One day my husband bought the Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) - how to buy a car husband's car

Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129)
Everyday conversation between car husband and wife
One day my husband bought it.

If you notice it it's been a long time. As the title stated the other day, my husband bought Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129). I do not know much about Benz(Even though there are not other special manufacturers besides, but w), SL 500 (R 129) Although it was said that it was not able to respond, people from car lovers seem to be called a car called a famous car.

(This is what my husband bought)

Although it has not been delivered yet, this SL 500 seems to be a classic and normal SL that a husband wanted from a childhood. As my husband bought this car, the car in my house was "5 units", but my husband seems to be unlikely to sell one.

"Everyday use" or "get on with my family?" Manual open cars and classic cars ... everything is all you need!

(Baku) When I write this way, my husband seems to be buying a car freely, but he never buys a car with love at first sight. On the contrary, I pondered about "even this"As my wife, "I already thought about that, would you rather energize?"The more you want to say, the more you purchase after collecting information and simulating after purchasing.

How to buy a husband's car?

Regarding the purchase of SL 500 this time,

"I think that I want a new car now.I think that I wanted to look for it in the second place because it was a series that I wanted a while ago but I decided whether to make it to B series M series, alpina, SL ,Worried"

I've been talking a few months ago.

"Hee ~ That so ~" Initially I had heard it lightly, but when you showed the car you looked up at the used car information site such as car sensor or goo"What do you think about this?" "What do you think?"And I asked. When asking "I'm saying that I wanted a car a long time ago, what is most wanted for this car?", I explained it as "Well, Kakakaku Shika ... ..." It looked like it was.

Since then, I constantly glaring at the used car site, when my holiday comes to my friends like cars,"Which do you think would be good if you buy it?"I asked for the advice that I was worrying as if I was possessed as "ooo, hmm." Also actually go to a car shop for a test drive"No, but not with any pin, cars are from the edge"Finally while saying,

"In the sense of running pleasure and the performance and newness of cars, Panamera and Boxster that I have now are enough, so I think about it on the opposite line."

So I decided to buy a classic normal SL 500.

Where to find out ...

After that, when I came home from work, I was desperately looking at Car Graphic TV, test review of youtube's Lopezaio, top gear. Its appearance seemed as if students were studying for a little time, as if they were students (explosion)

Then, at the time of finally narrowing down to two,"Which do you think would be better with this?"There is consultation, and when I ask about that specification, "What does this mean" and "What is this number like?"From fuel economy, from horsepower, from torque, from design, from light, from engine, I've explained perfectly in any wayBecause,

Why do not you go through it and figure it out and decide intuition with it?

I answered. I had no choice but to answer it anymore (laugh)

So, eventually, I decided Silver SL 500, which was one of the biggest dealers right before the chairman of a certain company with one owner died. SL will come to our house soon. I am looking forward to it.

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