Until the day of riding the Porsche Boxster GTS (MT) Vol.6

MT (manual) ride

○ Get on Boxster GTS for the first time in months

The other day on Sunday, my mother-in-law was able to see the children, so I went to Ashi Driveway in the morning, but that afternoonAbout 1 hour to go back to Ashi Driveway at Boxsterbecame.

“But it ’s been a while since I ’ve been riding Boxster,” and looking back at the blog, it ’s been six months.

… Seriously (゚ д ゚)! !

At first I decided to go with my husband's driving, but when I got on Boxster after a long time,The ride is very smoothI was surprised. I think it was because I got on a GT3 in the morning, but it felt smoother than I thought it would be a sports car. Also,Compared with GT3, the noise during driving on general roads is also very quietIt is.

vice versa,Riding the Panamera and then riding the Boxster feels very hard and loudAnd just before(Or usually)Depending on what the car you are riding on, the evaluation of the car you ride on will be very different.(I wonder if this is the difficulty of test drive reviews)I felt it again.

Boxster GTS @ Ari

After that, when I crossed the Ashi Driveway toll booth, I decided to switch driving with my husband.

This moment has finally come.

Actually, that morning,I was allowed to drive a little GT3, but it was smashed downIt is. As expected, it ’s not an engine stall, but it ’s possible to start and shift,It ’s completely swallowed by the awesomeness of GT3,I was only able to drive as if I was driving a passenger car (-_-)

Besides, Boxster can drive for the first time in half a year ... "No, but I'm sure it's okay because I'm driving the BMW320i manual every day!"Tell yourself and get into the driver's seat."

The clutch is still heavy. Adjust the seat and steering position,Open the roof and open Boxster.I tried a little with the shift lever in place, but somehow, I thought that I felt like I could drive this time, but I just started off ...

… Oh! I was able to start safely!(I think I'll be happy every time I was able to start w)

Before starting, before"Where is the clutch connected?"I couldn't grasp it at all, but this time I knew it right away. Is this also the result of daily practice?

After that, I tried to raise the gear with 2nd speed, 3rd speed, but this time, unlike before,To be able to drive with a sense without thinking too much in the headIt was.

… If this is the case, I can drive properly!

Switch to sport plus mode and turn on auto-blippingThen, run up the path of Ashi Driveway. Every time you shift down before the corner,Buon Buon! !“I ’m very particular about the boxer ’s habit.”

It ’s too good!

I always go up the path of Ayu and take a break at Higashi Rokko Observatory, but this time I will pass and try to run Boxster. In the tunnel where the long straight line goes ahead,While listening to engine rotation sound, shift up to 4th and 5thI tried to.

In the tunnel,Boxster GTS engine sound echoes.By making it open, you can feel Boxster all over your body.

Thank you! ! The best! !

I'm so moved and excited

What! Boxster did the car so well! ! Say hello!

Her husband

No, no, I've been saying that I've been doing cars for 4 years!I was able to drive a lot. It feels like Boxster is open to the heart.


That's right. I haven't opened my heart yet,Well, did you finally stand on the start line?"I felt like Boxster admitted a little."

Even so, is it so pleasant to run Boxster open?

I am a master of my husband's heartwataHowever, even if you go to long touring nationwide and run thousands of kilometers at a time,Too comfortable, not running yet."I never understood before."

I only thought "get crazy". But I felt that feeling was understood for the first time this time.

I want to run everywhere.

While thinking about that, while driving while feeling the wind, green and Boxster engine sound throughout the body,I'm so touched that my tears are overflowingI was attacked by the mysterious feeling that

It ’s terrible, crying, tears…!

To say,

Soro! I want to cry! ! Really Boxster is the best car! Mina finally understood it! !

And my husband was fleeing.

If you look at it from the side, it's only a conversation of a perverted couple ... (-_-)

But I was really moved that much. By the way, here is a video of driving at that time(I'm not good at half-crack)

Return home at Boxster

After about 2 round trips, I decided to stop by the Higashi Rokko Observatory, but I met a BMW owner Twitter follower who met that morning.

“Let's think together, lol”

After laughing a little, I thanked for the encounter and went home.(I was nervous as soon as I thought it was being seen by someone, and wrested when I started.)

It will be 4 years since Boxster came to my house after releasing the AT limited license and getting on a manual car.In the meantime, I had my parents watch my parents and went to practice several times, but I couldn't drive at all, and I had a long time when I thought, "I can't drive Boxster." .

