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Ashi Drive way

Ashi Driveway where my husband goes at least twice a week. I have finally made the debut of the Ashi Driveway observatory and have begun to feel the charm of Ayu. So today, my husband wrote an article about how to run the Ashi Driveway, so I would like to introduce it.

Ashi Drive way

The Ashi Driveway is composed of about 37 corners, both large and small, and is a toll road of about 10km. How to readRoyuRead. In terms of pronunciation, it seems that some people say “Lo-Yu” and “Ro-Yu” are slightly stretched.

Opened in 1962,Although it is a toll road, there are also residential areas in the area.An unusual road. In the past, there were many runners at night, and even now you can check the appearance of old runners on YouTube etc., but now it is much less, and there is little traffic, and you can easily access from Osaka and Kobe Way.

Incidentally,Motorcycles cannot run on weekends and holidaysSo riders should be careful. This is a common regulation on other roads in the Rokko Mountains. I'd like you to review these regulations soon.

This time, it has been about 20 years since I started running Ashiyu, and I am going to go to work before going to work even on weekdays. I think.


The price may be a little confusing for first-time users. A regular car costs 930 yen if you go through all the lines, and 420 yen if you get off at the Hoden Gate on the way.
By the way, if you go from Ashiya Gate to the East Rokko Observatory where car lovers gather, turn back from there, and exit from Ashiya Gate again, it costs 420 yen. This area is a little difficult to understand, so let's organize it.

By the way,ETC and credit cards are not accepted, so don't forget cash.

Price list for going back to Higashi Rokko Observatory

section Charge
① Ashiya Gate ⑨ Higashi Rokko Observatory 420 yen
Taobao Gate ⑨ Higashi Rokko Observatory 420 yen
⑳ Arima Gate ⑨ Higashi Rokko Observatory 530 yen

Course map

This time, I tried to make a course map for those who can run the Ashi Driveway. And when I explained the name of each curve, there was no information anywhere,I tried to name each area and corner.(There is no Kodawari, so if you have other good names or you already know the names, please comment)

Ashi Driveway Course Map

①Ari Gate (toll gate)

This is the entrance from Ashiya city.The road from the city to here is also winding, but the road is not wide and there are many cat's eyes, so it's not so much fun.
The gate can be either the right handle or the left handleOKIt is. Since there is no bar, it seems to pass by,Don't forget your passport.

There is a parking lot next to the toll booth. Hikers are stopping the car. There are toilets and vending machines.
If you have a slow car in front, take a short break here and let it go first and wait until you get a clear lap.

②Akaike Corner

There is a small bridge over the stream that flows from Akaike, and it becomes a gentle corner where the bridge is located.
In winter, the bridge may be frozenSo run carefully.

③Okuike S-shape

Going through the Akaike corner for a while, there is an S-curve. Since there are also bridges here, be careful of road surface freezing in winter. If you go through this, a residential area will come out, so let's slow down.

④Okuike Straight

This is alreadyI want you to think of Pit Road. It is an area that passes through a residential area called Okuike, and there are many crosswalks and hikers.
It ’s especially annoying to drive here in the early morning.Even now, complaints seem to be constant, and sometimes police officers come up to the observatory by reports from neighbors.
Surely hereSlow down and go through quietly without turning the engine with higher gear. Use the "pit speed switch speed limit function" for the 991 GT3RS.
Also sometimesThere may be a mousetrap or white bike lurking for speedingSo, you should drive slowly and safely here.

⑤ Shakego corner

This is the main course of Ashi DrivewayIt may be said that it becomes. It is a medium speed corner that turns to the left at about 90 degrees. It feels very good when running on a car with good suspension.
The company hometown is a name taken from the place name of Nishinomiya City's Koshisuisha hometown.

⑥Shinyago straight

After going through the company hometown corner, a long up straight with a gentle right curve appears. There is a shelter on the way, and you may stop there and take a picture. It's especially beautiful when it's autumn.

⑦ Shayago hairpin

As you increase the altitude, there is a large and gentle hairpin-like curve. It is one of the very pleasant corners with good views.

⑧ 芦 loop

Circular curve of about 90R.
There is a Kanai tunnel in the middle of the loop, and as soon as you pass through it, there is an entrance to the observatory, so please be modest.

Pingtung Rokko Observatory (mountain)

Common name"Oyama"Sometimes called. “Today I will climb the mountain” means “today I will go to the Ashi-Rokko Observatory”.
On this observatory, car enthusiasts from Kansai gather naturally every Sunday from around 8:00 AM to around 11:00 AM.
There is Ashiya RouteCafe which is open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and you can also have coffee and snacks.

The night view seen from hereLocation for drama Naoki HanzawaFamous for becoming. You can see the whole Osaka plain, and if conditions are good, you can see Kanku, Wakayama mountains and Abeno Harukas. At night, the night view from Osaka Plain to part of Kobe is very beautiful.

Ashi Driveway Night View

Taobao S

A gentle S-curve continues.Whether you can drive comfortably lightly or not, you can understand the “fun” of the car to some extent.
It is comfortable to run lightly.

