The period from the new Panamera Turbo order to car delivery is approximately 7 months

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Panamera is now on the sea

This weekend my husband"Panamera burns, maybe soon,It should arrive at Toyohashi Harbor. "He said.

Oh ... well ... finally!

After arriving at Toyohashi Port, do inspection, etc., arrive at the nearest dealer, make a final check and check, probably arrive at hand within 1 month. It's almost like a dream.

Schedule until delivery

The Porsche dealer who has taken care of the house from the order of the new Panamera Turbo to the delivery of car, the history of handling the Porsche is old, and the person in charge said that it is a dealer which has a relatively large allocation of production frame.

Still, regarding the new Panamera Turbo, it takes 7 months from order to delivery.

If you look closely

· March 5th order a new Panamera Turbo
(At that time the production frame probably was said to be in August and the car delivery is around November)

· In early June, dealer contacts "July production frame has been taken"

· Contact July 6 dealer "production started at the factory"
(I was told that arrival in Japan might be over and it might come around October)

· From August 3 dealer charge, "Complete and get on the ship"
(At that time, the car was quickly said to be the end of September)

· September 2 visit dealer and deliver car delivery
(Delivery was probably said to be from the beginning of October to mid-October 14. Since it was planned to go to WEC of WEC of October 14 ~ with Panamera turbo, I begged for it somehow to make it in time)

Production itself does not take as long as a month. It seems that it will go smoothly after allocation of production capacity is decided, but it seems that dealer charge can not read it in detail. It seems that it is also different between Turbo and 4S and e Hybrid.

I wonder how many people are waiting for the arrival of the new Panamera ordered in Japan now. Thinking about those people somehow, I feel that my heart can communicate even if I'm away from you

Even if it keeps me waiting for that, I'm sure it will deliver a car that exceeds expectations so much, so I think that there is a great place in Porsche.

How long are you, Panamera?

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