Car wash BMW – how much dirt can be removed with an automatic car wash at a gas station?


BMW320i car wash

At the end of May, BMW320i, my first car in my life, came to my house. Since then, I have been riding almost every day, but because I am a city rider, the mileage has finally exceeded 1500km.

And during that timeNo car wash... (-_-)

When my husband hears it, it will be a level that will dong,How to contact your car"I seem to get angry ..."

It ’s a complete excuse,Let's go for a car wash this weekOnly when I thought, "I encountered a guerrilla heavy rain, the car was a little clean,I want to wash it, but since I entered the rainy season again"The time passed while thinking ..."

Recently, “I'm going to wash my own hands,Heat above 35 degreesTwo months have passed while saying "I don't feel like washing myself because there are mosquitoes in addition."

Just two months later, the dirt on the wheel was great.

… That wheel gets so dirty (゚ д ゚)! ?

This 320i seems to have started to notice dirt on the wheel quite early after delivery. "Sports models give priority to braking,Adopts pads that easily generate brake dust“It was too dirty, as it was written on the net.

I wonder if my driving is too bad.

Turn your car into an automatic car wash with BMW!

So I finally decided to go to the car the other day. Looking back, not only the wheel but also the body is quite dirty.

As for car washing, I usually ask a nearby gas station.Friendly staffAnd while I was asking for a car washA waiting area with a spacious sofa with wifiIt makes you wait comfortably. Moreover, they also serve coffee and juice.

I thought I would ask for a hand-washing car again this time, but I thought it would be expensive because it would cost over 5000 yen.(While I think it's impossible ...)

Speaking of that, when I graduated from a paper driver, I was nervous to come to the gas station alone, and every time I had a husband ... that was now a manual car that was washed alone. (Laughs)

This car wash is not only a normal shampoo,A course that carefully cleans the lower part in addition to high pressure cleaningI chose to add. The price is 1000 yen.

It's expensive for a coin car wash, but it's two months of dirt.

And finally, the car wash started.

Always think about this when you are in a car wash room.

"If you open the window now, it will be a great thing."

When. Of course, because the engine is off, pressing the button will not open the window,I always delusion about the time I opened the window.Perhaps I think that if it is around plus or minus Iwahashi, it will open really because of the temptation to open windows w

The car was washed in about 3 minutes, but when I was in the car with the engine turned off under the hot summer heat, sweat came out in an instant. One of the eldest daughters was excited and excited about whether car washing was unusual.

And what happens to the wheel after the car wash ...?

It's a little beautiful, but it's not completely shiny(Of course)Even so, it seems to have a lot of fine brush scratches. After all I will ask for a hand-washing car from the next.

However, the body became shiny!

By the way, when I asked about how to clean the wheel with twitter, I got the following advice from everyone.

There are detergents that dissolve the iron powder on the wheel, and methods such as coating the wheel to make it easier to remove dirt. The biggest omission isMake the wheel matt black so it won't notice if it gets dirtyOr w

European cars are all dirty.Detergent that can be cleaned just by sprayingI want someone to develop it.

Genuine wheel cleaner is pretty good. Please try once.

I'm doing it with dishwashing detergent and work gloves! That's it.

The genuine BMW is expensive and the contents are actuallySonax wheel cleanerSo Sonax is cheaper than a genuine BMW! Incidentally,Sonax wheel coatingBut it ’s good! It ’s super water-repellent and it ’s hard to get dirty! However, if you touch it with your hand, the coating will come off and it will be a little white but a little negative, but it's a good product!

Please clean before fixing. My car is also troubled by the strongest amount of dust in the domestic habit. I don't want to scratch it too much and it's dirty. The conflict continues ...


After all, what you think is the same. At the same time, you know a lot ... studying. It's a lot of work, so I'd like to buy a cleaner or detergent based on the advice I received and try to find out which one suits me best.

It may be good to ask for a car wash after that.

I'm worried about the heat and mosquitoes, but I'll try it once.

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  1. To be sunny

    See, there was an article about the woman's car in the past.

    It ’s raining on the day you wash your car, but do n’t worry.

    Car wash is to remove dirt that has accumulated so far, and even if it rains, it can be the next car wash again ww

    • MinaMina

      By car

      > Looking at the woman ’s car, there was an article in the past.
      Yeah, that's right (laughs) I'm just me ... (laughs)

      > Let's rain on the carwash day, but don't worry
      That's right, my husband was deeply sympathetic to the title of the book, “Look for the car on a rainy day.”
      I thought that would be the case.

      If it gets dirty, I'll make it clean (laughs)

  2. How to support life


    My name is Misa Saku.
    A relatively cool period lasted only in Kanto
    The temperature suddenly rose about 10 ℃ from the moment the rainy season ended
    I have already spent my summer days.
    It will be moving to Nagoya and Osaka from tomorrow at Obon Bon Week.
    I was looking for traffic jam forecast information.

