"Because there is power there is no good car."

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Sense of idling

The family car I was riding in the past was a hatchback of normal size, but it was a fairly powerful car. I also climbed up the slope without problems and I was doing it properly as it was, but there was a slight sense of freedom.

I do not know much about the structure of the car, but even such a person I felt that "high speed stability is not very good because there is too much power".(High speed stabilityAlthough it was evaluated as a good car)It was as if a 5 year old child dashed a terrible rocket engine and dashed 100 meters and the leg turned around ... ... Such a feeling?

If you are a super car or sports car,Even if you lighten the car body and load a tremendous engine, it may be designed to be balancedHowever, I thought whether it was difficult if it was an ordinary car.

VW Golf

Volkswagen golf came to our house afterwards. Because the horsepower was less than the previous car and the weight was also lighter, I was thinking "I'm really alright ..." but I was surprised,It is about the same as the hatchback I was riding in the pastI feel like there is power,And the ride comfort was also good.

Stable even on the highway, the hill runs smoothly. There was no waste, I used the ability I have now efficiently, I felt that I was fully demonstrating its strength, such as stability, ride comfort, acceleration, starting on a slope.

Of course, there are many other reasons, and if the year is also different and the manufacturer is different, I think that it is not such a simple story, but because the car has power there is not necessity. And then I thought.

Today these days I feel that the balance between car body and power is really important.

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