Because there is power there is no good car.

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Because there is power, feeling of idling.

The family car I was riding in the past was a hatchback of a normal size, but it was a fairly powerful car. I also climbed up the slope without problems and I had to properly accelerate it, but there was a slight sense of freedom.

I do not know much about the structure of the car,Because there is too much power,I felt fast stability was not very good.(High speed stabilityAlthough it was evaluated as a good car)I think that if a 5 or 6 year old child carries a tremendous rocket engine and dashes 100 meters, I think that my legs will probably turn around, but it is such a feeling.

If it is a super car or a sports car, it might be a design that can be balanced even if we lighten the car body and load a tremendous engine, but I thought that it would be difficult if it was a normal car.

After that, Volkswagen 's golf came to our house. Because the horsepower was less than the previous car and the weight was also lighter, I was thinking "Is it really okay ...", but surprised it,Better than the hatchback I had previously ridden,I feel that there is overwhelming power,And the ride comfort was also good.Stable even on the highway, the hill runs smoothly. There was no waste, I used the ability I have now efficiently, I felt that I was fully demonstrating its strength, such as stability, ride comfort, acceleration, starting on a slope.

Of course, there are various other reasons, and if the year is also different, manufacturers are different, so I do not think it is such a simple story,Because the car has power there is no reason to say.And then I thought.

Today these days I feel that the balance between car body and power is really important.


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