    It ’s cumbersome to clean the wheel. My
    21mm sports design wheel with many fine holes
    I thought it would be hard to clean up the dust,
    I couldn't stand the dirt the other day and took a shower
    I boiled it with a sponge and it was as shiny as new.
    While reading comments that remind you of your hardship today
    I feel very sorry.

    Tokyo in July had only half a day of sunshine and it rained well
    The body looked pretty clean every time I ran
    I'm going to find a gas station equipped with a new type of car wash machine.
    We think.
    Is n’t it somewhere?

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      I am very sorry!

      > It will be moving to Nagoya and Osaka from tomorrow in the Obon night.
      This is really hot. (The highest temperature in Kyoto was 38 degrees)
      It ’s so hot that it ’s funny, so do n’t let the summer heat up… ^^;

      Cleaning the wheel is enviable. .
      Surely my husband Boxster's wheel was said to be pretty clean if I jar with the water pressure of the shower.
      Is the recent Porsche wheel like that?

      > Looking for a gas station equipped with a new type of car wash
      > I think.
      New type! I am worried! I will also look for it!

  3. yone0531

    Mina Good evening.

    I agree. I think that the wheel of the foreign car is easy to get dirty.
    Maybe Porsche is the same. Compared to domestic cars, scrape the pad and rotor
    Is it feeling? In addition to your advice, the most important thing is a brake pad with less dirt
    I think it would be nice to exchange. Instead, a slightly genuine brake touch has a sense
    It changes ... Compared to that dirtiness, it's easier!
    For your reference if you like.

    • MinaMina


      > I think it ’s great to replace the brake pads with less dirt.
      Indeed, there is such a method ...! It ’s all about things you do n’t know.
      I would like to investigate it myself.
      Thank you ^ ^

  4. wrp930 suga

    I am very sorry!
    I always enjoy watching the blog. I am entertained with a smile from the text.

    BMW really has a lot of brake dust. The wheel gets dirty before the body. . .
    And when I wash the wheel, there are a lot of black spots flying on my clothes, which is quite a shock. This doesn't fall off even after washing. . .

    A brake pad with reduced dust is recommended. Wheels are less likely to get dirty, and dirt that arrives is easier to remove.
    The brake feeling may change slightly, but I think there is no big difference in braking force. (It is for streets only)

    BMW owners are replaced with reduced dust brake pads with a good probability. Please try to clean the wheel!

    • MinaMina

      wrp930 suga
      Thank you very much! ! And thank you for always seeing the blog.
      Also, recently, my husband seems to have heard a lot about the cautions for riding the 964 in the summer ... Thank you ^^;

      > When you wash the wheel, there are a lot of black spots flying on your clothes. This doesn't fall off even after washing. . .
      Is that so! ! ! In fact, while helping children get on and off the backseat, the jeans rub against the wheel,
      I thought I couldn't remove the black dirt even after washing ...

      You have to use car wash too ...

      > Reduced dust brake pads are recommended. Wheels are less likely to get dirty, and dirt that arrives is easier to remove.
      That's right! I am surprised at the depth of the car that there are various products. I will check with my husband.
      Always thank you ^ ^

  5. Wooper

    Porsche and Alpina (so the brake pads are the same as BMW)
    The dirt of the brake dust is harder on the BMW
    An elephant.

    Alpina is unbearable and can be replaced with a low dust external pad.
    It may be an illusion due to the difference in wheel shape (^^;)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper

      > The dirt of brake dust seems to be worse for BMW.
      That's right! ! !
      I thought that my wheel was so bad that the wheels were so dirty ...
      I was a little relieved (laughs)

      Many people say that it is better to change to a low dust pad,
      I would like to investigate once.
      Thank you!

  6. mironov

    Nice to meet you. My name is mironov. I search from Porsche and read it from time to time.

    You should finally wash the car when you think of it. After it rains enough, it is easier to wash it when there are water droplets on the body.

    If you use genuine brake pads, the wheels will get dirty immediately. I'm a BMW Z4, but as you said, I immediately replaced it with an external product. I changed the M-type of Dixel. If you use an external product, you can reduce the scraping of the rotor, so it is economical because the frequency of rotor replacement is lower than when it is genuine.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our blog and for your comments!

      > Car wash should be done when you think of it.
      Certainly, if you look at the timing, you can never wash the car ... ^^;

      > As you said, I immediately replaced it with an external product.
      That's right! Not only is the aftermarket product hard to get dirty, but it is also economical because it suppresses scraping!
      Now that I think about it, I think I should have changed it first (I've squeezed my money and I didn't have to change it after all ...)