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If you want to climb Everest

A few years ago, when I decided to make a big challenge within myself, I was opposed to almost everyone around me.

"Absolutely impossible"
"Because it fails to stop it"
"Do not dare to violate the danger"

I was overwhelmed so much that I got no confidence indeed, and I complained unexpectedly to my senior in life I was indebted with.

"Too much has been opposed,I do not feel like doing it very much.After all I think I will stop challenging. "

Then, I was told like this.

"Huh, well remember.If you want to climb Everest,You should consult with someone who has already climbed Mount Everest.Even if we talk to someone who has never climbed Mount Everest, it will only be opposed to "I can not do that". But if you have already climbed Mount Everest"If you seriously climb, there will be such equipment! Should you introduce ◯◯!And you absolutely give me advice.
If you want to challenge, it is important to consult with those who have already tried that challenge.In other words, that means putting yourself in the circle of those people."

…I see! ! !

It was scalp from the eyes. Ever since doing anything, I am planning to be conscious of this.

Panamera, you can buy it immediately

A few years from there. For me now, buying Panamera is one of the goals of life, but I think this is also the same story.If you want Panamera,To the so-called luxury cars and those who actually acquired the cars they yearn for,Placing yourself is a shortcut for realization.

As I said to my senior who previously said "I want Panamera,"Oh, Panamera, you can buy that soon."It was said. "No, I can not buy that soon! !To contradict it,

"You do not have that kind of thing! If you think you can buy it, you will not be able to buy it for the rest of you! If you think you can buy it, you can buy it!"

I was scolded.

At that time, I thought, "Even if you are told that you do not understand such a gut feel or emotion theory ..." I think now, by being in the same space as these people, "I might even be able to buy Panamera" In a good sense senses paralyzed, so this is a good tendency (explosion)

However, it is OK not because I put myself there, but what I have to do from there on is a major premise.

All right! I'll do my best today too!

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