loan payment from the side, I saw the amount of coffee and it seemed to be a coffee balloon ... (* _ *)(You already own a few cars and you can pay as much as you like, and your husband is amazing while saying something like that ...)

After filling in the documents, Mr. H used a stamp on the documents well,

Tell the vehicle number, pass the seal certificate, check where to take the garage certificate, etc.The delivery procedure ended without delay. It's unexpectedly easy.

However, since the husband does not look at the real thing with his eyes, even after completing the delivery procedure,

It is still a sensation to realize at all ...

He said.

Decal, what do you do?

It is important time, delivery time of GT3 touring, butIt's probably late April to arrive at the dealer, Then, in order to have various checks, in addition to put a protection film(This GT3 seems to put a protection film on the front, reflecting on Boxster being damaged by stepping stones.)Considering them, delivery in front of the GW was said to be impossible at first.

Delivery will be at the end of May.

My husband,

I may go directly to Toyohashi Port and get it, but still it may not be possible to deliver in front of the GW (゚ д))?

"I'm not able to do it," though it was said at a glance (due to the explosion) though "There is no choice because GW will not run as many cars as I think.The husband who accepted ",

If you do not wait for delivery until the end of May, the side decals are not good.

I said. In fact, recently, whether to take decals or not, it seems that the husband has started to worry a little.(Such as こ ん な)

* Image Source:CARTUNE 911 (997 Carrera MY 2009) Porsche Side Decal · 997 · Former residence · Custom case for the best shot 2018

In addition, "Hey, what is also good to put a line like 911 Turbo S Exclusive," said the husband.

* Image Source:Porsche 911 Turbo "Exclusive" ... Strongest ever, enhanced to 607 horsepower

It is husband who usually does not do such a lot, butWhy do you want to paste it this time?"When asked,

This GT3 touring is a so-called PorschePuristI think that's a car for If so, I had a little retro element, and I thought it might be true even if it is a Porsche-like image of Kotekote. I think it looks good.

It was said. And by the example, it seems that we check the details including the overseas sites, and check the details, such as what kind of specification each person is using, and what kind of work it will be.

Because the color crayon itself is very beautiful, it is beautiful without doing anythingI think, but with decals and lines it would be very beautiful. Is it such an image?

* Image Source:Instagram @ mrsanna192

* Image Source:Instagram @ mrsanna192

Two months until delivery. I have not realized yet, but if GT3 touring is delivered, how will my car life change again? I am thrilled in many ways.

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  1. Gori

    Good morning.

    It is finally over! ! ! !

    I am thrilled too! ! !

    On the way back from work, GT No. 3 of Crayon is running on No. 3 Kobe Line, and maybe it is my husband! ? ! ? I thought and chased, but it was different. . (Please do not worry about it because it is not a stalker.)
    It is still delivered. .
    By the way, although I tried to chase, because my commuting car is C class, I can not catch up, ..., I was released in an instant. .

    The black cayenne S at the Porsche Center in Nishinomiya was offered to buy.
    If you buy it anyway, it's a cayenne coupe.

    Well then, look forward to the delivery at the end of May.

    It seems that 992 of our production has not been decided yet, and there is no contact. . I'm sorry. .

    • MinaMina

      Good morning! That's it! But neither I nor my husband feels at all ^ ^;

      > The GT3 of Crayon is running on the No.3 Kobe line on the way back from work, maybe a master! ? ! ? I thought and chased, but it was different. .

      Crayon GT3 on the third Kobe line, husband also said!
      It seems that there were two GT3 crayons coming in, so it looks pretty cool.

      I really want to follow you, I understand very well!
      It is not a stalker, I do not want to go up, I just want to run behind together while looking at that cool rear (laughs)

      > If you buy anyway, it's a cayenne coupe.
      That's right (laughs) Cayenne coupe, let's just go there! Lol

      It will take quite some time until it is delivered to the 992 ... Even if it is decided first in the production limit, it will be different mood> <

  2. Almost same GT3 tooling packaging

    I am always happy to see the blog.
    I felt that the world was narrow because I ordered GT3 with almost the same specifications as my husband at the same timing.
    I'm envious with your understanding wife.
    I am looking forward to seeing you someday.

    • MinaMina

      The almost same GT3 tooling packaging

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      Thank you so much! !
      In a word, it is a brother! ! Lol

      It would be nice if one day my brothers could line up cars and take pictures ^ _ ^
      Also, if delivered or actually taken,
      I am glad if you can tell in various ways.

      Continue to thank you!