The charm of the last NA 6-cylinder "981 Boxster GTS owner talks about.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
MT (manual) ride

MY 2016 Boxster

My 2016 type Boxster GTS (MT) in our house is a Porsche my husband bought for the first time. Today Porsche is also considering the environment, "Boxster" is advancing to turbo and downsizing mainly "911", so this 2016 type Boxster is said to be the last six-cylinder loading model.(Current 718 Boxster is a 2 liter four-cylinder turbo)

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Someday the day Porsche realized

My husband wanted Porsche all the time since I was a student, since it got realistic"Absolutely buy a model of NA 6 cylinder before becoming a turbo!"Although I was saying, the day when I was actually delivered was spelled like this in a certain blog.

About 20 years have passed since I got my license. Finally this day came. Someday I want to ride a Porsche, young days I kept thinking of becoming a person who can ride. On your way, you can not do it for me? Let's stop thinking about dream stories, I can not count on thinking such a thing.

November 21, 2015. In Germany, the buddies who received life at the Zuffenhausen factory in Stuttgart came to me after a long long cruise. No way it's possible that we can really buy it ... I could not imagine myself twenty years ago.

It is usually a calm deposit, a husband who does not show much hot things, but sometimes I write emotional sentences like this. Truly "congratulations".

What is your favorite husband's favorite point?

981 Boxster GTSSports exhaust is standard equipmentSo this is my husband's best favorite feature. If you push the button, put it in sports, or sports plus mode, the flap opens, it becomes the explosion specification and you get a punchy sound. The volume at this time is pretty,"This is a turntable taste if you do a turbo try"My husband said well.

Are not you afraid of left steering wheel at MT?

Regarding handling,"Drawing an arc so as to suck on the road surface without slippage is quite similar to the feeling when it was comfortably bent with carving skis"It seems. Certainly, even though I am on Panamera, I understand the feeling of this handling. However, when I thought "I'm not afraid of the manual with the left handles rather than the right handles?

"As for foreign cars, it is safe to run a gear change with the right hand with the left hand on the contrary because all the left hand, the right steering wheel, the gear change, and the turn signal of the blinker are excessive with the left hand, and there is not any problem"

He said. Even in a certain article"When you need a quick and accurate action, you are sure to operate with dominant hands, but there are problems of familiarity, but if you practice your wrist movement all the time, there is no problem even with the left hand operation"It was written. I see.

981 Boxster seems to be such an attractive car.

My husband also said this.

There are many other fast cars than Boxter, but we do not know any other car that will taste this much more pleasant and pleasant. I want to own only this Boxster until I become older and my legs become weak and I can not step on the clutch. It is a car that makes me feel like that.

When. When I went to an open car gathering yesterday, it seemed to me that "I want you to sell this Boxster!", It seemed to be happy to say "No, this is not" (laugh)

Actually ... from her husband"Please do not understand the translation of Baxter by car until it is delivered AT Limited license!"About three years ago I went to the school mixedly with college students and unlimited somehow ... but in fact while driving Boxster in town, I stuck with hill starting with hunting, and the experience of hazard taking in the middle of the road was trauma And it has not been on since.

But I can ride with great difficulty, so I'm thinking I'm going to try my best to get on with some ride this year ...

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  1. wata

    Mina, nice to meet you.
    I have been reading pleasantly for a while.
    thank you very much.

    Although it is not a "wrecking touring" to the extent that it thinks it is crazy, I am also riding a 981 type Boxster by manual transmission.
    It is not fast like GTS, it is a 2.7 liter base model, but still my sympathy for my husband 's thoughts on Boxster was greatly appreciated.
    Mina is also sure to take over Boxter, so please write "___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0.

    • MinaMina

      Wow, wata! Oh, that, is it wata? ! ! (I'm sorry for distraught ... haha)
      I got excitedly and emailed my husband "I got a comment from wata!"
      "There is not enough madness yet, but always watching the GoogleMap of wata's blog as much as we can pierce and tracing around the way we passed through And when we can not go to the touring, Let me know that I am looking forward to seeing you sometime someday! "I got an immediate reply (laugh)
      Since I always see my videos watching the movie side by side, I'm seeing it together, "Wata 's Boxster' s gear is light, is not it so easy? It is being scolded that there is no kanji, familiarization, practice only! I got a comment from wata and my motivation gave a fire!
      I will be able to write articles like "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I will do my best! Continue to thank you!