Panamera's car wash - usually hand washing, but washing machine possible! What?

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
Porsche Panamera
About Panamera's car wash

Yesterday, I went to wash golf to return home. Golf is often washed in a car wash machine, but as for Panamera,"Hand washing car at gas station"But I have nothing. Even if an amateur wash hands with no knowledge, I am afraid that I feel like I'm going to hurt strangely and I am scared ....(Actually my husband got scolded by actually wiping the dusty Panamera with a dry cloth)

And suddenly I was curious."Is there anyone who washes Panamera in a car wash?"When I looked it up on the net, I had it!

Reading that person's blog, JAVA's no-brush car wash, Panamera seems to be able to wash well without problems(Again brush car wash is too dangerous)However, the size that can be washed with JAVA"Height: 2.3 m or less Length: 5.0 m or less Width: 2.0 or less"... ...

It is just barely necessary ((; ゚ Д ゚))

Or, as for the length Panamera is over 5 m so it protrudes.

..., but it seems that car wash can be done neatly without scratching without problems. However, it is still too scary. If you think that it gets scratched ... it is hard to get rid of it with risky skill.

· What if you rubbed the side mirror with Giggy?
· Why do not you stop at one of them and stop hurting the wheels?
· If the width does not match, and both sides have scratches?

"Someone - someone - Please help - ヽ (` д ';) ノ "When I shouted, the voice can not reach anyone with the window closed. I imagine that I can only see Panamera, which can hurt the side of my side forever, just by watching it, I'm about to wipe the bubbles and die.

After all, automatic car wash machine feels like risky too much ...

Points for hand-washing cars

After all I thought that washing hand car was better without risk, I tried to investigate points to wash cars hand wash. When I looked in various ways on the net, the point of a hand-washing car wash"Tenderness" and "Efficiency"It seems.

· Car wash shampoo is to select no compound (one without abrasive) (Amazon's best selling no compound car wash shamp isShuarasuta car wash shampoo)
· Brush if possibleMouton brushTo do.
·Car wash clothMake it soft and absorbent.
· To wash efficiently and quickly, reduce the number of times you touch the body as much as possible.

However, in the case of Porsche Panamera, a very good coating has been made, so it seems that washing with water is enough if it is a bit dirty. As it is a season with many mosquitoes now, if mosquitoes fall in autumn, I'd better challenge myself to wash hands on holidays.

By the way, the blog of those who went to JAVA 's no - brush car wash in Panamera is here.

I went to a no-brush car wash ♪ "ろ ろ ♪ の ブ ロ グ

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Hello Mina,
    I wanted to comment because I was able to write about the car wash.
    I always wear JAVA 's no - brush car wash machine.
    Today is unusual white Panamera came to car wash.
    I could not see where to pass the car wash, but the margin at both ends is about 5 cm in my car.
    Probably Panamera is OK though I think ^ ^
    Then hand washing cars are easy.
    It is not difficult.
    You can inspect various parts by handwashing firmly on your own, and there are discoveries.
    JAVA's hand washing car is recommended.
    It is still cooler so it may be better to cool down.

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you!
    JAVA's no-brush wash is done!
    Panamera is also coming to car wash seems to be able to go without problems!
    I will go this time ^ ^!
    And I think I will wash yourself when it gets cool. Thank you!