YouTube started! -A video of Ashi Driveway on Porsche 911 GT3

Ashi Drive way

Car x video

I've been watching youtube car test drive reviews from time to time, and sometimes uploading videos to youtube with a private release.I want to post a video on youtube somedayI was starting to think.

The thing that comes to mind in the youtube content of cars is “Test drive review video" However, I can't do a test drive review video ... and there are three main reasons.

One is that I don't have enough drawers to test drive reviews. "The female test drive review looks interesting and I want to see it!"I thought about it for a while, but I still can't do enough reviews to show people. Even if I try to make a video, I do not speak and I feel like it will probably end in about a minute w

The second reason is ``There are already a lot of test drive review videos out there."From. The contributors range from former racers, professionals to the general public, from car models to imported cars, and so on.

If you look overseas,High quality video of test drive reviews with superb videoIs rolling around. Many people have already uploaded great content, but I thought I would dare to cut into it.

The third reason is "Too much effort to shoot a test drive review" When trying to make a test drive video, the video inside the car is monotonous, so various angles of view are required, such as the actual car running, engine sound, body, and video taken with a fixed camera.

When that happens,In order to go shooting, you have to go with at least two cameras.

Also, it is not good to shake the video taken with great effort, and a microphone that picks up the sound is necessary. If you think so,Various equipment must be prepared.

Well, it may not be necessary to do so seriously, but there is a desire to do it properly if you do it.

971 Panamera Turbo

Also, the system is a little different,A video of a woman youtuber uploading a review that ran Nurburgring with a Porsche or supercarI saw it several times,

“The video is fun, the editing is good, the speech is good, I can speak English, it's cute, it's cute, it doesn't say triple, and it has both six and seven. It's impossible for me."

I thought

In the meantime, about half a year passed in no time.

Let's take a video

And about a month ago. My husband told me about the existence of YouTuber, Casey Neistat.

Do you know this person? The world-famous youtuber and the video is really interesting.


When I first saw it, “What an uncle of this dubious sunglasses…(It was actually almost the same age as me)I thought, but when I watched the video ...

... Wow, amazing ...! The video is so cool! ! !

In an instant, I was addicted to Casey Nystad's video. And

I want to be able to make such a video!

I thought.(Whether it can actually be made or not)

Casey Nystadyoutuber good news, video blog (vlog) vloggerIt seems that the content and story of the video project are interesting, and the video is very beautiful. His worldview is packed in a video that takes less than 10 minutes, and it looks like it devours.

By the way, the number of current subscribers is 11.45 million. I looked at the world population list on Wikipedia,With almost total Greek populationwas. It ’s amazing…

I was so impressed that my husband said, “I want to make this video too!"

No, it's impossible to make such a video suddenly ... w We have all the equipment and editing software to shoot a video, so you can do it!

It was that.

"Okay, good hurry up, I'll try to make a honey!So, I decided to try shooting a video when I went on a BMW 320i as a trial.

... but I don't know what to take when I set up the camera, and I don't know where to start editing. I managed to make one video, but it wasn't something that could be seen by people.

After that, as a result of various thoughts,The first video release will be the Ayu DrivewayI thought about the outline of the story in advance, wrote down the angle of view I wanted to shoot, and hoped to shoot that day. On the way,Accident that GoPro battery runs outThere was(And I forgot the spare battery at home), Somehow put the video in the camera and go home.

I immediately saw a video shot at home ...

... Eh! ? I'm talking with this voice! It ’s really uncomfortable! !

To the husband who heard it,

No, I feel bad ... w

I was told. I was shocked a little and said, “Yeah ... I do n’t think so ...”, but I was distracted for a while.

However,This "editing" is hundreds of times as hard as I imaginedwas.

Because the capacity of the PC is overwhelmingly short, you have to prepare a hard disk,The video edited over 4 hours disappears for some reason ...There are too many mosaics required, and if you look at the completed video after working distractingly, you can see that it is almost like a mosaic video, like a police investigation video.

I tried again and again and spent about 40 hours in 2 weeks, but it is still far from complete.

After that, continue to work,Finally, it took about 50 hours for about 3 weeks, and the 7-minute video was completed.Moreover, although it looks like “….”, It seems that it will take about a year for the release, so I decided to give up the first one anyway.

Even so, 7 minutes over 50 hours… (-_-) w

Everyone on youtuber is amazing. The video of Casey Nystad is a realm of genius and god. It's impossible to make it like that. Everything is something you can't understand without actually doing it yourself.

I want to take a touring video

As for the second and subsequent videos, I can't upload them frequently, so I would like to work on them little by little as I see opportunities. I'm thinking now

“Two of my husband and I go touring all over the country and make a video that conveys the beauty of Japanese roads with visual beauty.”


Like the video I made this time, the conversation is minimal,I want to go to Japan, beautiful, I want to goIt would be nice to make a video that conveys the charm of Japan that covers all the roads in Japan that you can think of.

Just from the other dayFamous road map planningI think that it would be interesting to be able to link it with the video, but I feel like it will not be completed even if it takes a lifetime

By the way, here is a video of the Arisu Driveway. I am also interested in future video projects! If you are interested, please subscribe to the channel.

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  1. Sakon

    Subscribed to the channel!
    I think the atmosphere that is not communicated by blogs is very good.
    I would like to see it with BGM.

    • MinaMina

      Wow! Thank you! ! I'm happy! !
      I hope I can continue to convey the parts that I can't convey on my blog.

      > I want to see it with BGM.
      The sound was a little low, but if you turn on the volume of youtube, I think that you can hear the engine sound of GT3 and the conversation of the couple.
      Continue to thank you!

  2. Esta

    I saw a video! I also subscribed to the channel.
    It was a very fun video with a relaxed atmosphere.

    I saw the second video, but it looks like touring.
    I want to tell you that cars are fun and I'm enjoying them! It was a video that transmitted. I am looking forward to it.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for that section.
      Also, thank you for watching the video and registering your channel!
      I am very happy because I wanted to convey that the car is sensual and fun, rather than telling the goodness of the car in words.
      Thank you in the future ^ ^

  3. ako

    I saw a video of GT3 Touring Nara.
    718 Boxster who was with me at that time.
    I was grateful for the lower part of the car body and helped me to take a lot of photos and sit on the seat.
    Unexpectedly, the video of 718 running in front of GT3 was uploaded and I was entertained.
    I also want to ride the left MT, but it won't come true ...
    Please let me know if you have the opportunity.

    • MinaMina

      That's right! Are you in that gray boxster? ?
      Thank you for taking care of me the other day!

      The left MT is really few or not ...
      Yes, please let me know if you have a chance.

      Continue to thank you ^ ^