Taobao gate (toll gate)

Get out at this toll boothRokko if you go to the left, Nishinomiya city, Takarazuka city if you go to the rightI can go to.
If you enter from the Ashiya Gate of ① and exit here, a regular car costs 420 yen.

⑫ 芦 有 ど う 道

The longest tunnel in Aoi. Note that the road surface inside the tunnel is often wet even on sunny days.
In addition, the fender of the car gets a little dirty with splashes.

Arisu Esses

Named because it is a section reminiscent of the mountain area (The Esses) of Mount Panorama Circuit (laughs)
A slight curve with a slight difference in height follows, and there is a cat's eye, so careful steering operation is required. Don't try too hard here.

Juhaccho Corner

Two 90 degree corners are connected along the 18-chome mountain, leading to the tunnel of Arima Railway.

Sakai Arima Corner

Looking from the top, it has a large C shape. It is a gentle corner where you can run smoothly.
There is a small Arima Observatory on the way and you can see the area of Arima Onsen and Mita City.. There are vending machines, and there are many people who want to enjoy running more. In addition, there is a small shelter called “Hokusetsu Observatory” which is a little smaller than Arima Observatory.

⑯ Arima hairpin

It's a reverse bank, and it's a little scary when it comes up from Arima. A technical corner where the car's performance and arms are what it says.

Sakai Arima Square

The corner is similar to the corner with the Nürburgring mini carousel, but it is named because it looks like a square when viewed from above.
At the entrance of the corner there is a slightly larger refuge “Kinsenji Lake Observatory”, which I often use as a shooting spot, and it ’s like the “Goshono Parking Lot” in the Hakone Turnpike thinking.

Porsche 981 behind Boxster GTS

⑱ Kinkeibashi S-shape

S-shaped near the road bridge called Jinqing Bridge. There is also a height difference and it is very fun.
Kinkei Bridge is similar to Hakone Turnpike Hozuki Bridge, but is quite small. You could say “Mini Hozuki Bridge”. It seems to be a precious road bridge that uses aluminum alloy as the only structural strength material in Japan.

Suihoji Temple Curve

Several gentle curves continue towards Arima Gate. Very easy to run and comfortable. On the way, the blue sign "Tollgate 200m away" is a shelter.

⑳ Arima Gate (toll gate)

When you leave here, you will reach Arima Onsen. If you pass from the Ashiya gate in ① to here, it will cost you 930 yen one way with a regular car.

Let's protect only this

The Ashi driveway is a comfortable road,Naturally not a circuit. It is a public road where tourists, local buses, and local cars run. Needless to say, if you make a mistake, there is a possibility of a major accident.When you run, make sure you have enough safety margin and do not disturb other cars.If you have experience running on the circuit, you will understand, but it is really dangerous to fly to the insane road.

In addition, as mentioned above, especially ④ Okike straight sectionNever, never fly. I would like to urge you to run as quietly and slowly as possible because it will be annoying in the neighborhood.

Ashi DrivewayA truly “holy place” for car lovers in KansaiIt is.
I hope you enjoy the rules and manners so that this sacred place will continue to be a social place for car lovers.

Click here for Google Map version.


I am Mina's husband. Cars do not ride with fashion or status symbols. It is fun to drive, superior as an industrial product, and prefers a car that the intention of the maker is felt ...


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  1. Manma

    Hello Mina,

    Hello. I'm sorry.
    Is your physical condition unchanged?

    By the way, the other day, I finally made my Ashi debut!
    Needless to say, I read this article carefully in advance.

    On that day, from the place where you drive on National Route 2 and see the guidance of "Ashi Road" and enter the prefectural road
    Expectations for the sacred place are at their peak...
    I managed to control the feelings of deviation, and when I was carefully running up the slope of the prefectural road, I saw the toll booth.

    It was good until I got a pass ticket and entered the Ashi road, but I wonder if it is a local person behind
    The car that killed the toll booth imminently felt a little impatient.
    This car entered the alley straight in Okuike, so after that,
    I thought that I was able to run at my own pace, but I was running like "I'm sorry, here and there as I saw it on the blog..."
    I arrived at the Higashi Rokko Observatory in no time.

    At such an observatory, there are only couples and two men who seem to like cars.
    I was able to enjoy plenty of scenery and photos with my machine, without having to come.

    A good time will pass in no time.

    Since the scheduled time came, I left the observatory and aimed for Arima 1st, but on the downhill Ashi-Kumendo, the body was dirty due to the splash as expected.
    Taking a photo of your machine like a blog while wiping off the dust at Kinsenji Lake Observatory,
    "Oh, it's wonderful," he said.

    This time we only had one way from Ashiya to Arima, but we had a really good time.
    The 倥倖 that the master met at the Higashi Rokko Observatory is also a memory of a lifetime.
    I wanted to talk all the time if I had time (laughs).
    Thank you for the day! !

    Then, I know Mina is busy, but
    Please love yourself.

    We look forward to seeing you in Ashi!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama
      Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I'm fine.
      And the other day, thank you very much for letting my husband join us in Ashiyu.

      There are some tight roads in Ashi, but it's fun no matter how many times you run,
      I think it's a good place.

      If I can come to Ashi again (It's a tough trip...)
      I would be happy if you could tell me!

      Continue to thank you.