I like Panamera more than the Porsche 911-one suitable for the champion of life

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Porsche Panamera

911 is a wonderful car

Speaking of Porsche 911. Many of the world's Porsche fans think that "Porsche is 911 after all". Previously, when you had a 911 (991.2) test ride with a dealer, the ease of driving and enjoyment of that "Oh ~ it's a super car! I can sell it!I was deeply moved.

Even me who is not very confident about driving a car, I felt happy and driving sportily enough to misunderstand that "at this moment, both Suzuka Circuit and Fuji Speedway will be able to run as hard as possible" when I ride 911.

When I had my McLaren 650S operated before, I was somewhat scared of something because my brakes were too heavy and I could not steeply stepping in on the spot, but compared with such a super car,911 is a sports car where women can easily driveI felt that.

While enjoying the best runs in the mountains and winding roads, the city ride is comfortable. Because it's easy to get around, you can go anywhere in convenience stores and can be used for commuting. Of course, the circuit can run. I think that it is quite unusual for sports cars that are all almighty.

Looking at the "911 introduction page" of the Porsche Japan official website, it was written like this.

Filling every moment of driving with pleasure.
It becomes one with the driver, and the continuous corner runs through quickly. The pleasure of manipulating brilliant performance as desired, springs up in all driving scenes. The 911 innovative run that continues to attract people beyond the times far exceeds your imagination.

That is exactly right. Also, regarding the design, it is simple, refined, I think it is very beautiful.

Panamera's catchphrase

... But, I still like Panamera.

There is the character of the champion, and the weight feeling when driving is comfortable. Even if I ride everyday I am moved everyday and when I see the situation that Panamera is stopped at the parking lot on the way back from work, the nobility is overflowing and it looks somewhat divine.

, When there was suddenly casually searching the official website of Porsche Japan,"Oh yeah! This is it!"And a wonderful catchphrase striking the knee was written.

Porsche's unique exciting runs and comfort are also fulfilled, one that is suitable for the champion of life.

One unit suitable for the champion of life ...

Yes, it is exactly this. Panamera thinks that a catchphrase that is suitable for the champion of life is perfect. But I am still not the champion of life (bomb), so I firmly work hard, show my straight girls to my daughters on my back as my 2 mother's husband, polish human beings, earn firmly, get to Panamera It will be a suitable person! And these days I renew my determination tomorrow.


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