I thought about why I liked Porsche Panamera.

Porsche Panamera

I like Panamera.

I love Panamera, but "Reasons for PanameraAbout the previous blog I wrote like this.

"Oh, Panamera, what a wonderful car ... ..."
Even if I ride everyday, I feel excited every day.
It is nice to have a memorable appearance at the parking lot,
It is good with the dignity of the champion,
It is said to accelerate convergence at high speed,
The tone of the engine is good,
Hands on handles are good and good,
It feels like accelerating faithfully as much as you step on the accelerator pedal,
It is good as ground touch of the ground,
A sense of stability and good,
It is good with massive massive feeling,
Still it is good to run not to feel the weight as stress,
It is said that the atmosphere is as misdirected as if the human case went up just by riding,
Amazing, it's too wonderful.
Whether the turning effect is effective,
I wonder if the ordinary parking lot could be stopped,
Bad fuel economy,
Whether it is narrow paths,
It's a wonderful car that surpasses such a thing.

I think it's a really wonderful car ... every time you ride it.

Wonderness of Panamera

However, if you look at the world's Porsche fan, I think that it is overwhelmingly that "I like 911". Also, among those who are not Porsche fans"I have heard of Porsche and 911, but I do not know the car named Panamera."There are many people.

But Panamera is a wonderful car that I made very well"It's sporty though it's just that big," but "Luxury while sporty"However, it is very wonderful to have various contradictions. However, as I go through the reasons I like about Panamera, I feel that the end is not reasonable. It is very sensuous and can not be expressed in words ...

However, even in my life until nowThere is no surprising reason for being really movedIn many cases,

· Why did you challenge even if you were greatly opposed from around when you were in your 20s?
· Why did you marry a husband?
· Why are you working with your current partner
· Why did you get to work now?

Even if some explanation is given with words and reasons, I do not even know myself why the last end is.

Because it seemed interesting,
Because it came with a pin,
Because I want to do it,
Because it's exciting ...

After all, it is very strong that it is driven by things that can not be explained. So, Panamera is not the reason"Like",I think that's all it is. So from now on too,"To the goal of buying Panamera,I will do my best and work! "It is these days that we renew our determination to say.


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