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Panamera's concept

In yesterday's blog post "I found an old brochure of PanameraSo I wrote about Panamera's concept. There"Day and Dream"Although it was written, "Feeling a little uncomfortable as" Panamera's concept was done? "While feeling a little incongruous ... To the husband who came home yesterday"Panamera's brochure, it was only old."He said, "I read it before going to bed, so I am in the bedroom" and got to pick up.

And when I opened it ...

"Courage changes everything."

As expected! The concept was wrong! ! ... I mean, this"Courage changes everything."I was touched by the concept that I wrote it on a blog before.

"Embrace the ambition, make the ideal a reality, Courage to change everything"

When. As a Panamera fan, it's embarrassing that I did not immediately notice the difference in this concept.

What is the concept of Panamera?

take heart. The current Panamera concept"Courage changes everything."But, what did you change with courage?

■ Design.

Sports car in the luxury sedan. In other words, it is one unit that wears a unique style that changes the image of the sedan significantly.

Certainly, it is more like 911, the word "sports car in the luxury sedan" is perfect.

■ Engines.

Twin scroll turbine is adopted as the engine of Panamera Turbo, and exhaust gas flows to the turbine wheel through each route, optimizing the circulation of outdoor gas. As a result, a large torque can be obtained even in the low revolution range.

Even if I read this, I can only understand that it seems that something has become amazing for me amateurs ... But when I actually tried it, I could easily realize that it was completely different from Panamera. Husband is good about large torque even in the low revolution range"When I say it on a bicycle, I mean standing from the beginning"I say. got it.

■ Light and Vision.

LED Panel lights are adopted for all models of Panamera. Besides providing excellent safety performance due to excellent response and brightness, it also reduces fatigue of the driver to produce light color close to sunlight. In addition, you can see at a glance that it is a Porsche with a four-day daytime running light, a four-lamp brake light and a three-dimensional taillight with its unique light strip.

Light color close to sunlight ... Were you thought like that? Certainly, Rear has become like the previous Carrera 4S, and that this light is adopted even in various car models to be released in the future, so whichever Panamera sees Panamera, it becomes easier to understand that it is a Porsche I guess it is.

When you sleep a few more, the delivery date

Various other things were written in the pamphlet,Bold change and delicate change are done carefullyI understood well.

While reading and examining the Panamera pamphlets in this way, I gradually felt more familiar with Panamera than dealer's ...

Well, 7 days to Panamera deliveries!

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