Three laws that you want to be conscious of in order to drive safely without accidents in a large car.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Driving technique · manner
Panamera is so big.

Panamera is huge anyway. Compared to light cars, I am surprised to see if it is so different.

〘New Panamera
Width: 1,937 mm
Total length: 5,049 mm

Mini car
Width: 1,480 mm or less
Total length: 3,400 mm or less

That is, Panamera is more than a mini car,The horizontal width is about 50 cm and the length is as long as 1.5 m.

What a big body. Small turning is not easy, I always get stuck when I pass by the oncoming car. And, naturally (no, of course you can not say it) I sometimes wounded. When I returned to my parents home in Panamera before, I got a little behind at my parents parking lot. Despite having a sensor that tells you obstacles.


Pupu Pupu Pupu PupuPupu Pupu,

Pooh - ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー



This feeling of the death was totally shocking. Since then, when driving a large car, I began to notice the following things.

Three laws in me.

① I will never pass a narrow road
Even if it is a narrow road, there are many roads that can actually pass by Panamera's car width. It is also possible to make a mistake, wait in front, or let others go first. But, but it definitely does not pass. Even if it is in a hurry, I am going to take a detour and decide to go on a wide road.

② Do not go to convenience stores or supermarkets in a narrow parking lot
There is "Kansai supermarket" in neighborhood, parking lot is narrow.Although I say that it is narrow, I think that there is nothing I can not stop and the Kansai Super is quite cheap and quite good, but I do not want to go if I do not like something. Even in a convenience store, even if one parking lot is open, I will never enter into where I felt "this is narrow ..." by intuition.

③ Exit home with more time than 30 minutes
"If you can not make it in time for meeting ...", you will have to go through narrow roads and loopholes. Then the possibility of hitting Panamera will also rise.So I am trying to leave home for over 30 minutes on time.

If it takes 1 hour on Google Maps, it will take 1.5 hours, if it takes 1 hour 30 minutes it will take 2 hours. I used to work from home to Yonago in Tottori prefecture before, but I was caught in the road (crowded with train for Yonago) or thought of any chance, leaving home for 1 hour It was. Then, it was messed up, and it flew quite a bit,

I arrived at least two hours faster than planned.

But, that's fine with that. I could not make it in time, rushed, it was much better than risking Panamera. In other words, what is important for safe driving with a large car,

It is not to hone driving skills to pass any road, but to go to places where there is risk in the first place.

If we do not approach risks, risks will not come from over there.

In other words, winning without fighting.

(I have not won at all, but it is not a game though.

Those who read this blog"It takes time, we can not turn around,I do not feel comfortable going to supermarkets and convenience stores,What a buggy car it is. "Although it may be thought, Panamera is a great place to make me think that it is worthwhile to survive these troubles, even for myself to work on housework for childcare.


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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Mina, the content of the article almost agree.
    Since the front car was a compact car, there was no problem on the narrow road, but now my favorite car got wider 11 cm, so the narrow road will not go.
    I definitely do not want to hit it, I do not want to be hit.
    From now on I will take care of you ^ ^

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you! 11 cm As the width gets wider, you feel a lot change!
    > I do not want to hit it absolutely, I do not want to be honored.
    I understand very well! I will also take care of you from now on and I will try my best to be able to buy myself!