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Feeling on expressway

I ride on Panamera almost everyday, but I use the expressway 1 or 2 times a week. today"Manner of a car running overtaking lane of highway"I thought about it. By the way, looking at the definition of the overtaking lane, it is written like this.

In Japan, it is the rightmost lane in the case where there are multiple lanes on one side mainly in the highway or the road of the exclusive road of a car. It is a lane to overtake the preceding car running in the driving lane.

Overtake lane - Wikipedia

On the expressway, I run in the driving lane if I am free, but usually I will run in the passing lane if I am not. Even if I am not in a hurry, I do not like to run at ease leisurely in Panamera. However, I do not like to hurt the car in front, so when I see the car in front, I loose the speed and let it run a distance to a certain distance.

However, when the car approached from behind with a great momentum, I changed the lane to the left when I saw it with the rearview mirror and gave way. Panamera has both power and acceleration power than a general car and I think that it will almost beat even if you come close to it from behind,I want to avoid conflict as much as possible,It is better to give way to good news.(It is not a matter of winning or losing)

Overtaking it? You do not overtake me?

However, occasionally, it is quite irritated. that is,There is a car that is running slowly and slowly running in the passing lane.(I ran all the way at 80 km / h before)The overtaking lane should be the lane used to overtake the preceding car. Even so, I did not overtake it at all, and I wonder why it was running in parallel.

If you do not feel like overtaking, do not run the overtaking lane

If I thought, the following cars began to catch on and on and on. But the car was running continuously on the passing lane.

No, I can read the air ... (- _ -)

If you said that there is Orvis on 1 km ahead, you can also see running continuously at that speed. I can tell if the hills and curves continue. But why can not you run at that speed with nothing straight line? I wonder if I have seen a rearview mirror. Or perhaps I've noticed, but I wonder if I keep running with harassment w

I thought that ... etc, but I knew the startling facts.

Obviously even the overtaking lane must not exceed legal speed,

Overtake lane - Wikipedia

Huh! Is that so! What?

However, since it is about an overtaking lane, if I do not feel like overtaking, I think I want to run today these days.

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