Gentle, the title of the last Boxster article I wrote was "Will there be a day when you can handle Boxster?(Laughs)

Is it coming day to be able to overcome Boxster GTS (MT)? -Vol.5

However, after that, “I can't do this!”, I bought a BMW 320i (manual) myself and practiced it every day for about 2 months. Finally, you can drive Boxster GTS(I have n’t managed yet)It became so.

To be honest and happy.

No matter how old“I can do what I can't do” “I can feel my growth”Is very happy. I never thought I would be a life of challenging new things every year after I was 35 years old, but I don't think age has anything to do with the challenge, so I hope I can continue to challenge many things. .

By the way, youtube will debut soon, so I hope you can look forward to it too.

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  1. Ao

    I always look forward to this blog. I was completely addicted to the fun of Porsche's MT (laughs) My car (991C4S) has a heavy clutch, and in the traffic jam in Tokyo it gets numb in 30 minutes, but I am really impressed at high speed and winding Is n’t it fun? Even though you are struggling with child-rearing, your driving skills have improved! I think it ’s amazing. There ’s a little more to do. Since I live in the Kanto area, I have never met, but I am cheering on other people to do my best. For the first time on this blog, I learned about a place called Ashi Driveway. I'm going to run someday. It's no longer the best Porsche blog in Japan (for users)! I'm sure you will be busy, but please do your best.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > I'm completely addicted to the fun of Porsche MT (laughs)
      Yes! I was completely addicted to it (laughs) I didn't think so much fun ... (laughs)
      I want to practice so that I can get on even more firmly.

      > This is the first time I've learned about a place called Ashi Driveway. I'm going to run someday.
      Please feel free to come! (Laughs)
      Actually, I'm going to upload a video of the Ashi Driveway, and I'm happy if you can see it again.

      I will continue to do my best at my own pace.

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Congratulations, it seems that Boxster can now enjoy it.
    Moreover, the shift change is quick. But is there a little power? I'm not sure in the video.

    By the way, I happened to see Twitter in the sidebar, but Mina's family is like Kyoto and I feel close. Is going to Demachiyanagi on Kawabata Street the south? My home is not far from Demachiyanagi. Speaking of which, I feel that Shijo Kawabata has become a pedestrian separation signal and has become more congested.

    If you go to Mt. Hiei in the middle, isn't it a driveway across the mountain?

    • MinaMina

      I'm still nervous about driving Boxster, so I think it has a lot of power (laughs)
      I hope I can practice more and be able to drive calmly and relaxedly.

      Your parents are in Kyoto! Moreover, Demachiyanagi is enviable in the middle of the city ...!
      As you say, I'm home to the south, so getting out of town is a bit cumbersome.

      I wanted to run Hieizan Driveway, but my daughters want to ride the ropeway of Hiyama Cable! I said,
      This time, I was forced to get off at Demachiyanagi and head by train.

      Next time I would like to run Hieizan Driveway!

  3. wata

    I'm the master's “master of the heart” but I do n’t think I can be crazy.

    I thought, but now Mina is in the same hole (laughs).
    I'm tired of running around Boxster for about 130,000 km, but there are still a lot of scenes that impress me with the comfort.
    Mina, if you are already impressed by the presence of the home course, it's a bit dangerous.
    If you go out touring and run in an open boxster in a wonderful landscape, you will definitely ascend (laughs).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! How are you doing after that?

      > I ’m the master ’s “master of the heart”, but I ’m only thinking of being “crazy”, so I ’m not standing.

      I'm really sorry ... (laughs) I thought, "There are so many crazy people in the world" (laughs)
      I finally understand wata's feelings.

      > If you go out touring and run in an open boxster in a wonderful landscape, you will definitely ascend (laughs).
      Wata often wrote “Ascension” on blogs and thought, “No, no matter how much exaggeration,”
      I feel like I'll be flying away if I run on the wonderful road in Japan with Boxster.

      From now on, I want to go to Boxster Touring with my husband!
      I hope someday a day will pass by Wata on some road in Japan! ! (You can't run too much for that.)
      We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. PorscheDreamer

    > I wanted to run Hieizan Driveway, but my daughters want to ride the ropeway of Hiyama Cable! I said,
    > This time I was forced to get off at Demachiyanagi and head by train.

    Although it is a bit irregular, there seems to be a hand to park at the summit parking lot and walk to the summit station of the ropeway.

    • MinaMina


      That's right! Thank you for the information!
      Next time I would like to run the driveway!